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Start offering electric bike rides with Bird app clone to redefine travelling by all means. Get your dedicated Uber for e-scooter app offering best support

How Uber for E-Scooter Promises Faster Travelling and Easier Bike Sharing?

Traveling for short distances becomes comfortable with a bike in hand. And booking a bike ride on the application makes it more convenient. It even became a trend to register your rides online and complete them in the estimated time, allowing the riders to save time.

Bird app clone signifies the need of users with presenting electric scooters upon their demands to go as they wish. An E-bike sharing startup needs a base for their business to launch, and our uber for e-scooter app solution helps you set the company on the right foot.

We offer pre-built modules developed to perform a fluent workflow in the business. The uber for e-scooter solution enables the business to expand its reach over multiple locations, managed on a single platform online.

Striking Features Of On-Demand E-Scooter App Solution

Personalization Support

  • You can edit the app theme, logo, and brand name yourselves once you purchase the product
  • Assign development support to modify the app solution and change features as per your needs
  • Launch the app with finalized changes and multiple tests to start serving users

Multi-Language Support

  • Using the admin panel, choose the language that your users want and submit changes
  • Change the operational language of the solution as per your users’ preferences
  • The language change facility is also applicable to web consoles used in the solution stack

Mutable Terms & Conditions

  • Define your own sets of conditions to follow with the purchased bird app clone product
  • The changeable terms and conditions settings allow for modification as per the set rules
  • Admin can edit and change the valid terms and conditions using the panel anytime

Fixed Pricing Structure

  • Set the fixed pricing structure for the users to collect revenues based on the decided amount
  • Define fixed pricing according to zones or choose to receive fare as per the estimated amount
  • Also, you can define fixed pricing for inter-city rides for all trips that travel from one city to another

Earning Analytics

  • Admin can view the total earning details based on months, years, or view daily receiving reports
  • Also, they can see the earning reports of service providers, partners, and registered dispatcher
  • Admin can view the wallet history of every individual wallet user and their transaction history

Multiple Admin

  • The system allows efficient management by allowing control and system access to more than one admin
  • Super admin can create as many admins as needed, and provide login credentials and passwords
  • The authority of each sub-admin and their activity data gets monitored and managed by the super admin

GPS Integration

  • The integration of the GPS allows for live tracking of rides from anywhere and anytime
  • The GPS feature helps a rider track the trip from the start and until they reach the destination
  • Admin can also live-track all trips from the admin panel using the map view available

Cross-Platform Compatible

  • The integration of native Android, iOS, and web consoles allow a user to place a ride request from any device
  • All modules offered in our app like bird are cross-platform compatible for better experience delivery
  • It enables the data to synchronize between all the solutions of the bird app clone.

Distinctive Measures

Our Uber for E-Scooter helps you amplify your business reach with an innovative concept and faster services

Map View

Users can view their entire route on the dedicated app solution on the integrated Google Maps

Red Zones

Define no-service areas as red zones to control and limit the ride offering services

Custom Cards

Customers allow users to pay with custom credit/debit cards specifically designed for your system.

Vehicle Details

Manage complete vehicle details from a central panel to track every vehicle on the road

Modules Serving Stakeholders Of Bird App Clone

Dedicated stakeholder support integrated with bird app clone to fit e-bike sharing startup needs ideally and increase business profits

User App

Create a Profile

Users can manage their created profile by adding/editing required profile details

Choose Vehicle

Customers can choose a vehicle type from all available types to ride services conveniently.

Estimated Ride Fare

Based on the distance and base fare, the estimated ride fare gets calculated for user reference

Time Estimation

With the integrated live-tracking facility, riders can view the driver’s estimated arrival time.

Service Provider App

Submit Documents

Providers have to submit their documents and pass the identity verification process to register with the system

Live-track Rides

With the integrated GPS feature, drivers can also view their car/scooter on the move in real-time using the app

Integrated Wallet

Receive payments in an integrated wallet to avoid any hassle of transferring the amount to the bank manually

Add Bank Details

Save the bank details to receive the payment from the admin and users directly credited into the bank account

Admin Dashboard

View Provider Status

View the active and inactive service provider status and details in real-time from the provider list

Document Approval

Check and verify the uploaded documents and authorize the registration and access to the app.

Add Service Type

Admin can add different service types as per the vehicle category using the admin panel

Create Promo Codes

Create promo codes to offer discounts on ride fares and promote app usage among riders

Customer App

Login using the social accounts and start booking your rides easily

Driver App

Chauffeurs can use the dedicated apps for providing rides to the customers

Get Your Hands on Eber Apps for Users and Drivers

Try the apps for users and drivers included in Eber, checking all of its features and functioning.

Customer App

Login using the social accounts and start booking your rides easily

Driver App

Chauffeurs can use the dedicated apps for providing rides to the customers

Manage Your Business On Online Platform With These Intuitive Panels

Admin Panel

Upgrade any settings for the users whenever required from the panel, managing all the business operations

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Conduct the dispatching tasks on a panel and automate the tasks, which reduces the hassle of manual work

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

Local vendors can be managed using the partner panel performing business tasks efficiently

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Corporate businesses can adopt the panel for managing the rides for their employees online.

View Web Flow

User Panel

Book a ride seamlessly from the panel with easy steps, which are similar to the app

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

Ride requests are managed from the app, and also you can take the help of a panel to complete the rides

View Web Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions On Bird App Clone

Get quick answers from these FAQs, for more of your questions about our product reach us.

Possibly, e-bike booking business can generate revenues in multiple ways. One of the significant channels is the commission they could earn on completing each ride for the customers.

The cost to develop Bird App Clone could lie between $5k to $16k or beyond. The factor is dependent on the developing technologies, time consumed, and customized plans.

There is not necessarily a need for technical knowledge to develop the platform. We assist you through the developing process, considering your requirements or any suggestions.

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