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 – On Demand Delivery

Get delivered at your door steps – that’s the methodology behind postmates clone app. In the era of on demand business delivery plays an important role in helping people get instant items that they are looking for. We have introduced all in one delivery app – E-Delivery which is a multi delivery type app consist of user side app and web panel, restaurant side app and panel and the last is delivery side app. The postmates clone is available completely white label under your favorite color and language along with currencies. We will also help you deploy the application in android and iOS stores respectively. The app comes with three month support which can be extend on later expect. Flow of the app is like user can select the food items that they want to buy through the menu showed from the nearest restaurants, and user can select items along with ingredients changes to make it up to their taste and order the food item.

In the same way postmates clone app for restaurant’s have an app to deploy their menu items along with pricing structure and manage the stocks of food items that gets automatically showcased in the application. They can add or remove food items anytime. The third part of the application is owned by the Delivery Company or people who manage the delivery. They can be part of the restaurant itself or a complete different identity managing the system. Delivery people can accept or reject the delivery. They are paid funds by the a super admin who manages all the three aspects of the application. Percentage commission on each delivery or a fix base model is decided and according to that pricing is been taken by the delivery company . The whole aspect of complete delivery system along with features, screens and demo is show below.

Know More About Single Delivery Service Postmates Clone App


Manage your delivery service food, grocery, courier, marijuana, flower, weed, booze or water bottle delivery business separate with our postmates clone app

Key Features Of Postmates Clone App


The most important features you will get in the on-demand delivery app are:

Product Search

Shopping List

Real-time Messaging


Scheduling an Order/Delivery

Cashless Paying for Delivery

Tracking of Delivery Status Live on the Map

Providing Feedback About the Delivery Experience

Understand Postmates Business Model

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Customer App


Login / Register / Social Login

Pickup & Destination By Type / Map

Categories & Sub Categories

Product Detail & Description

Add/Edit Ingredients

Custom Product ( Like Subway )

Select Item Quantity

Add to Cart

Confirmation with Products & Delivery Details

Now & Later

Track your Order

Pay with Card / Cash

Provider app


Login / Register / Social Login

Phone SMS Verification

Submit Documents

Pending Approval

Daily Earnings

Go Online / Offline

Receive New Order Request

Accept / Reject Request

Track to Store location

Update Status ( Arrived / on Route / etc )

Manage Drivers

Easier Navigation

Store App & Panel


Manage Products

Manage Categories

Incoming Orders

Dispatch order

Payment Statements

Efficient Billing

Easier Login

Complete Order History

Pickup Confirmation

Manage Drivers

Types of Product

Earning Statistics

Admin Panel


Manage Trips

Manage Stores

Service Types

Manage Countries

System Settings

Mass Push Notifications

Secure Login

Map view

Edit Users

Manage Drivers

Manage Cites

Manage Payments( Billing )

Quality Test


Technologies And Extended Features



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