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On-Demand electric scooter is the new fashion in the field of riding for short distance and uber for E Scooter app developer provide the best source to run this fashion exponentially. It sounds like uber but it is specially designed according to the needs of the e-scooter market. Uber for electric scooter is a super handy and easy to use option available to start the ride to the next street. Create your own app like Bird to delight the electric scooter users and capture the rising market of e-scooter apps. This Bird clone app is a fully functional and feature-loaded to operate e-scooter app business seamlessly. A flawless Bird clone app provides customer satisfaction to the bikers. Distinct apps and panels for bikers, operators with an easy to manage admin panel for convenient and more significant use. So what are you waiting for? Ride into the market of e-scooter apps with your own e-scooter app.

How does our Uber For E Scooter Bird App Clone works?

The rider needs to register or login to enjoy the service. The rider can complete the process of registration or login with two options, manually or using social media accounts.

The rider can provide ratings and reviews to give feedback about the service and can express how the service was according to the need or the expected service.

Multiple payment options are available with the rider for paying the ride charges. Payment can be done online with the debit or credit cards or even form e-wallets.

The rider can request for a desired bike from the nearest service provider by browsing the location or can set the current location on the map and get a bike as quick as possible.

Multiple payment options are available with the rider for making payment after enjoying the ride. Payment can be done online with the debit or credit cards or even form e-wallets.

What Is Provided In Our Uber For Electric Scooter App?

Reach new heights of your online e-scooter business with our Uber For E Scooter app – bird app clone.

Customer App

In order to provide a seamless registration and login the user, social login is offered. The rider can search for the nearest station to get the e-scooter. After receiving confirmation of the availability of bike the rider can move towards the nearest station by tracking the route. As the ride gets over easy payments options in this app like Bird are available for users. The rider can help to enrich the service by giving ratings and reviews for the quality of service.

Provider App

Just like the rider, the provider can also follow the same login or registration process for this on-demand e-scooter app. The provider will receive inquiries about the availability of bikes. Notifications about the availability are in the hands of the provider. The provider will notify the current availability. To become a provider the process of document verification is totally online. The provider can check for the earnings as well and can give ratings and reviews.

Admin Panel

The admin of this Uber for e-scooter app will be able to manage all the things running in the app. From analyzing and managing the bikes to make any changes in the app. The admin will be able to modify anything in the current app or simply can add, edit or remove something from the app. The admin can even track each of the bikes and know the current location as well.

Advanced Features – Uber For E Scooter

Handle your whole e-scooter app from a single place with our uber for e scooter app

Sleek Design

A sleek and stunning user-friendly design for the ease of use. Easy to navigate inside the app and easy to get the service.


You get a multi-currency app to operate in any corner of the world now and launch it in any corner of the world.


Now everyone will be able to use your app with our multilingual functionality which makes communicating easy and effortless.

Multiple Payment Gateways

You can accept any kind of debit or credit card or even get paid with e-wallets with our multiple payment gateway integrations.

White Labelling

This app will belong completely to you with your brand name and your logo on it. It will be designed as per all your needs.

GPS Integration

Making the process of searching via map easy we have integrated GPS based tracking system for an easy to go approach.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration for an easy registration and login process is provided to innovate the manual login process.

Latest Technology

We have developed this app with the latest MEAN Stack Technology which will never make you feel outdated or out of the market.

Cross-Platform Compatible

Your customer will use app or website, there will be no change in the stored data. Thanks to our cross-platform compatible app.


Find your country

We provide our services in various countries of the world.

Uber For E-Scooter App For Your Online Business

Get Uber For e-scooter app for your business to leverage the offerings and flourishing growth of the business.

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