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Turn your conventional fleet business into a digital platform with an uber clone app and foray into the online world with well-developed taxi booking software that ensures easy management of taxi bookings with a robust admin dashboard.

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Eber – Uber Clone App That Automates and Drives Growth for Businesses

Uber clone is an on-demand taxi booking software that helps expand business reach by providing taxi services to customers anytime. Any services like taxi booking, carpooling, taxi renting, car sharing, etc., are all managed within the platform. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and wish to start your ride-hailing business online, we provide a white label Uber clone app solution for any range of businesses. Uber clone script is a ride-hailing app solution that allows a company to launch its taxi-booking support online. It supports customers to find rides at their convenience and helps the drivers earn by completing the trips that users have requested.

Our Eber platform is built with native Android and iOS platforms with the required functions and latest features for riders’ convenience. Prospering the freakishly growing taxi booking industry becomes super easy. The solution aims to connect the business with the customers seamlessly. We at Elluminati Inc understand the customer’s demographics and develop an uber clone app to fulfill business requisites.

Uber Clone Script – Perfect Solution To Launch In Taxi Industry

Manage any scale of transportation business seamlessly with our Uber clone script solution driving it to exponential growth.

Universal Business

Launch your white label Uber clone taxi booking software in multiple regions

With our uber app clone solution, we help the small, medium, and large scale of business startups with our technology approach and expertise in on-demand app development.

Fleet Management Business

Start a taxi service business and automate transportation for customers.

Let’s automate your taxi-hailing or fleet management business effectively with our on-demand taxi booking software for easy management and serve massive customers at once.

Entrepreneur & Government

Start your online taxi-hailing service to the customer and grow your business.

We offer a white-label uber clone software solution for entrepreneurs & governments to start their ventures with the automated platform leveraging complete public transportation needs.

What We Provide In Uber Clone For Taxi Business

In a world where many taxis and ground transportation companies have started working with an Uber clone script for their business, people are becoming more dependent on the transport vehicles. With competition becoming strong and roads getting congested, we require on-demand taxi app services. In the ready-to-use uber script app solution, we provide apps and web panels to run your on-demand taxi booking business online. Control your entire transportation business through an easy-to-access uber clone app script and make futuristic decisions to grow further.

Explore Different Modules Of Eber

Understand some fantastic features and working of all the modules of the Eber – uber clone app.

Customer Application

Let customers enjoy a seamless ride-booking experience.

Ride Now Or Schedule

Rider either can opt for the “book now” option or go for the “schedule ride” option by entering accurate date and timing.

Call Driver

Riders can call the drivers to know their status or guide them to their destination address in case of confusion or for any such reasons.

Reviews And Rating

Based on the overall riding experience, customers can rate the service and provide their valuable ratings and reviews to drivers with transparency.

Multiple Payment Option

Riders get multiple payment methods that include cash, card, and e-wallets, to choose one convenient method to pay for the ride.

Apply The Promo

Riders can use promo code to grab an extra discount on their total trip amount and this promo code detail is managed by admin.

Rent A Car

Customers can rent a taxi of their choice for a longer duration selecting the time and vehicle type as offered by the business admin.

View all FeaturesCustomer App Video

uber clone app for book a ride

Driver Application

A scalable application for the driver to manage the ride requests effortlessly

Submit Document

Drivers need to go through a verification process before starting a business, for which they have to upload documents through the app.

Automatically Idles

If the driver status is idle, they go automatically offline after a warning. Further, they must turn on the status to receive a new ride request


Generate reports with real-time status within the panel, allowing them to make informed and futuristic decisions.

Driver Support Chat

Drivers can communicate with admin or customers in real-time if they have an issue related to trip or location

Route Navigation

Divers can save time and get smart route navigation to the user’s pickup and drop location through the geolocation map.

Share Referral Code

Drivers can share the referral code with their friends or another person to get the benefits as they register for the application.

View all FeaturesDriver App Video

uber app clone driver app for provide service

Admin Console

Manage your whole system at one place.

Promo Code

Admin can create and manage promo codes and offer them to users in the form of exciting perks, free rides, or discounted rides

Manage User

Enable admin to manage and update users as per their preferences. Admin also can check the trip history with all the details

Multiple Country

Admin can expand business reach without any barrier. They add more than one country and choose to keep their business running anytime.

Multiple City

To serve more customers, the admin can add multiple cities allowing rides there and run the business operations within the panel seamlessly.

Customize Terms & Conditions

As per the business standards, the admin can add and edit the terms and conditions and privacy policies for the app and web panel.

Interactive Statistics

Admin can get analytical statistics for all types of trips, payments, revenues, users, profits, and many more with graphical insights within the dashboard.

View all FeaturesAdmin Console Video

uber clone software admin dashboard

Dispatcher Console

Achieve Higher Business Opportunities with Advanced Features and Functionalities Managing Trips Using Dispatcher Console

Dispatch Request

The dispatcher can add the trip service requests including details like location and number of persons for any registered or unregistered user.

Fare Estimates

The dispatcher can view the estimated fare of the rides requested by the customers and even those which they create from the panel.

Manage Requests

The dispatcher manages the trips by analyzing its details like the user, and address and assigning them to the drivers on the requested time interval.

Ride History

Details about all the rides are saved in the separate section of the dispatcher console referred to analyze the business factors.

View all FeaturesDispatcher Video

uber script dispatcher console

Partner Console

Turn your passion into profits with an excellent panel.

Driver Management

Partner has full access to manage the driver. They can add, edit or delete driver anytime as per their preferences

Add Bank Details

Partners can add and manage multiple bank details in order to receive swift payment from the admin

Trip Earnings

Let partners generate valuable reports on a timely basis to make informed and futuristic decisions

Manage Vehicle

Partners can add and manage vehicles for drivers by entering their details and uploading documents.

View all FeaturesPartner Console Video

taxi business partner console

Customer Panel

Request a ride from the website

Book Trip / Create Request

Allow users the facility to book a ride using the web console. It would be great for users who are unable to access the app solution

Book Now Or Ride Later

Customers can book rides instantly. Let customers schedule a ride by entering a specific date, time, and vehicle type

Payment Methods

Customers can choose to pay with desired payment option from given methods like the card(credit/debit), cash, or e-wallet.

Upload Documents

Customers can upload and manage documents using the web console. However, they can remove the documents if they wish

View all FeaturesCustomer Panel Video

uber clone web panel for book ride

Driver Panel

Drivers can also manage their rides, payments, and profile details from the web panel.

Trip Earning

Drivers can view all previous ride records and check earnings for any particular ride. However, they can filter rides based on date and time

Upload Documents

Drivers are asked to upload certain documents such as license, identity proof, vehicle registration certificate, etc., to get started.

Attach Banking Details

Drivers can add bank details to receive the payments directly in it. They can even add multiple accounts and choose any for payments.

Trip History

Drivers can check their all completed trip history with all details each trip like date, time, charges, etc. They can also filter trips according to date and time.

View all FeaturesDriver Panel Video

web panel for driver

Corporate Console

Manage your corporate expenses from a central place

Manage Profile

Corporates can update their profile by entering details like company name, email address, contact details, etc., from the panel anytime they want.

Create Request

Utilizing the powerful corporate console, corporate persons can make instant ride requests by entering the number of employees and accurate location details

Manage Employees

Corporates can add or remove employees as per their wish. They can also view and update each employee’s detail


Corporates can use advanced filters to find particular detail related to trip or employee within the console

View all FeaturesCorporate Console Video

web panel for corporate

Brilliant Feature-Set Is Now Available In The Eber Taxi

Eber Taxi has new features integrated within the respective modules.

Receive New Trip Before End

Drivers will receive new ride requests when they are near the destination of their ongoing trip, which they can accept or reject. Admin will approve the drivers and their vehicle details before that. Also, the admin decides the radius range around which the drivers can receive and accept the rides in.

Driver Going Home

When a driver is heading home, they can receive notifications of the new rides only for those who come in that route. Drivers can add their home address once, and to edit that when required, they have to contact the business admin. Admin has the right to enable this feature for the drivers.

Multiple Stops with Waiting Time

Users can add multiple stop locations between their pick-up and destination address while booking the taxi. Also, at each stop, drivers can count the waiting time depending on which charges are applied. Admin can enable this feature to keep wait time charges which could be fixed or price each unit minute.

Ridesharing with Other

Riders can choose the ride-sharing option while booking a ride. Drivers on their way to drop the rider off, if they got another ride, can accept and perform it with the current ride. The order for the dropping off of both the riders depends on each of their destination address.

Split Payment With Friend

Riders can split the total ride payment between “X” number of friends equally (as allowed by the admin) who can pay with the desired payment method. Payment must be shared while the ride is ongoing and can only be shared between registered users.

Airport/Red/Any Special Zone

Admin can set various zones in the city, defining airport zone, red zones, zones that vary in prices, and many more. Admin then also sets charges to move between zones. The red zone is an area where rides are offered. The area around the airport is the airport zone.

Entitle Your 🚕 Taxi Business With White Label Uber Clone 📱

Automate your ride-hailing business with our fully featured solutions crafted with the latest tech stack that perfectly fits your solution.

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Upcoming Feature – Bidding for Rides

Here is the complete flow of how the bidding works in the entire taxi flow. Admin can allow the bidding feature to enable users and drivers to bid for the rides. Admin has the right to turn on this bidding feature.

User Request A Ride

The flow starts when a user requests a ride by adding their pickup location and the desired destination. After this, instead of showing an invoice with a fixed price, the system moves to the bidding stage. Users can add their bidding price, which goes to the drivers.

Bid Invitation to Drivers

The system sends an invitation to bid to all available drivers within a fixed radius of the pickup location. This radius depends on the algorithm set for the platform. This invitation contains the pickup and drop-off locations, estimated distance, and estimated time.

Driver Bids

Within the radius, the driver will receive the bid invitation from the customers and can place their cross bids within a certain timeframe (2-3 minutes, as set by admin). The bid is essentially the price they are willing to give rides to the customers for that distance.

Bid Collection

All the bids are collected from the drivers and are sorted in terms of price and some additional factors like driver rating, car comfort level, or past passenger feedback. This sorted list is sent to the customers to help them choose an appropriate driver.

Bid Presentation

Users are presented with a list of bids from drivers. They can see the fare, driver details (like name, rating, vehicle type), and the estimated time of arrival. They could sort the bids based on the lowest fare, highest-rated driver, or quickest pickup.

User Selection

The user selects their preferred bid and can confirm the ride booking. The system then sends a confirmation to both the user and the selected driver, including details like pickup location, destination, fare, and estimated time of arrival.

Premier Features Of Eber Taxi

Key Features That Make This Application Distinct From Others.

Preference Setting For Child, Male, Pets.

The advanced feature of preference setting enables the users to instruct the necessities in advance. Increasing the comfort and convenience of users, helps in gaining users’ trust.

Airport/bus/any Special Zone Queue

Enable your drivers to earn more in the heat zone displayed over their screens. Mark a zone over the map, highlight using colors and adjust the width manually.

Multiple Surge Pricing

Introduce a price hike feature allowing a business to earn more during peak hours of the day. Select the hours, day, and type of vehicle to incur charges upon using the admin panel.

In-app Chat

Enable the biggest stakeholders of your application, drivers, and riders to connect to each other via in-app chat support. Now they can interact with each other securely without needing to place a call.

Car Rental

Allow the user car renting feature to book a taxi for a longer time interval or for a whole day, and they can travel wherever and whenever they want without the hassle of booking a ride again and again.

Referral Campaign

Allow your customers a referral code that they can share with the new users and get the benefits. It helps a business acquire new users increasing brand trust and customer reach.

Call Masking

Maintain the privacy of user with our unique feature of call masking. No one can see the important details of each other and hence successfully avoiding the breach of privacy-related controversies.

Fixed Pricing

Customers have to pay a fixed price for the ride irrespective of the total distance and time traveled throughout the trip. Admin can set the fixed charges separately for different cities and countries.

Payment Gateways Included in Eber

Leverage multiple payment gateways that are integrated into Eber’s modules and accept payments swiftly and securely

  • Seamless Payments System For Businesses using Stripe
  • Perform seamless transactions with PayU, affiliated with the solution
  • Accept payments reliably from multiple countries using Paystack
  • Manage your business with a secure, omni-channel payment solution, PayTabs.

Complimentary Features

Awesome features to make your taxi business more reliable

features of uber clone

Stripe Payment Gateway

In order to support the requirements of our clients, we offer to integrate the best payment gateway that can assure of secure transactions done through the solution we provide. Hence, we integrate Stripe as the default payment gateway for free in our app solutions to offer reliable and secure online transactions done through the app and ensure your customers are provided with the best.

App Color & Logo Change

Customization in the app color and logo make it easy to reflect your brand identity. Further, you can change color without spending a single penny, now it has become easier to deliver personalized touch to your brand. In our customization section, there are many tried and tested colors also that you can choose based on your business standards.

Language Change

We support an unlimited language integration facility in our branded apps, along with the right to change the language. Language integration allows business owners who hail their business in multiple regions. Manage your business operations in your native language as the solution supports multiple languages and lets you run the business efficiently without any geolocation barrier.

Currency Change

We integrate multiple local currencies that work dynamically, which means you handle multi-country business and do not have to manage the rate for currency manually, as our latest algorithm automatically gets the currency details. For example, INR to a dollar for this moment is 74 INR; the next moment, if that changes to 74.50INR, the system can automatically update the live rate for the currency.

Multi Features

Multi-Country/City fare features to use it multiple times.

Multi-Country Support

It is possible that your business is in multiple countries, or you have a future plan to start your service in more than one country. We integrate a feature in the admin dashboard to add and manage a business in multiple countries, including specific details like country code, currency sign, distance unit, payment details, ads in the user panel, and setting up the referral details for customers, merchants, and partners, and can on/off the business anytime business admin wants to do so.

Multi-City Accessibility

It’s a fact that you can access your taxi-hailing business in the multi-city, and management of each transaction and communication are tough to manage. We integrate a feature that helps the administrator handle multi-city taxi business in a single place and all transaction and communication information along with each taxi booking essential details. Administrator person can add a city in business with details of a city name, service type, etc., and with the rights to turn service on / off anytime.

Same City Multi Fare Charge

In the taxi-hailing business, every service type has a different charge rate; even the same service type may have a different fare charge based on location. Some regions of the city may have more traffic compared to others. Hence, we integrate features that administrators can set different fare charges in the same city with a setting to set different charges per KM or Miles and different fare charges as per vehicle. Also, charges based on time intervals could be applied. Admin can also keep minimum fare.

Advance Features

Manage your whole system from a single place

Sleek Design

In our uber app script solution, we offer a complete UI customization option. Vendors can customize app UI and flow as per their choice and business needs. Our experienced graphics designer crafts your taxi booking services apps to scratch and builds a pixel-perfect UI that helps maintain service flow conveniently. Further, it makes the apps and panel design simple and attractive that perfectly match your brand and serve user-friendliness in service to your customer.

Language-Based Driver Selection

When your business reach is broad and covers multiple countries and multiple cities where the language used is different, we provide the best solution for those problems. Drivers can choose the language based on their preferences. This makes it easier for customers and drivers to communicate without any hassle, and it covers up the language gap between them. Admin can give the language options to all their business prospects, and they will choose desired ones.

Gender-Based / Handicap / Baby Seat

Users are given the preferences setting where they can opt for the special bookings like for drivers if they want and gender-based preferences, if they want the riding facility for handicapped, or a get a seat for the child. Admin can allow these features from the admin panel and also disable them anytime they want. When riders opt for these features. The drivers are notified of it in their respective apps and have to perform the task accordingly.

Inter-City Fixed Price Feature

Provide a better transfer service for riding from some specific areas. In the Uber app script, Inter-city fixed price features help the administrator to manage X to Y location fixed prices between the cities. Despite the distance and time, the price applied for the ride is fixed. Sometimes it could also be beneficial to the customers that no matter which route is followed by the chauffeur to drop them off, fare charges are fixed already. Admin will set these processes from their prices.


It’s possible that every customer doesn’t have a smartphone to download your mobile app, or it’s possible that your chauffeurs get a service request on-road(a traditional hailing). Chauffeur adds this kind of trip detail like to and from location, customer details in the hailing section to notify the administrator serving a hailing service to the customer. This kind of taxi-hailing request details can be easily managed by the business admin separately on the admin dashboard.

Fixed Airport Price Feature

In the taxi-hailing business, airport routes are the targeted area of business. In the uber clone script, we integrate fixed price features on airport trips for transportation. With these features, customers can hail their airport taxi anywhere, and they pay the charges that are fixed in that area despite the distance and vehicle type. Business admin can manage all trip details along with managing fixed charges on a particular city and vehicle service details in the dashboard.

Driver Wallet

Chauffeurs can manage all earning details within apps using an integrated app wallet within the dedicated module. They can link their bank account to the wallet and can transfer and withdraw money through the wallet. The transactions conducted through the e-wallets are stored within the app, allowing drivers to check them anytime they want. Drivers have to keep a minimum amount in their e-wallets, which is decided by the admin, to settle cash paying ride amounts.

GodView For Drivers

Drivers are facilitated with a dedicated app, which includes Google map functionality integrated into the app with all the advanced functionalities linked to the map. They can reach the pickup and destination location using the optimized routes selecting one from the various options they would get in the app. It shows them a faster and easier way to reach the mentioned location of the user with the estimation of the reaching time through each of them.

Verification for Drivers and Partners

Drivers have to upload all the necessary documents, which are asked by the business admin, within the app. The business admin will verify them, and then only after their approval, they would be able to conduct the rides. Further, the business partners also have to upload the respective documents as asked by the business admin. And on verification and approval by the admin, can start the business. These documents have to be updated as and when required.

Tip / Toll

Users can choose to pay a tip to their drivers using the app solution. Admin can set the range of the tips a user can give depending on the absolute or percentage form to the drivers in all types of payments. For toll charges, drivers can define the charged toll amount when traveling inter-city. The payment of tip or toll gets reflected in the final paid amount and invoice, and customers have to pay it with the ride payment in any mode they desire for.

Referral Reports

The admin can set referral codes benefits for the riders, drivers, partners, and all other business prospects. A user can share that code with the new users, and when they utilize the code, users will be benefited from some rewards as set by the business admin. It could be a free ride, a discount on ride fare, or other rewards. All the referral activity is also stored in the admin panel to note the benefits a business gets from and can update those settings anytime they want.

Our Unique Add-Ons

Features that add extra significance to this application.

Route Optimization

Shows the optimistic routes towards the destination to save the time.

Red Zone Areas

Set the red zone areas to avoid the drivers to drive in those areas

Dispute Management

The riders or drivers can raise a dispute on a particular trip within the app.

Pex / Scratch Cards

Custom prepaid cards that the users can use for making the payments.

Dive Into Our Uber Clone Solution

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uber clone live demo
Customer And Driver Apps

Complete customer and driver app workflow with step-by-step details and graphical representation for a taxi booking process.

App Visual Flow

Admin Dashboard

It is a controller of your Uber type system. Check the complete flow of micro and macro levels of the taxi booking business.

Dashboard Flow

Dispatch Panel

Dispatch panel graphical representation to see handling dispatch taxi booking and assign direct ride to your service provider.

Dispatch Panel Flow

Customer Panel

Customer panel graphical representation allows the same workflow and features of booking a ride as an app.

Customer Panel Flow

Partner Panel

Expand your Uber type of ride-hailing business and connect more partners. This will lessen the burden of dividing the responsibilities with partners.

Partner Panel Flow

Driver Panel

Driver panel graphical representation to see all driver services-related flow along with management like profile, payment, history, rate, review, etc.

Driver Panel Flow

Corporate Console

Have a look at the complete graphical representation of our advanced corporate console to know how it works to book rides for employees.

Corporate Panel Flow

Business Model

Know how Uber business model works along with their earning, commission, customer relationship, employee and promotional service management etc.

Check Business Model

Price Table

Explore to know how much does it cost to craft a powerful white label uber clone app for your ride-hailing business.

Check Pricing Details

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uber clone ride request and booking algorithm

Algorithm We Use

It helps to request nearest x drivers for ride

“X” – Nearest Drivers Algorithm

Admin can set “x” number of people who will receive the request for the trip from the admin panel.

Example: If admin sets X=5 in admin panel then 5 drivers who are nearest from the user will get request

Some of our Special Qualities

We believe in delivering the best quality test to our clients

tech stack of taxi app clone

Technology (MEAN)

We craft the best uber clone app with the use of modern and in demand MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack technologies. With the help of these open source programming language solution, Business executives manage their business hassle-free. Here is a list of few advantages why MEAN stack technologies are best in current time.

  • MEAN Stack makes it possible to switch between client and server easily.
  • With the use of MEAN Isomorphic coding is possible.
  • Highly flexible and cost-effective.
  • Open source and cloud compatible.
  • MEAN provide a complete reusability and high performance.
uber taxi app script working flow

Customer App

Feature-rich app for users catering to their taxi booking demands conveniently.

Driver App

An excellent app dedicated to drivers ensures to answer their necessities of getting service requests.

Have Insight Into Eber Apps Working

The apps have high-end features for users, offering a simple and smooth workflow.

Have A Look At The Overall Working Of Eber Consoles

Admin Panel

Cater all your ride-hailing business needs effectively with a dedicated and feature-rich admin panel.

Dispatcher Panel

The feature-rich panel helps dispatchers to reach their business goals by satisfying customer’s needs.

Partner Panel

Serve users better with improved control over business operations through an impressive partner panel.

User Panel

Developed to cater to the growing requirements of customers, enriched with impressive features.

Driver Panel

Improves the reach of the provider by enabling them to manage all requests placed by customers.

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Get quick answers to your queries about our product from these frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can email us from our contact form.

Uber clone includes the customer app and driver app that are developed with a native approach. The app solution stack includes a native Android application built using Java and Android Studio and a native iOS application developed with Swift in XCode. The Android app supports operating systems above Lollipop and Android version 12.0, and for iOS, the OS version is 11.0.

We include a single-user license that lets you use the product for a single business. If you want to use the same solution in multiple businesses, please contact[email protected]

If you want to integrate a local payment gateway of your own, we also deliver the integration services as an addon. Otherwise, the default payment gateway used in our solution stack is Stripe, Paystack, and PayU.

Free service support includes the issues related to app crashing and other technical issues. App updates according to the OS updates are also included in the same. But the free service support does not include extra feature addition.

Yes, we do include additional paid support packages that extend the time validity after the completion of 3 months. According to the business requirements, the product can be edited and technical support can be extended for any amount of time.

Yes, we support custom feature added after the product purchase. You can contact us at[email protected]for the additional pricing details.

Riders can definitely choose to register using their social media accounts like Facebook, Gmail, or simply use the user ID and password to log in.

Yes. Riders can choose any payment option that they want to. Riders can either pay through debit/credit card, use e-wallets, or choose to pay in cash.

Users can view the previous payment records including all the details. The application and panel includes support for storing ride history and payment records.

If the admin wants to set document verification for riders, they can set it and the riders have to pass through it before they book a ride or register.

Yes, riders can place the ride request in advance using the ride now or later option provided in Uber clone solution stack.

Admin panel includes the billing details of every ride and the admin can see the complete billing details including the rider and driver name, and all details.

Yes, Admin has the authority to add a new hotel from the panel adding respective details about the hotel. And admin can add multiple hotels from the panel.

Yes, In our taxi app, we provide a powerful admin panel. In which, the admin can manage all the partners with their details.

Yes, to generate a taxi request on behalf of riders, Admin can add the Dispatcher. Dispatcher fills the all required information of the riders.

Yes, admin can get the earning reports of all Trips. And we also provide the facility to see daily and weekly earning details with partners earning reports.

Yes, Elluminati provides a Dispatcher Panel to create a request on the behalf of the riders. And add all information about the riders.

Yes, Dispatcher can handle all requests with all details of riders. Like, handle the pickup location and destination location. Also, add the rider’s details like name, contact number, and email address.

Yes, In our taxi app, we provide a facility to the admin to create a different dispatch panel as per requirements.

Yes, To get a payment, the dispatcher attaches the bank details with all the required details. Like, bank name and address, Account number, etc.

Yes, Dispatcher can place a ride request in advance for the riders. Using the dispatcher panel and the feature of the ride now or later, they can put the ride request in advance and schedule the ride.

Yes, Elluminati provides a separate panel for the partners to manage all the things like, to manage riders, providers, and users.

Yes, In the Partner panel, Partners have the authority to add taxi drivers if they want to add by their side.

Yes, Partner can manage the earning reports and all the related details stored in the panel.

Yes, partners can create the requests on behalf of riders. And also set the all required information on the riders or pickup location and destination location.

Yes, to get a payment, a partner can attach the bank details in which they can set the bank information like bank name, account number, etc.

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