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Lyft is one of the best on-demand taxi service provider company. With some unique features, Lyft is serving a huge number of happy passengers and drivers with their on-demand Android and iOS apps. If you are handling a taxi fleet or similar type of taxi solution , then you can understand that it’s hard to compete with Uber and Lyft like taxi giants; And so, here is the solution. Why don’t you build your taxi app dispatch software like the Lyft clone?

How to create online taxi solution for your fleet?

There are two options for this work. You can appoint developer team and let them build apps for your company or second way; you can buy ready to use online taxi solution Lyft clone script with your required features and which you can launch within 48 hours.

It is very simple. Just buy, install and start growing your business.

How Much Will It cost to develop an app like Lyft?

The cost of developing the app varies when you add custom features like different payment gateway or any other as per your business requirements. Therefore define your development requirement and we will get back to you with the development cost.

Customer App


Manual or Social Media Login

For accessing the app, customers can use their social media account or login credentials.

Ride Now Or Later

Customers can easily book ride with one click on the app and can also schedule it with the option available.

Fare Estimate

Customers can get the estimated fare after entering pickup and drop off locations.

Cancel Trip

After providing a valid reason for cancellation, customers can easily cancel their ride.

Rate Driver

Customers can rate the driver and their service after completion of the trip as per their experience.

Driver App


Drivers can register themselves with the system and can later use this login credentials for using the app.

Go Online/Offline

Drivers can switch between offline and online options, they can go offline automatically after the warning.

Trip Invoice

Drivers can easily explore all the details related to all trips including tax amount and payment made.

History of Deliveries

Drivers are facilitated to view all trip history with complete details and have the right to edit all of them.

Call User

Drivers can call the service support agent and customer if they have any queries related to the trip request.

Admin Panel Dashboard

Online Provider

With Our Online Taxi Solution Admin can view the status of providers, they can see whether the driver is online to provide the service or not.

Multiple Countries

Admin has the right to switch between on and off options to turn necessary on/off anytime over multiple countries.

Weekly Earning

Admin can view the total trip details made by the particular driver in a week and can also manage all data related to it.

Dispatcher Console

Create Profile

Dispatchers have the right to create, edit, and manage all the details of their profile, they can also upload a profile picture.

Data Sorting

Dispatchers have the right to manage data in ascending or descending order, they can also view the list of sorted data.

Scheduled Requests

With our Online Taxi Solution the Dispatchers can check scheduled requests with details like payment mode and other trip details.

Partner Console


Partners have the right to check and edit all the details related to service requests.

Create Profile

Partners can use an efficient panel to create and edit their profiles and can also upload a profile image.

Earning Details

Partners can export details to excel sheets after checking all details related to their earnings.

Customer Console

Data Filter

Customers can filter data according to dates and view the trip details for the particular date.


Once customers book a ride they get the confirmation code which ensures that their request has been accepted.

Payment Option

Customers have various payment options that they can use to make the payment.

Driver Console

Upload Documents

After successful registration and login process, drivers can upload their essential documents to get approved by the admin.

Manage Vehicles

Drivers have the right to edit and manage details related to a vehicle like a number plate, color, and other details.

Manage Driver

Due to right to edit and update drivers can easily manage their profile details like password and other details.

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