InDriver Clone

Are you building a delivery and transportation application? Our readymade InDriver clone is a versatile platform to start your business with multiple purposes serving customers with a user-friendly application

InDriver Clone

Get a Ride Booking, and Delivery App - InDriver Clone Build By Elluminati

InDriver clone is a multiple-purpose platform offering numerous services to customers, like reserving a ride and courier delivery service. It transforms the modern-day scenario for customers on how they book a taxi or request a courier delivery through an app utilizing the advanced features and functionalities.

The platform has separate modules for users, merchants, and partners given personalized experiences with determined functionalities. Our ready-to-launch InDriver like app is built with prominent technologies, giving an appealing user interface and multiple growth opportunities for business within the solution for businesses.

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Following Categories Of Services Businesses Can Offer Through InDriver Clone App

List of services that could possibly be offered through the InDriver clone app to the customers

Taxi Booking







Single Store

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Explore The Modules Of InDriver Like App

Undergo the versatile modules of InDriver like app built dedicatedly for all the stakeholders

Customer App

Multiple Stops

While booking a ride or courier delivery service, users can add more than one address to stop, and they could be charged for numerous holds.

Choose Vehicle

Riders can select the vehicle for their ride or even for parcel delivery, depending on the vehicle’s weight, size, and charges for the delivery.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and, Paystack, PayU from which customers can choose one.

Wallet History

All the transactions conducted through the wallet paid to the partners are stored and recorded as history which can be referred anytime.

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Customer Website

Language Option

Customers can prefer one language from multiple options provided to them by the admin without any language barrier.

Wallet History

All the transactions conducted through the wallet paid to the partners are stored and recorded as transaction history.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and, Paystack, PayU from which users can pay reliably.

Share Referral Code

After registering, customers get a referral code to share with new users and get multiple benefits.

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Merchant Panel

Allow Pick Up Delivery

Delivery merchants can allow customers to pick up delivery options. Customers can order online and ask for a pickup service.

Price Ratings

Merchants can keep the price ratings (maximum digits) for the prices of the items or services to the customer’s choices.

Set Tax

Merchants can select the tax format for their items or services, whether tax applied inclusive or exclusive to the item/services.

Free delivery Settings

Merchants can allow free delivery with a minimum ordering amount and distance from the customers.

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Merchant App


Merchants can dispatch the incoming rides from the customers, either auto-assigning or manually picking the fleet type and driver.


Merchants can analyze earnings from all the bookings from customers with information on distance charges, tax, payment methods, etc.

Sub Merchant

Merchants can add a new account for sub-merchants who will be assigned particular tasks to be performed with limited access to the platform.


Merchants can analyze reviews from customers about taxi booking in the form of ratings and reviews for further improvement in the process.

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Partner App

Upload Documents

Partners have to upload their documents which are made necessary by the admin for assurance of identity, license, etc.

Trip Earnings

From all the trips completed, drivers can examine their profits from each of them with complete details of the trip.

Service History

Partners can examine the history of trips they performed on a weekly or daily basis and get a graph to compare the hike or decrease in number.

In-app Chat

Partners can chat with the riders after accepting the ride for questions about their address or order or any other queries regarding the ride.

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Admin Panel


Admin can add their business in multiple locations and manage it through the admin, offering the desired services.

Promo Offers

Admin can create promo offers for the riders with the conditions like order amount, repetitive use, minimum items, etc.

Set Maximum Stops

Admin can allow multiple stops to the users for the taxi ride and courier delivery, and then also can decide the number of stops allowed.

Allow Cancel Request

Admin can decide to allow users to cancel the booking or order, adding some default reasons which users can pick or even add their own reason.

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Declare Your Business’s True Potential With the Right Platform – InDriver Clone

Own a feature-rich InDriver clone that could appeal to mass users for your business and expand your verticals quickly and easily.

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Go Through The Graphical Flow App Like InDriver

User App

Explore the complete flow of an app like InDriver, starting from choosing the service type until it is served by the merchants.

Merchant App

Merchants’ applications allow for automating their entire business operation, including menu, customer orders, payments, etc.

Partner App

Partners have a feature-rich app to manage requests from customers and operate their profits from orders and business history.

Merchant Panel

All the restriction of the merchants in the app is fulfilled in the merchant panel, giving a broader scale of view to operate the business.

User Panel

The user website consists of the same workflow as the user application, with almost the same attributes and functionality.

Admin Panel

The admin panel has a comprehensive set of functionalities to handle the stakeholders, earnings, and business in numerous locations.

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How Does InDriver Clone Work?

InDriver clone incorporates taxi booking and courier delivery services, leveraging smooth flow for all the stakeholders to conduct the chores seamlessly. Admin can operate the business seamlessly within the readymade platform utilizing the broader set of traits. Here is the fundamental flow of the user app explained.

You can also check out the workflow in a live demo

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Taxi Flow

  • Customers have to pick first the kind of service, which is a Taxi here.
  • Then have to enter the pickup and receiver’s location of the ride. Travelers can add numerous addresses to stop at all those locations.
  • Choose the fleet type obtainable for the ride. Then they can prove the charge of the trip and vehicle, distance, tax, and all invoice details.
  • Riders can update their profile particulars if needed, and after verifying everything, they can register the trip spending with the necessary payment live real-time location of the driver who accepted their ride, chat with them or call them, if required.

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Courier Flow

  • Customers can put up a location to take the goods from
  • Then add the receiver’s location, for the courier delivery.
  • The sender can add multiple stops, before the final location.
  • Choose the vehicle type for courier delivery relying on the weight and size.
  • Choose the payment procedure to accomplish the service expense.

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ESuper Panel Demo

User Panel

Panels offer comfort for placing an order and spending with the same workflow as the application.

Merchant Panel

Get an extended set of particulars within the merchant website to operate the business.

Admin Panel

Panel offering a 360-degree view of the operation with access to all stakeholders.

Do you want to check the working of all the panels?

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Merchant App

The app location has all the security characteristics for merchants to manage their business operations.

User App

Users get to request through an attribute-rich application for numerous varieties of services.

Partner App

Partners can achieve all the inclined assignments to fulfill a customer request.

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Rely On A Versatile InDriver Like App To Manage Multiple Services Business

Our readymade Indriver like app script is fully customizable, giving various opportunities to expand the business.

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