Uber For Courier Delivery

Streamline Delivery Service Business with Uber for Courier Delivery App Supporting Business Monitoring and Control

Customizable Uber Like Courier Delivery App to Match Your Business Growth

Empower easier and faster delivery services for your users with the latest technological support. Uber for courier delivery app guarantees reliable app launching that can allow you to serve users. Seamlessly working apps and panels of Uber like courier delivery app fit the business size. It introduces the flexibility of serving online with the best measures:

  • Universal audience targeting with native apps and web consoles serving unlimited access seamlessly
  • Faster processing with integrated GPS and navigation support to complete orders
  • Monitoring and management support to direct business in the right direction

Efficiency Promising Features Of Uber For Courier Services App

Optimized Dispatching

  • Uber for courier services app includes support for managing the dispatcher activities automatically.
  • System admin can monitor and control every process from the admin panel and track every activity
  • Users can also track their deliveries in process, and every status update gets delivered for better experience delivery

Customization Facility

  • The Uber-like courier service app is customizable for every purchaser to fit their business demands
  • Admin can edit the app theme, logo, color, and more to produce and launch an entirely different app than before
  • The features and processes can also get restricted from the panel to manage apps and businesses quickly

Delivery Profits

  • Earn profits by setting the price per delivery and defining the delivery charges applied to users
  • The admin panel includes a dedicated section for determining all applied charges- tax, convenience, and more
  • These charges get added and calculated when a user pays for the delivery request they have placed

Courier Pickup Verification

  • The pickup verification ensures the provider has selected the right item and has followed the given instructions
  • The provider clicks the image of the parcel and sends it to users to ensure they have chosen the correct thing
  • Also, a verification code ensures the right courier provider has reached to pick up a parcel from the users.

Vehicle Types

  • The admin can add different vehicle types used in the courier delivery services
  • Users can select the vehicle type from all available that meets their delivery demands
  • The charges for delivery get calculated according to the vehicle and parcel size chosen by the user

Financial Reports

  • Earning analytics is an integral part of the solution that helps a delivery provider and admin to analyze their earnings
  • By generating weekly reports of the earnings, they can view their earnings plotted on a visual graph
  • Admin can also view the earning reports of delivery providers and measure their profits from the reports

How Uber for Courier App Works?

Ensure a surge in your business profits by serving more requests at once seamlessly. Uber for Courier app works efficiently to ensure every user demand gets served well and manages the internal operations effortlessly. By benefitting from such functions and abilities of the delivery app, many businesses are following this result-driven flow and earning profits by serving across the world:

  • A user places a delivery request with complete package information
  • A nearby delivery provider accepts the offer and collects the package
  • The user can track the provider on the way until the parcel reaches the delivery location
  • After the provider completes the job, the user feedback gets collected from users

Emerge As A Reliable Courier Deliverer In The Market

Our Uber for courier delivery app includes all essential features and modules that deliver excellent outcomes for business upbringing.

User App

Advanced Requests

Place a delivery request in advance and mention the time for the courier deliverer to pick up the package.

Pin Location

Add the location details by pinning it on the map directly and skip typing the location details for faster request placing

Fare Estimation

Based on the package weight, size, and vehicle selection of users, the fare estimation gets performed for users

Cancel Request

Cancel the placed delivery request within a dedicated time and pay the admin defined cancellation charges

Delivery Provider App

Profile Management

Manage profile by updating and adding profile details, including setting a profile picture

Service Time

Set available service time by choosing to go online or offline as per the needs and availability

Navigation Facility

Using the integrated map facility, the delivery provider can find an optimized route to the customer’s location

In-App Chat

Drivers can choose to chat with the customers for any questions regarding courier delivery with an in-app chat feature

Admin Panel

Service Rates

Admin can determine service charges for the courier pickup and delivery services extended to customers.

Wallet Settings

Manage the integrated wallet and view transaction status and wallet balance of users and delivery providers

Define Service Areas

Set a service radius for the delivery services you offer and limit the requests to some regions of a city or a country

Add Cities

View all cities on an integrated map that you serve in and manage the services across the borders within a single panel

User Website

Add Packet Images

Users can add one or numerous images of the courier packet for the reference of the deliveryman or security purposes.

Add Multiple Stops

Users can add multiple stops in the path between pick and destination addresses and will be charged for the waiting time.

View Path for Delivery

The entire path with the stops can be tracked through the integrated map to analyze the best routes for courier delivery.

Round Trip

Customers can add the round trip feature where the deliveryman reaches the pickup location after completing the delivery.

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Admin Panel

Manage the entire business operations with impressive features, including the users and drivers within the admin panel.

User Application

Know how the user app works to deliver efficient results to your customers and avails better ordering services.

Provider Application

Check how the provider application assures the best delivery services through interactive and useful features.

User Website

Understand the user’s website workflow, similar to the courier delivery booking app given an impressive user interface.

Launch Your Business with Courier Delivery Mobile Application Right Away

Meet user demands with natural to serve and global approaches empowered by courier delivery mobile apps

  • Flexible Payment Methods
  • Rapid App Launch Support
  • Complete Source Code Customization

Presenting Business-Savvy App Extensions

Check our ready-made tech solutions suitable for different business types and sizes.

Prove Your Business Adeptness With Uber For Couriers Delivery App

Start serving user demands with Uber for the courier’s delivery app, allowing faster app launch and proper support. Encourage business profits and revenue generation via adding support for efficient and reliable courier deliveries by your side

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The cost of Uber for Courier delivery relies on the customization and technology utilized for the development. The approximate cost is between $7000 to $10000 if you choose the ready-made script and customize it to match your business necessities.

We submit your apps to Google Play Store and App Stores. In some of our packages, we give this service free; some have add-on services.

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