Uber For Courier delivery app

Our On Demand Courier Delivery App Comes on Both Android & iOS App with Advanced Web Console to Manage all Transaction.

Uber-Like Courier Delivery app workflow is same as any on demand application. Once the customer sends a request, it will be forwarded to multiple service provider in the nearby area. Once service provider accepts the service request their both communicate with the app. user pays this service charge with card or cash after completion of the service customer rate the service and write feedback for this services. Our Uber for courier service app comes with fully customization facility including adding local language and currency features.

Fully Automated
Set it up once, enter your stripe ID and forget about it. The solution we give you will take care of optimized dispatching, collecting, distributing money and depositing your cut, in your account.

Fare Estimator
The solution we give you will take care of optimized dispatching, collecting, distributing money and depositing your cut, in your account.
Cash and Card Payment
Pay by any Card you have. Don't have a card ? No worries, you can also pay driver by cash

Real Time Tracking
Low energy consuming methods of tracking and reporting real-time means that you can know at all points where all the players are and optimize logistics for maximizing profit.
Schedule Booking – Book Later
Afraid about not getting taxi to catch your early morning flight with on demand apps? Now you can schedule and book your taxi before and be on the safer side.
Promo and Referral
Take advantage of Promotional offers as well as referring your friend to earn free credits and ride free
extra features
More Features Will Help You to Expirience More
Extensive Admin Panel and Website
Admin panel to control all aspects of what your customers and service providers experience.
Email and SMS Configuration
Customise Email and SMS you want to send to your customers and providers from the admin dashboard.
Provider Verification Process
Verify your provider's identity before approving him or her to drive for your providers, because of safety matters
Report Generation & Weekly Statement
You will get weekly statement and financial reports
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Your own courier delivery mobile application is one click away

Find your country
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 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all answers here if you need them

After purchase of courier delivery mobile application we will provide you support for one week or until the app goes live on store whatever goes first.

Note :

  • We will strictly ban the support if source code is modified , even before completion of one week period .

Yes you can modify, the source code is labeled for usage with modification

Note :

  • Source code cannot be used more than 1 time once purchased, if you wish to use it for multiple application, you need to purchase multiple licenses.
  • You cannot modify and resell the source code to 3rd party . We strictly prohibit reselling of source code.

Card payment is processed using Strip as default. If you wish to add other card payment gateways you need to purchase our additional add-on services.

Following are the infrastructure required for the product :-

  • Digital Ocean VPS
  • Google Play Store Developer Account
  • Apple Developer Account
  • Facebook Developer Account for  social signin
  • Google Account for Maps Api keys
  • Logo
  • Splash Screen

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