Vogo Clone - Digital Platform To Book Two-Wheel Bike Services

Get an advanced and scalable platform like Vogo Clone to offer customers with all kinds of bike and taxi booking transportation services, ensuring flexibility in the business.

What is Vogo Clone? Digitalize Your Transportation Business

Vogo clone is a popular two-wheeler transportation platform where customers can choose to book a ride or as well rent a scooter for personal transportation. With the advanced feature lists of the app, such as GPS tracking, real-time ride tracking, and secure payment, entrepreneurs can efficiently manage the business’s workflow.

Hence it makes the most appropriate choice for entrepreneurs to invest in the Vogo clone app to level up their ground business in the on-demand taxi market. The platform works to connect users and drivers to commute from one place to another location. The platform is a convenient and cost-effective solution to evaluate the ride-sharing business; get your own taxi booking app today.

Scroll Down To Learn The Advanced Feature List Of The Vogo Clone App

Vogo clone app bears advanced attributes within all the modules that benefit businesses to handle all the tasks effortlessly.

Customer App

Create Profile

Users can manually sign up and create their profile in the app, where they can easily edit or update the details anytime.

Select Vehicle

Users will be provided with a list of registered vehicles on the app so they can choose the one from it to book the ride.

Count On Fares

Based on the trip’s location, the estimated fare calculation of the overall trip will be shown to customers.

Cancel Trip

The platform allows the riders to cancel the ride after booking it by submitting a valid reason for cancellation.

Driver App

Go Offline

Drivers are authorized to set their status as inactive by utilizing the offline mode feature available in the app to go offline.

Live Location

With the app driving partners can see the real-time location of their vehicle on the way with the integrated GPS feature.

Submit Bank Details

Drivers can submit their bank details on the app to receive the payment directly on the respective account.

Chat Support

With an in-app chat feature, trip drivers can easily chat with passengers to get any booking related information.

Admin Dashboard

Manage Partners

Admin gets the authority to manage all the partners on the platform by verifying their documents for registration.

Setup Multiple Zones

The admin authorizer can set their service zones in multiple countries and cities and set up charges for rides accordingly.

Add Promo Codes

The admin can create multiple promotional codes to offer discounts on rides to promote the platform among consumers.

Earning Analysis

With the well-featured admin dashboard, the owners can easily get insight into the overall earning of the business.

Dispatcher Panel

Assign Rides

Dispatchers can assign instant or pre-book trips to the particular driver through the console.

Track Rides

Dispatchers can efficiently keep an eye on ongoing rides with the help of tracking feature.

Create Rides

Dispatchers can create rides for the customers from their panel and assign the ride to the nearest or available drivers.

Oversee Requests

The panel enables dispatchers to view the scheduled ride requests and associated information like name, contact, payments, etc.

Partner Panel

Ride Request

Partners can view and manage all ride requests through the panel, where they can also accept or reject a specific ride.

Manage Drivers

Partners can efficiently manage the drivers and assign them rides manually or with an auto-assign option.

Add Vehicles

Partners can add vehicles by adding necessary info like name, plate no, model, color, etc.

Check Earrings

Partners can check the earnings from the completed rides throughout the partner panel.

User Panel

Create Rides

The user panel allows passengers to easily reserve or create ride requests by selecting the location, taxi type, and payment modes.

Schedule Rides

Under the user panel, riders are provided with an option to book a ride for now or can schedule it for future requirements.

Save Address

Users can easily save their favorite or frequently used location to ride on the web panel.

Payment Modes

Users are facilitated with multiple payment gateways to pay for the ride via their favored option.

Corporate Panel

Add Customers

Corporate owners can add various employees, add details about them, and then book rides for them.

Cancel Trip

Corporate admin can decline the booking request received from users, or even if they have created themselves for specific reasons.

Setup Payments

Corporates are requested with various payment modes, which assist to manage the wallet efficiently.

Analysis Trips

Corporates can examine the ongoing trips by checking the trip details like ID, amount, vehicle, etc information.

Elluminati Offers Distinctive Features For Vogo Like App Development

Entrepreneurs can possess the following features by getting a Vogo Like App development from Elluminati.

Multiple Language Integration

Admin authorizer can access the multi-language support integrated into the app and update the language according to the user’s preferences. Multi-language support is offered on the web platform as well.

In-Built GPS Segment

The admin can check on the live status of the motorists with the help of GPS tracking. On the other hand, riders are also allowed to look out for the live status of their rides on the way until they reach the destination spot.

Well Suited Cross Platform

With the cross-platform solution, riders can access the ride-hailing service from any device like Android, iOS, or web platform. The cross-platform allows entrepreneurs to handle all business tasks seamlessly.

Thoroughly Customization Support

Admin can make necessary changes in the app design, features, or other functionalities to create the solution wholly as per your demands. The platform can be modified as and when required by the business.

Customer App

Exerts the consumers to create a ride request in a few easy steps to fulfill the ride-hailing demand.

Driver App

Motorists can sign up for the app to provide driving services under the app environment.

Examine The Eber’s Mobile App To Manage The Ride-Hailing Business

Examine the app demos to get a precise idea about how the app works actually.

Customer App

Exerts the consumers to create a ride request in a few easy steps to fulfill the ride-hailing demand.

Driver App

Motorists can sign up for the app to provide driving services under the app environment.

Go Over The Distinctive Web Panels Of App Like Vogo

Admin Panel

Oversee all the assignments and employees via the admin panel and update the settings when required.

Dispatcher Panel

Through the panels, dispatchers can send off the two-wheelers for users and watch over all the business tasks.

Partner Panel

Company partners can oversee and execute transportation assignments from the panels with the help of advanced features.

Corporate Panel

With the help of this panel, corporates can easily manage their bike rides and improve customer service.

We Have Multiple Products Suiting Myrid Business Purposes

Check out the additional platforms designed by us that can help you automate your business tasks and work to provide the best user experience.

Flourish Your Bike Sharing Business With Vogo Clone Script

Vogo clone script is integrated with cutting-edge features that can help you achieve new business opportunities and provide users with greater convenience. Talk with us about your business ideas.

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