Nowadays, when all the business sectors are getting transformed and acquiring a new form. There is also one segment among them that is not so far from grooming itself with a digitized format. The transport industry has evolved much in the past few years. The people don’t need to suffer from the problems of waiting for taxis or buses to arrive at the stop.

They just need to book the specific transport services from their devices by performing some taps and it also became more simple with MaaS being implemented in the latest platforms launched. Therefore, people liked using these apps as they were getting the services according to their convenient timings. Hence, the importance of mobile apps rose among them and they boosted the usage of these applications to a significant level.

The apps introduced to the transport sector also include multi-services applications as they provide a particular service. Those apps are Lyft, Uber, Gojek, Careem, etc. Due to these apps providing the booking of transport services on the palms of users, they started using these applications.

According to the report, by analyzing the current requirement, it is expected to witness a growth of 16.30% by 2029 in the transportation industry. But, inside these applications, a concept known as MaaS is being implemented, so what does it mean? Let’s understand it in detail.

What is MaaS?

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service. It is a concept that combines the various transport and related services under one roof, giving the customers a one-stop solution for booking and making payments for those services. By implementing the use of this concept in their lives, the people can access every service of the mobility sector. Those services are:

  • Cycling
  • Ride-Sharing of Bike and Car
  • Bike and Car Rentals
  • E-bike rentals and sharing

Hence, the people get to access the list mentioned above of services. It later became a sweet spot for the consumers to utilize the various categories of transportation services, and hence due to the tremendous generation of requirements for this concept, the entrepreneurs started implementing its use in their businesses and raised the overall value of the MaaS market. So, consider the figures and statistics mentioned next.

MaaS Market Analytics:

The adoption rate of MaaS among people has been increasing with each passing day. So let’s analyze its growth figures mentioned below:

Source: Statista

  • From the above-displayed image, it is clear that the value of the global MaaS industry is at its peak.
  • According to the sources, the value of the MaaS market is assumed to reach $230 billion by 2025.
  • And if we go for a long-term assumption, the market value of MaaS globally is expected to reach $9.5 trillion by 2035.

There are many players in the market which contribute to the growth of the mobility market. Those companies are stated next – take a look.

Some Companies Providing MaaS:

Now, the companies are also making use of this concept to cater mobility services to the people in an efficient way. So which are those companies? Each of them is mentioned below:


It is a company founded in July 2012 and is based in Dubai. Moreover, Careem is providing multiple services to the people. It also provides transport services by utilizing the MaaS concept to the people, which eases the payment and service booking for the people.


Grab was founded in 2012 and is based in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of services through an application. Among all of them, it implements the use of the MaaS model for refining its ride-hailing services for the people.


A company serves the people with a wide range of services to the people. In addition, Gojek was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are catering the transport services to the people by utilizing the MaaS concept that helps to enhance the particular services.


The firm was founded in China in January 2012. Moreover, WeChat also offers multiple services to the people and is one of the largest super apps in the world. It also implements the MaaS model to provide superior transportation services to the people.

What Are The Key Reasons To Get A MaaS Implemented Solution?

Now, as we have analyzed earlier, MaaS is getting immense traffic, and it must have some of the other reasons behind centering the attraction of the people. Although there are many, some of them are mentioned below:

Simplified Route Selection

Based on their personal references, customers receive some suggestions which might be applicable to their journey. They can also plan their travel route dynamically by choosing the multiple transport systems, which in the end proves that selecting routes becomes much simpler for customers by utilizing this concept.

Easier Payments

The payment methods have become more streamlined as the customers don’t need to worry about any type of fuel or vehicle repairing services which is present in the personal vehicle. It also follows two models for payments that are pay-as-you-go, in which you need to pay according to the distance covered from the beginning, and another is a subscription where you need to pay for a weekly, monthly, or yearly ride-sharing plan in advance, no matter if you can’t utilize the services.

Thus, by embedding the various ways of settling the payments, the travelers or riders can easily manage their costs and can prevent the expensive charges from being included in their trip while planning for the journeys.

Offering Personal Convenience

MaaS model also helps to maintain relations with the customers and transport businesses. This concept enables the use of big data, which allows the consumers to stay connected to solve any issues that occur in between the services, for establishing itself as a user-concentrated transport system.

Can Multi-Services Platforms Utilize This Service Model?

The answer is yes. As mentioned earlier in the post, many multiservice platforms utilize this model to offer ride-sharing services. As an entrepreneur, if you want to provide the multiservices along with implementing this concept, then Gojek Clone must be your choice as it consists of a MaaS embedded perfectly with other services models integrated into itself, which are must for a specific business category you are willing to establish.

You can gain a tremendous upward push in the market by receiving an all-in-one platform as there is a trend of using on-demand multiservice solutions among people to fulfill their requirements. Hence, you can grab an advantage of the customer’s demands by immediately launching your super app to increment the profitability of the venture.

Final Verdict:

Thus, in a world full of competition among the people in every aspect. You need to move on with every update arriving in a specific vertical. Similarly, in terms of business, you need to adopt the changes immediately. Otherwise, it will lead to harsh outcomes in the future for your venture.

Therefore you can get highly advanced mobility solutions by partnering with us. We at Elluminati strive to deliver practical solutions useful for your venture along with the use of the latest tech stuff to stand still in the competitive market and bear the changing needs of customers.