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Stay ahead in the ever-evolving ride-hailing industry by opting for Ridery Clone. It is an advanced solution that helps businesses transform their conventional trip-booking business digitally.

What is Ridery Clone? Why Should Businesses Opt For One?

Ridery Clone is a ride-hailing platform connecting customers with available drivers through a mobile application. The app is integrated with various attributes like online trip booking, tracking the location in real-time of their assigned driver, and making payments. This platform makes the trip business simpler and offers a broad customer range.

Traditional taxi services should opt for an app like Ridery, which will allow them to transform their businesses innovatively. Our ready-made script is customizable to redo your branding and permits you to simplify major operations within the solution. Get the best solution and thrive in the market. By doing so, clients can automate business tasks and serve their clients through an efficient online platform.

Supplementary Characteristics Included in the Ridery Clone App Development

Clients can enjoy the modern features tagged along with Ridery clone app development that assists in smooth business handling.


We provide multi-language support so businesses can expand to every corner of the world without any language boundaries. Moreover, this feature helps riders book trips easily, and drivers can utilize the platform to maintain rides.

Define Specific Zone

Admin can define myriad zones such as red zones, airport zones, or specific zones in the city, and the trip pricing varies in these zones. Here, the admin can apply different pricing to move between these zones.


The platform allows you to do business in multiple countries along with the respective currency payments, which convert to the admin’s currency. Admin can choose the country and its currency to launch their business without any payment boundaries.

Customization Support

With customization support, the business owner can decide to modify app functionality, app design, and other prospects suiting their business requirement. By doing so, they can provide a one-of-a-kind experience for app users, which eventually helps to make a wider user base.

Modules Incorporated in the Ridery Clone Script

Entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits of myriad modules given in the Ridery clone script.

Passenger App

Cancel Trips

After reserving a trip, users can cancel their trips but must pay cancellation charges as set by the admin.

Tip To Driver

Passengers can give trip tips to the chauffeurs by considering their overall experience with them and the on-demand reservation experience.

Apply Promo Codes

Users can utilize promo codes (if given any) to obtain extra discounts on their trip price and enjoy the advantages.

Check Wallet History

Users can examine their wallet history anytime and incorporate the information of transactions performed to pay for the journey.

Chauffeur App

Login With Email

Chauffeurs can log into the app utilizing their email and credentials and begin with their given tasks.

Trip History

Chauffeurs can view their concluded travel information, which is saved as history to refer to at any time required.

Call Masking

If ride providers face any queries, they can call passengers by utilizing the call masking service that doesn’t expose the contact number.

Manage Vehicles

Chauffeurs can enter vehicle details for registration, which the admin will substantiate and approve for the transit.

Admin Dashboard

Daily Earnings

Admin dashboard provides a distinct list of trips executed each day, which allows one to mark revenues on a daily basis.

Driver Details

Admin can look for the signup trip provider’s information on the dashboard, where they can determine whether to approve or disapprove chauffeurs by verifying them.

Promo Codes

Admin can offer promotional discounts to users by setting up conditions and recurring time boundaries for the promo code’s validity.

App Related Features

Manage the technical data of user’s and drivers’ apps, which includes app URLs, certifications, app modifications/versions, etc.

Dispatcher Panel

Map View of Drivers

The panel is integrated with a map feature, making it simpler to track the live location of chauffeurs and check for their activity status.

Export Data List

To access the data file offline, dispatchers can export the data files of users, drivers, trips, and other lists in the form of offline sheets.

Submit Bank Details

Dispatchers can link their bank account in the e-wallet to accept their earrings amount within the wallets and then withdraw them to the accounts directly.

Request Ride Bookings

Dispatchers can order a trip for users by linking the significant info and assigning rides directly to chauffeurs.

Partner Panel

Oversee Operation

Partners can check the business operations and operate drivers and incoming trips from the users.

Earning Details

Business partners can get to know all the revenue records, which contain all the attributes of trip booking, for better analysis.

Manage Vehicle

Business partners can handle the registered vehicle info by modifying necessary details whenever mandated.

Manage Drivers

Along with vehicle management, business partners can choose to add or remove drivers performing for the business.

Passenger Website

Instant/Schedule Rides

Passengers can reserve instant rides or pick to schedule their rides by adding accurate information like date and timing.

Myriad Payment Option

Users are stimulated with myriad payment methods like cash, card, e-wallet, etc., so they can pay conveniently as per their choices.

Add Destination Later

Passengers can also determine whether to enter the trip end location later, and they can just add the pickup zone to get a fare estimate.

Add Multiple Stops

Passengers can add various stops in the route between pick and drop-off addresses and will be charged accordingly for the waiting duration.

Driver Website

Social Sign-Up

Trip providers can use social media account sign-up to access the solution quickly using their social media credentials.

Delete Account

Chauffeurs can delete their account if they no longer use it and don’t want to contribute to the taxi-hailing business.

Admin Contact Details

Drivers can contact the administrative person with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Rent Car Packages

Drivers can choose taxi rental requests and accept the package by considering all the details available.

Corporate Panel

Receive Payments

Corporate owners can get the payments of the trip within the e-wallet, which can be aligned to their bank account.

Manage Customers

Corporates can handle registered employees, and they can eliminate them or set the charge limit.

Examine Trips

Corporates can examine journey details within the panel, including users, drivers, and payments.

Modify Profile

Edit or modify profile info like name, contact details, password changes, etc., utilizing the panel as and when needed.

Passenger App

Users can search, book, and track their trip requests in real time and choose one convenient option to pay for the trip.

Driver App

Drivers can accept or decline trip requests utilizing the app and add bank information to receive ride charges.

Experience the Functioning of Apps With App Demo

By going through the app sessions, clients can easily understand the app’s attributes and functionalities.

Passenger App

Users can search, book, and track their trip requests in real time and choose one convenient option to pay for the trip.

Driver App

Drivers can accept or decline trip requests utilizing the app and add bank information to receive ride charges.

Have a Glance at the Demo Panels of the Eber

Admin Dashboard

The admin can maintain the entire business through the dashboard and operate business aspects accordingly.

Dispatcher Panel

It comprises all the essential segments to create and handle customer ride requests from the dispatcher’s end.

Partner Panel

Partners can manage the given tasks using the features given in the panel and contribute to smooth business operations.

Corporate Panel

Corporates get full control of managing trips for their employees and making decisions regarding the same.

User Website

Users can reserve their book trip requests utilizing the website, which has the same functionality as the app.

Driver Panel

Drivers can easily handle the sent rides and keep track of their earnings using the panel.

Have a Glance at the Innovative Solutions Created by Elluminati

Elluminati works to develop industry-focused solutions with a touch of modern technology so businesses can achieve their goals in this digital market.

Transform Your Dream Project into Reality by Opting for Ridery Clone

Aggrandize your taxi business with Ridery clone, which is built with innovative functionalities that ease business operations. Reach us and get a demo to learn more about it.

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