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What is the Easyvan Clone App? How Does it Assure Growth in the Ground Transportation Business?

Entrepreneurs, nowadays, are plying the roads of on-demand business, a trend which has not started in the distant past. Consumers are ready to pay more for convenience, and that is what is driving the new business terms and methodology. The transportation business is on the same verge of turn, be it car sharing, car rental, bike-sharing, or van sharing.

Easyvan clone is a van booking platform connecting riders and drivers in a single platform managing the rides, riders, drivers, payments, profits, significant features all within it. The app design is interactive and is developed with the latest technology, and the niche operates the entire business in a website remotely.

Ad-hoc scheduling of taxis offering personal experience in transportation; millennials are choosing the smart ways to, especially after Covid-19 outspread. It resulted in a surge in the global ride-hailing business market and higher expected growth in the upcoming years. Elluminati developed the solution for any business dimension, customizing it to meet all the requirements.

Distinctive Sources Of Action Taken To Build Easyvan Clone Script

Easyvan clone script consists of some remarkable unique characteristics to handle the business.

Complete Unique Branding

Easyvan clone script allow the complete branding platform of a business to thrive in competition. It includes the brand’s theme, logo, name, color, and features, making it a personalized platform for business.

Multiple Currency Integration

The platform is integrated with multiple currencies to let the owner accept payments from all of them. The currency is auto-converted to the admin’s currency for all the transactions so that the profit is calculated precisely.

Manage Geofencing

The admin of van-sharing businesses can create zones for allowing users to get rides in which they can also set charges based on distance and other factors. They can even draw a polygon in the integrated map and set a charge with various factors.

Improve Business Reach

Owners can attract consumers with certain user-appealing attributes contributing to increasing business reach. Like promo codes, options to choose languages, easy payment methods, and many more, all of which enhance user retention

Remarkable Features Of App Like Easyvan

Some of the important features integrated into the App like Easyvan

Rider App

Quick Sign Up

Riders can have a quick sign-up in the app with social media accounts like Facebook or can use Google ID.

Scheduled Requests

Riders can schedule rides in a van, getting a different section in the app to track all the scheduled requests in real-time.

Wallet History

Riders can examine past transactions done with the e-wallets, including the ride’s details.

Save Address

Riders can save their favorite or frequently traveled address in the app to quickly book the app.

Rider Website

Enter Addresses

Riders must manually add pickup and destination addresses or by selecting from the map to start booking the ride.

Admin Contact details

Customers can easily approach the business admin with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Destination Later

Customers can also choose to add the destination details later; they can just add the pick-up location to get a price estimation.

Add Multiple Stops

Customers can add various stops in the path between pickup and destination locations and will be charged for the waiting time.

Driver Website

Add Bank Details

Drivers can add more than one bank account to utilize for the payment settlements through their wallet.

Admin Contact Details

Drivers can contact the administrative person with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Add New Vehicle(s)

Drivers can add their vehicle’s information and documents, which the admin supports. In some cases, drivers can add multiple vehicle details.

Approval by Admin

For documents and vehicles, drivers will get approval from the admin, after which they can start performing on the business tasks.

Driver App

Auto Offline

Drivers, when they are not online for longer, their availability status will automatically mark offline.

Cancel Trips

Drivers can also cancel the trips for reasons like couldn’t find an address in case of a wrong address.

Update Profiles

Drivers can update their profile details like name, email, and contact; and also update the old passwords when required.

In-app Chat

Van drivers can chat with riders to locate their address, update them for the delay or any other queries.

Admin Website

Decide Commissions

Admin can decide the commissions for the drivers, dispatcher, and other stakeholders for their services.

Create Zones

Admin can create zones in a particular city and can set different charges for the rides depending on the requirements in that area.

Manage Users

Admin can control the entry of all the users within the platform, verify documents and approve their registration.

Sales Analytics

Admin dashboard comprises figures and charts about the earnings, users, sales, profits, etc allowing smart analysis.

Dispatcher Panel

Assign Rides

Manual or auto-assign rides to the drivers; they can also create the rides for users and assign to providers.

Track Rides

Dispatchers can track the rides with different statuses like running, completed, or future rides.

Add Bank Details

Add and update bank details for the transactions and transfer the money directly to the bank accounts.

Use Integrated Map

Dispatchers can make use of integrated maps for tracking and locating rides and drivers with their real-time data.

Partner Panel

Rides Details

Partners will receive all the rides details like location, payment methods, total amount, rider ID, etc.

Manage Drivers

Partners can manage drivers, their vehicles and also assign them rides manually or automatically.

Check Earnings

Partners can check their earnings in the panel from all the rides performed in different modules.

Categorize Rides

Partners can categorize rides as scheduled, ongoing, finished in the module, and also use filters to search.

Corporate Panel

Manage Employees

Corporates can manage their employee’s accounts, update their details and also delete profiles if required.

Choose Vehicle

Owners can request rides for the employees, selecting the vehicle type suitable to drive at the desired location.

Multiple Payment System

Corporates can make the payments for rides they created for the employees, selecting from multiple options.

Examine Rides

Corporates can analyze complete ride details from the panel, knowing all the like employee’s ID, amount, vehicles, time, payment method, etc.

User App

Van riders can book instantly, or schedule rides through the app.

Driver App

Van rides providers can accept or reject rides from the consumers with the app.

Illustrate Eber’s Mobile Applications For Van Sharing Business

Mark the essential and engaging features given within the app for a smooth workflow for the users and drivers.

User App

Van riders can book instantly, or schedule rides through the app.

Driver App

Van rides providers can accept or reject rides from the consumers with the app.

Better Understand The Workflow Of The Business Through The Panels

Admin Panel

Business admins get a bird’s eye view of the entire van booking business within the panel.

Dispatcher Panel

All the van dispatching tasks are performed with the panel with all the necessary features.

Partner Panel

For a van-sharing business, a partner panel allows one to manage the rides in multiple locations.

Corporate Panel

Partnering with corporates for van booking for their employees is a strategy fulfilled by the panel.

User Panel

Users can register in the panel for reserving van rides online and tracking them throughout

Driver Panel

Drivers of vans can operate websites to serve and manage the rides and earn from the service.

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The development of an app like Easyvan costs a variable amount depending on the customization, technology used, and business dimensions. However, the average cost lies between $6k to $20k.

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