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Start off taxi van hailing business with Easyvan clone for enlarging the business, managing it efficiently, and giving the best user experience to the riders within a flexible platform.

What is the Easyvan Clone App? How Does it Assure Growth in the Ground Transportation Business?

Entrepreneurs, nowadays, are plying the roads of on-demand business, a trend which has not started in the distant past. Consumers are ready to pay more for convenience, and that is what is driving the new business terms and methodology. The transportation business is on the same verge of turn, be it car sharing, car rental, bike-sharing, or van sharing.

Easyvan clone is a van booking platform connecting riders and drivers in a single platform managing the rides, riders, drivers, payments, profits, significant features all within it. The app design is interactive and is developed with the latest technology, and the niche operates the entire business in a website remotely.

Ad-hoc scheduling of taxis offering personal experience in transportation; millennials are choosing the smart ways to, especially after Covid-19 outspread. It resulted in a surge in the global ride-hailing business market and higher expected growth in the upcoming years. Elluminati developed the solution for any business dimension, customizing it to meet all the requirements.

Distinctive Sources of Action Taken to Build Easyvan Clone Script

Easyvan clone script consists of some remarkable unique characteristics to handle the business.

Complete Unique Branding

Easyvan clone scripts allow the complete branding platform of a business to thrive in competition. It includes the brand’s theme, logo, name, color, and features, making it a personalized platform for business, creating complete brand awareness amongst the wide consumers with a unique identity that is easy to remember.

Multiple Currency Integration

The platform is integrated with the multiple currency integration to let the owner accept the payments in any of them. They can also convert the currency to their desired ones to manage the money flow in a single currency.

Manage Geofencing

Van sharing businesses can create the zones for the rides in a particular area with varied charges kept based on the distance. They can draw a polygon in the integrated map and also can set a charge to move from one zone to another.

Improve Business Reach

Owners can attract consumers with certain user-appealing attributes contributing to increasing business reach. Benefits of promo codes, options to choose languages, easy payment method, various payment gateways, and many more, all of which enhance retention of the consumers in the business and higher referrals.

Remarkable Features of App Like Easyvan

Some of the important features integrated into the App like Easyvan

Rider App and Website

Riders can have a quick sign-up in the app with social media accounts like Facebook or can use Google ID.

Driver App/ Website

Drivers, when they are not online for longer, their availability status will automatically mark offline.

Admin Website

Admin can decide the commissions for the drivers, dispatcher, and other stakeholders for their services.

Dispatcher Panel

Manual or auto-assign rides to the drivers; they can also create the rides for users and assign to providers.

Partner Panel

Partners will receive all the rides details like location, payment methods, total amount, rider ID, etc.

Hotel Website

Owners can update the location of the hotel from where they can book their rides for the guests.

Corporate Panel

Corporates can manage their employee's accounts, update their details and also delete profiles if required.

Plan Your Van-Sharing Business With Easyvan Clone App

Create an Easyvan like app for your van-sharing business inclined with an excellent user experience, a platform that is customized to be built for any business dimension.

Illustrate Eber’s Mobile Applications For Van Sharing Business

Van riders can book instantly, or schedule rides through the app.

Better Understand the Workflow of the Business Through the Panels

Business admins get a bird view of the entire van booking business.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Easyvan Like App

1. What are the major aspects of the Easyvan Like App?

The major aspect of the Easyvan like app is to offer convenience to the riders to book a van easily. It also increases business efficiency and reaches.

2. What is the cost to develop an app like Easyvan?

The development of an app like Easyvan costs a variable amount depending on the customization, technology used, and business dimensions. However, the average cost lies between $6k to $20k.

3. Will I get tech support after the app development?

Yes, we are open to tech support even after the app development as an add-on service.