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Go global with white label Postmates clone supporting your business operations to deliver seamlessly and increase your delivery profits. Stay ahead in the competition with our competent app support

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What is Postmates Clone? How is it a Reliable Solution for Your Business?

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Postmates clone is an emerging solution that helps customers to get their goods delivered from local stores. Today, customers are always searching for an online solution that saves both time and money. And business startups are constantly leveraging new tactics to fulfill rising needs.

The online food delivery market is to hit $161.74 billion by 2023 and app like Postmates are reliable and trustworthy delivery solutions that offer features for achieving tremendous success. We have made it easy for users by providing you with a ready-made and customizable platform to fulfill this growing demand of customers

Run Delivery Business Effortlessly with Postmates Clone App

The online delivery business is booming, serve more customers online, embrace the Postmates clone app, and deliver products online through the real-time tracking system

Aspects That Guarantees To Make Your Business Successful

Different aspects get incorporated in our postmates clone script application that will help you accelerate business growth by delivering goods at doorsteps

User App & Website

Customers can add or remove items from the cart as per their requirements

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Store App & Dashboard

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The store panel allows the store owner to access the store details from any location

Admin Dashboard

Define referral codes that help a user share the app use among their contacts and earn discounts

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Delivery Provider App

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Delivery providers can log in or register themselves by adding some necessary details and proofs for verification

How Does White Label Postmates Clone Work?

People are becoming tech-savvy and want meals delivered with a hassle-free browsing experience. The Postmates clone script is developed in such a way that enables users to order multiple products without friction. Moreover, the solution comes with ultra-modern real-time tracking features that make it easy for consumers to know the whereabouts of their packages. So, here we bring you the best Postmates clone and its working flow, check it out:

  • Customers can place the order using a website or dedicated application
  • Store owners receive the request by a customer and prepare the package
  • Once the order is ready to dispatch, the delivery man receives the request from the store owner
  • Delivery providers hand over the parcel to the customer’s location, and customers pay the order amount
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Get a Complete Postmates Clone Script to Upscale Your Conventional Business

Turn your traditional delivery business profitable with modern features integrated into the Postmates clone script and capitalize on various business opportunities leading to fulfilling emerging customers’ needs. Analyze the entire workflow here.

What Makes Our Similar To Postmates App Unique

  • Smooth functionality
  • Rich experience
  • Flawless Checkout

Attractive Features Of White Label Postmates Clone Script

Safe & Hygienic Delivery

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  • White Label Postmates clone script, The contactless delivery support ensures to create a safe and hygienic environment
  • You can inform the delivery personnel to deliver to customers' doorsteps without getting in contact with the user
  • Also, the online payment facility helps in ensuring the secure delivery process by collecting the bill amount online

Notification & Alerts

  • Push notifications help the admin set notification on for every new update they introduce
  • It helps them deliver alerts to customers and promote the app use among them and increase user engagement
  • Our Postmates clone script also involves support for sending order notifications to stores to notify of the order status and updates

Easy Customization

  • The customization facility for orders helps a user place an order request according to their choices
  • Also, stores get to define the item availability and the quantity limits for the users to purchase
  • The customization of order also gets applied to stores where they can change the order specifications and seek user confirmation for the same

Easy Management Of Categories

  • Stores can add and manage the categories of the items they sell on the online store
  • They can divide a category further into subcategories and offer extended support for choosing the right item
  • Stores can choose to disable any types from the menu anytime and change the prices of things as well

Multilingual Support

  • Our Postmates clone script includes support for changing the operational language of the app and web panels included in the solution
  • It helps a business expand its reach across countries with dedicated support for faster growth and helps serve users effortlessly
  • It indulges excellent app usage experience and helps engage with new customers across different countries

Sending Manual Order Requests

  • Stores can add their manual delivery support and manage the delivery operations as well
  • They can add delivery providers using the store panel and assign delivery tasks manually for the received orders
  • The store panel helps them track the order status and delivery details until the order reaches the users

Premium Features to Make Your Postmates Clone Stand Out

Captivating Themes

Let stores, delivery providers, and customers browse unique themes as the solution comes with light and dark mode theme options

Order Assign From Admin Panel

In order to make the delivery process quicken, Admin has the right to dispatch delivery provider choosing the vehicle manually or automatically

Book Restaurant Table in Advance

Enable customers to book a table in their favorite restaurant within the app by entering the date, time, number of persons and making payment

Scan and Place Order

Allow customers to scan QR codes to access multiple services such as browsing menu, make payments, and much more

Activity Log

Allow admin to track and oversee each successful and fail delivery operation in real-time to get useful insights for their delivery business

Print Invoice

Let storefronts generate the invoice in the app including all the order details. And to get a hard copy of it they can also connect the app with a printer.

Set Taxes

Stores and admin can lavy multiple taxes on various items and they are also allowed to set delivery tax for a certain region or area

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers can pay quickly for the items they ordered as a number of payment options include PayU and Paystack

Build Customer-centric White Label Postmates Clone That Drives Business Value

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Get your business requirements integrated into a suitable solution that helps expand your business operations across countries. White label postmates clone by Elluminati helps cater to changing user demands with integrated support for indulging experience creation

Examine Excellent Design And Features Of The Apps Of Our Product

Choose your favorite items to order and pay with the method of your choice in the app

Panels That Makes Every Business Tasks Hassle-free

Customers can edit their item’s ingredients while they order from the panel; let them have their taste of order

Frequently Asked Questions On Postmates Clone App

1. What is postmates clone app?

Postmates clone is a platform that fosters food ordering and operating other business tasks online. It eliminates physical work of managing the staff and analytical reports of the business, reducing the overall expenses. A business can thrive by using this solution to multiple countries.

2. How are contactless deliveries supported in postmates app clone?

In contactless deliveries, the food parcel will be dropped to the customer's address without any physical intervention. The parcel will be kept outside the door and after the confirmation of receiving the parcel, the driver will leave.

3. Is it the right time to start a food delivery business?

Yes, initiating a food delivery business with an online platform is always the right time. The solution allows your customer with excellent user experience, easy operable business tasks, extended business locations and much more.

4. Can I update the menu after the app launch?

Yes, the solution allows stores to update the menu whenever required. Admin can also add or delete the items from the admin panel.

5. Does the app script have multiple language support?

Yes, the app script has multiple language support. Admin can allow the stores and customers to use languages that are feasible to them.