UberRUSH Clone and Source Code

Sends any goods or parcels are a big issue in the current day for people. Sending goods to one place to another location is comparatively easy to send the parcel within the same city region. Because a no one or few of provides a same city courier service. Or else people have solved this trouble with self to deliver the parcel to the same city and wastage their valuable time. But now not in future because leading on-demand service provider company Uber to provide a service to deliver your parcel/courier on in the city area. And start this service on 2014/15 UberRush set there on the place in on-demand same city courier delivery and see the success of UberRush many courier business providers wish to start their own apps like UberRush. Here we Provide a White label solution UberRush clone script apps for your courier business with Native Android and iOS app source code.

what is Uberrush and know how it works

UberRush is provides on demand Delivery services networks that makes possible to send any goods in the same city in more convenient manner with affordable price. UberRush Charges delivery cost in between $5 to $7 for the first-mile additional charge of $2 to $4 for per mile. UberRush Courier gets the total amount to 75 to 80. Means it easy that any freelance delivery person earns $20 to $30 per hour with UberRush. UberRush uses a bike or on foot messengers to get your delivery service from one Point to Another.

Let Start YOUR OWN UberRUSH Like Courier Delivery Venture.

Elluminati Inc’s are Happy to Meet New Entrepreneur, Discuss and Start Work To Build
And UberRUSH Like your Own Apps.

How UberRUSH Clone App Works.

Request For Service:

Request a Messenger at your Place. Near By Delivery Person Arrive your location asap to collect your goods and take it for your and delivered at source destination either foot or bike or car. Both Customer and Provider Track the real time location on the UBerRush Clone’s app.

To Get The Goods To You:

You wish to buy something in a store and want to deliver these goods to your doorstep. For that, a provider conducted the products and bought behalf of you and deliver to your place. Or you wish to give back any goods to store the provider do this works and sign completion return behalf of you.

Charges :

Service Charges set either in zone wise or as per destination distance as per miles in UberRush Clone Script. Customers pay charges in cash or via cards. The methods of charges follow on depends request time what customer choice. Vendors also set surge price on a particular area or time.

Completion of Services:

After Completion of services customer rates a delivery service based on five-star scale and share feedbacks for messenger person. Also service provider share their feedback for a customer to set a mutual similarity for customer and provider.

Understand UberRush Business Model

What we offer on our UberRUSH Clone App..

We are offering a courier and goods delivery app that gives an essential solution for your on demand business. In current time on demand ordering and delivery, service platform is spread in worldwide. Get your customers to take orders in few finger tap of their web and mobile. start your own venture like UberRush to provide a courier delivery services on demand. do you have any idea to kick-start your own courier ordering and delivery system like UberRush? We provide customization for start your own on-demand business and fulfill your all needs that suitable for your business.

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Daily Earnings

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Receive New Order Request

Accept / Reject Request

Store App & Panel


Manage Products


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