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In trends of on-demand economy and its service, most adopted industries are restaurant chain and the company like takeaway are the best example of success on-demand food service business. Takeaway provides service to customer order their favorite food with mobile apps and gets food at their doorstep with features like real-time tracking, online payment, rate and review etc. To see the success of takeaway.com many entrepreneurs and restaurant owners wish to build a takeaway clone for their business. For those, we provide e-delivery solution to manage your restaurant chain business online. A solution with a white label and complete customization option. Let’s transfer your traditional restaurant business online.

How Takeaway clone script app work

  • 1The customer can browser nearby food outlets and its offered meal.
  • 2Choose favorite dishes and custom that ingredient
  • 3Add to cart and online payment
  • 4SMS & Email confirmation of food order
  • 5Delivery food at doorstep
  • 5Rate and review customer and outlets.

Advanced Features
Takeaway Clone App

GPS integration

We integrate Global positioning system features to provide real-time tracking and other map-based features to access service procedure details quick and real time. With GPS we integrate features like real-time tracking, route optimization, navigation, ETA and this all totally free of cost.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a viral world and it must integrate social media connection for providing higher service reliability. Social media integration features to sign up and log in and also for sharing in-app content on their profile. This feature helps vendors to visualize their brand digitally.

Rate and Review

Rate and Review feature knowing your customer service satisfaction, we provide rates and review features in both customer and delivery provider apps to build a mutual understanding with that both. Also, a feature helps admin to analyze provider service and make a future business decision as per.

Multilingual Integration

To make a more visibility in the local area we provide multiple language integration features for providing more user-friendliness in ordering service. We also support the right to left language integration services include (Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu etc.)

Cross-Platform Support

Access your restaurant chain business solution in any system and any device(web or mobile) we provide cross-platform support for all android, ios apps and web panels. the customer can order their meal with apps as well as web panels. We also provide 3rd party API integration service in your apps.

Custom Payment Gateway

If Vendor can wish to integrate a local payment gateway. We can integrate as part of our add-ons integration service. in takeaway clone app default payment gateway is Stripe.

What we offer in the
Takeaway Clone App solution

Customer App for Order Meal

With Customer panel, the user can log in immediately with social media or email and password. Access nearby food store list and its offered product. The customer can customize their meal ingredient as per like/dislike and add to cart with the online payment option. For a meal order customer can get confirmation via email and SMS if their needed ordering meal is available. A customer can track delivery provider real time in google map with in-app communication option for guide them to reach location. Once a customer gets their order on the doorstep they can review and rating for delivery provider and outlets service.

Delivery Provider app to
deliver a meal at customer’s doorstep

In our takeaway clone solution delivery provider app. Deliveryman can sign up and log in with social media or email and password option. Get new delivery service request online with accepting or reject option. When deliverymen accept request they can able to see ETA and navigation for outlet location from their current location. Takeaway packet on the outlet and navigate customer location to deliver their food at the doorstep with route optimization option to speed up the delivery process. Service charge gets digitized and accesses complete delivery service history within an app and manage it exponentially.

Outlets Apps and Web Panel
to showcase offered product online

Outlets apps and web console have same features with cross-platform support. With this solution outlet owner can add their offered product in a showcase and manage a complete details online to add, edit, delete product to on/off visibility. Also, manage meal ordering request with outlets solution get request online and the response that as per availability. Request delivery provider to complete delivery service task and manage all income and order history details with outlets apps and panels.

The Powerful Controller to
access your single/multi-outlets business.

The competently responsive and easy to access admin controller to manage your restaurant chain business. With Dashboard, admin can manage all user profile with add, edit, decline rights, also access to see all order and delivery service with details like customer, outlets and delivery provider details along with the invoice and review. Manage all order history with earning details. See each order review and rating with edit and decline access. Manage a business region, payment option, language, notification and settings details with real-time user tracking features.

Ordering website to
provide more reliability in service.

Ordering website has a similar feature of custom app with a web view customer can access surrounding area outlets details with their offered product, Customer ingredient details as per like/dislike and add to cart that dish in order. Pay order charge with a secure payment platform and track meal provider real time on google maps along with features like managing order history, re-order from history, review and rating for service, referral and promo code to reduce ordering cost etc.

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