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Grab this golden opportunity & start your grocery delivery business with white label Tesco Clone app right here at a very competitive price with a fully-featured marketplace solution

What is the Tesco Clone app? How does it Offer a New Dimension to Your Convenience Store?

People are adopting new shopping methods to shop for groceries and seeking home deliveries due to a lack of time from their busy schedules. Grocery stores, for that purpose, changed their business approach endorsing digital ways to shop for customers.

The Tesco clone app is the modern solution to foothold the supermarket business prestige to new heights in the fierce market. It is an ideal platform that offers growing opportunities to any business range.

Advanced technology is used to build the platform, which is also easy to adopt. We offer you apps like Tesco, a brilliant platform for overcoming all hurdles in your business with our solution, drawing out abundant channels for profits.

Exclusive Features Of Our Tesco Clone Script

Mass Notification

Without using proper marketing techniques, you can not make a solid customer base. Hence, the admin is given mass notification feature so that they can send messages to all the users, store owners, and delivery persons. Our Tesco cone script allows sending mass push notifications to inform users about offers and discounts

Add To Basket

It allows the customers to add grocery items that they want to purchase and place an order through the Tesco clone application. Before making the payment, customers can add or remove the item from the basket and place orders anywhere at any time. Users can also manage the product quantity from the basket; it speeds up the process and would be easy for users to place orders from multiple stores

Stock Management

The store owner can easily update and manage the inventory with the help of an advanced store panel. Moreover, vendors also can add/remove specific products if they are not available at that time so that the user can not add that product. Using the store panel, the vendor can easily monitor the current stock and manage the product pricing according to the market rate

Real-Time Tracking & Alerts

Customers can automatically view and track their delivery status with the help of advanced GPS features, customers can also estimate delivery time with real-time tracking features. Along with that, it helps delivery executives to find a perfect location for the customer. Customers will be notified of the status until the order arrives at the location

Promo And Referral Codes

The business admin or vendors of the retail stores can give attractive promotional codes, and discount offers to customers. This technique attracts customers, and they will order groceries from your store, and by doing this, you can reach out to a larger audience. The referral system boots sales, and customers will be rewarded for every friend that he recommends

Easy Call / Chat

A customer can call or chat within the app if they have any issue regarding the order. If a user wants to get delivered their groceries with any special requirement, they can confirm it using a chat option, and due to a slow internet connection, if they can not view the live status, customers can also call the driver and know the real-time delivery status

Some Exciting Features Of Our App

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cross-Platform Functionality
  • User-Friendly Approach

Let’s Understand How White Label Tesco Clone Works

Tesco clone App is a user-friendly app through which customers can order groceries from multiple stores without stepping out of the home. Customers can choose and get the selected item at their doorstep with the help of a user application. No long queues, no need to leave your comfort zone, and get the groceries at your preferred location. White Label Tesco Clone App follows the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Using a user application, customers can place the order from single or multiple stores.
  • Store owners get notified when a new order request is placed and prepares the item
  • The delivery man acknowledges the customer and arrives at the mentioned location with the parcel. Customers collect the parcel and make payments using different payment modes such as wallets, cards, or cash.

How Tesco Like Application Strategize Your Business

Let your customers place an order from multiple grocery stores using Tesco like application and soar your business with high revenues

User App

Social Sharing

Customers can share favorite products or items on their social media accounts with their acquaintances


A customer gets regular updates regarding newly launched offers and deals on any products within the platform

Live Tracking

Consumers can track their order deliveries using the integrated GPS features in the app once the order gets placed

Order Cancellation

The customer can cancel their order anytime even after making payment, a refund will be credited as per the store policy

User Website

Add Referral Code

Customers can add a referral code while registering, and also they get one referral code after registering on the platform

Search Filters

Customers can use search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the stores they are looking for

Increase Item Quantity

Customers can increase the quantity of the items from the cart with the same modifiers or can get separate modifiers

Contact Less Delivery

For contactless delivery, customers can tick the box for contactless delivery and get a safe delivery at their address

Store Website

Create Menu

The store can create the menu by adding items, categories, sub-categories, modifiers, and all required details

Set Store Timings

Stores can update the store’s service time availability of the stores in a week which will be shown to the buyers

Print Invoice

Stores get to print the invoice from their order lists, connecting the printer with Bluetooth to use the invoice offline

Analyze Earnings

All the store’s earnings from the orders and delivery service are stored separately as week or month history

Store App

Manage Item

Store owners can update and manage the store items easily whenever required using the store dashboard

Store Status

Stores can manage their status by setting it as busy when they cannot accept orders. They can also put off.

Featured Option

Stores can view the number of orders including their details and make informed decisions

Order History

Get weekly, and monthly reports of completed and canceled orders within the panel

Admin Dashboard

Manage Store

Admin has all rights to manage stores and view their information such as name, address, contact details, etc

Mass Notification

Admin can send notifications to the customers, deliveryman, or stores in a particular country on either Android or iOS.

Manage Users

The business admin has the right to view and track users’ order history and can manage the registered users of the platform accordingly

Payment Settings

Set commission percentage manually, driver’s commission, etc. using the admin panel

Delivery Provider App

Manage Profile

Delivery executives can manage their profile details like name, email, proofs, etc within the platform

Referral Code

Delivery providers can set availability for their presence to receive the delivery request on a particular day and time.

Accept/ Reject Request

Delivery men can choose to accept or reject the order delivery requests as per their availability

Earning Report

See and generate their earning report anytime using this panel with all translation details

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can use an app to get the delivery service request

User App

Customers are allowed to order a meal from the app

Store App

Store application has all necessary features to perform business operations

Feature-Rich Apps For Your Online Grocery Stores

Go through the demos and learn how the functionalities of our app work actually

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can use an app to get the delivery service request

User App

Customers are allowed to order a meal from the app

Store App

Store application has all necessary features to perform business operations

Panels With Brilliant Interfacing Helps Users Manage Everything Without A Lot Of Trouble

User Panel

An alternative option to ordering groceries from online platform

Admin Panel

Master panel to supervise all users and business processes

Store Panel

Stores have a similar interface to app to handle store tasks

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tesco Clone Apps

Learn about our product through these FAQs, or feel free to email us to know more

Tesco clone has the feature to add store locations to various countries and cities. To support the business in various locations, it allows currency change features, language compatibility, and as an addon service, we provide payment gateways integration, which varies at different locations.

To develop native apps for Android and iOS, Java and Swift are used, respectively. In panels for backed development, MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js are preferred. Lastly, for the frontend development of panels, Angular and HTML are used.

Yes, you can edit the source code as per your business needs.

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