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Elevate your car renting business adopting Turo clone app with versatile constituents serving end-to-end users and your business with advanced operations

What is Turo Clone? Have a Look at Steps to Perform Before Taking Action

Recent years have seen literal growth in the car renting business, endorsing the software solution that allows the business to offer the convenience to book a trip from the smartphone. The car-sharing business is expected to rise by $135 billion during a recent forecast period by 2027. It is a perfect moment for the business to pave the way in the digital business era.

Turo clone is a peer-to-peer car renting platform that avails a fleet of cars businesses from a single dashboard. Thousands of ride requests by customers can be managed from the versatile platform, allowing them to run a business in multiple locations.

We develop dynamic apps and panels that let you survive in the exponentially growing demand in the on-demand industry. Build an app like Turo, equipped for your business that could function well enough to meet your demands in your business.

Features Of Turo Clone Script To Streamline Business Needs

Inquisitive Dashboard

  • Admin gets an inquisitive dashboard with analytical data in the form of charts and overall figures
  • It shows the data analyzing past rides, users registered, overall earnings, many more helpful conclusions
  • The dashboard is a brief of the business that lets the admin make future decisions based on the data presented here

Pricing Details

  • The Turo clone script allows the customers to get the invoice of the trip in the app
  • It includes the ride’s price, tax, or any additional cost charged for the trip
  • Admin and drivers can also get the entire history of the prices charged for the rides

Set Preferences

  • Customers can set the preferences for their rides in advance for the convenience
  • While renting the car, riders can request to their favorite drivers, which is marked from the app
  • Also, other customers can choose preferences like handicapped, baby seat making a comfortable ride

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • The platform is allowing multiple payment methods to the customers to pay for the rides
  • It has e-wallets linked with the bank accounts of riders, or drivers, in which a minimum amount is set for the paying through this method
  • Besides cash payment, card payments are also allowed to pay for the service

Real-Time Tracking

  • Customers can track drivers with real-time maps to know the status of the driver’s arrival
  • Drivers can reach the rider’s location using real-time map in the driver’s app
  • All are notified in real-time status about the riders and driver’s status in their respective apps and panels

In-App Chat

  • Riders can chat with the drivers from the app for updates on the rides
  • Customers can interact without the need to call drivers to secure their contact
  • Also, riders and drivers can chat with the support team about any technical issues in the app or panel

Elongate Car Renting Services With Turo Like App With Centralizing Support

Customers are served efficiently with the constituents rendered in the Turo like App by meeting all the business demands

Global Reach

The platform allows the business to expand the business reach to several countries and cities. It involves the Android and iOS apps and also panels that compatible with all devices

Local Language Support

Admin can change the languages for the business, allowing the users to choose the languages that are preferred in their area for compatibility in communication

Currency Conversion

Supporting the business in various regions that also possibly use different currencies, the platform allows the admin to convert any currencies in its local currencies

Versatile Platform

A car renting business can create a personalized image in the platform, making it with a personalized logo, theme, and color, which are edited anytime required by the business.

Turo Clone App Consists Of Certain Essential Features

Enlisted below features are provided in our Turo clone app that automates your business deals

Riders App

Choose Vehicle

While renting the car rides, customers can choose the vehicles that are suitable for the journey and provided by the drivers

Emergency Contact

Riders can add the emergency contacts in the app to contact them directly from the app at the time of emergencies

Share Referral

Customers can share referral codes to their friends or relatives and earn some perks as offered by the admin

Favorite Driver

Customers can add their favorite driver in the app to get rides from the particular driver every time they book a trip

Drivers App

Upload Documents

Drivers can upload the documents from the app, which are verified before starting the business

Track Route

Drivers can track the route to the customer’s location through the map integrated into the app

Payment History

Drivers app allows them to view complete invoice details in the ride list, including the price, tax, payment mode, discounts, etc.

Go Idle

Drivers will automatically go offline when they remain idle after receiving a warning notification. They can change the status later

Admin Panel

Offer Promo Codes

Admin can create promo code for the customers applied after satisfying certain conditions like maximum uses, completed trip, etc

Add Dispatchers

Business admin can add dispatchers who can manage the dispatching tasks of the ride from the panel within integrated features.

Add and Edit Services

Admin can add or update the services from the panel as offered in their business about the types of cars, and set charges accordingly.

App Settings

Admin can perform basic app settings for different countries, adding currencies, languages, and other details about the trip

Dispatcher Console

Categorized Rides

Dispatcher panel has categorized list of the drivers as per their status like active, arrived, started, online, offline

Request for Riders

Dispatchers can create a ride request for customers from the panel, adding their details and assign them to the drivers directly

Add Bank Info

Dispatchers can add bank details to the panel to receive their profits within the wallets and then withdraw them to the accounts directly.

Request List

The entire rides request list is shown in the panel with its information to analyze the past services and export them in an excel sheet

Partner Console

Request List

From the partner panel, the incoming rides requests are managed to assign the drivers to complete the rides

Manage Cars

Business partners can manage the details of the vehicle and update them if required, and also assign the vehicles to the driver

Earnings Details

Partners can view their earning details stored in the panel that has complete details, which can also be exported in excel for offline use

Add Bank Details

Partners will be receiving their earnings from the admin directly to their bank accounts, for which they need to add the bank details in the panel

Corporate Console

Payments in Wallets

Corporates will receive their payments in their wallets which they can link to their bank accounts. They can also add multiple cards to the panel

Manage Users

The corporate person can manage users from the dedicated panel by taking several actions like removing them or setting an amount limit

Ride’s Status

All the rides’ statuses are viewed in the panel, like active, arrived, online, offline, all located in the in-app map

Update Profiles

Corporates can update their profile details from the panel whenever required by using their current password

Riders Website

Schedule Ride Later

There is an option to book a ride to the desired destination at a desired time and date as per convenience.

Social Sign Up

Using the social media account, customers can sign up for the account quickly and easily with just one click.

Save Multiple Addresses

Customers can add and save two favorite addresses for a quick selection of it while booking a ride.

Change Language

Customers get multiple languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can choose one convenient language.

Driver Panel

Heat Map Chart

Drivers can accept rides on the heat map where the charges differ, as the admin sets the feature.

Call Masking

Drivers can call customers for any queries without sharing the contact numbers on the platform.

In-App Chat

Drivers can chat with the customers within the platform for their rides, addresses, or any other related queries.

Address Update

Drivers can change the address for performing trips and then accept the rides of that region from then.

Panels That Exercise Fleet Managing Operations Encompassed In Eber

Admin Panel

Admin can make an entire decision about the function of the apps and panel involved in the platform

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatchers are allowed to dispatch the rides from the panel and also managing the vehicles and drivers

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

Partners are created by using the panel to perform the ride-hailing tasks for a particular region

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Corporates can arrange to pick up drop services for their employees owning a panel for business

View Web Flow

User Panel

Customers can also book a trip from the panel with the same steps just as from the application

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

Drivers can use the panel to manage the ride request and their payment process of commission.

View Web Flow

Customer App

Riders can book rides selecting their desired vehicle and at a convenient time, and if needed choosing the favorite drivers

Driver App

Drivers provide rides as requested from the customers using the map in the app

Learn The Flow Of Apps For Car Renting And Providing

Learn about our apps with impressive features and functions integrated for effortless ride booking and performing experiences.

Customer App

Riders can book rides selecting their desired vehicle and at a convenient time, and if needed choosing the favorite drivers

Driver App

Drivers provide rides as requested from the customers using the map in the app

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Strengthen Your Ride-Hailing Business With Turo Clone

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Frequently Asked Questions About Turo Clone App

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Turo clone comprises various dedicated modules that make the entire car renting business online. Riders can book their ride from an app with all the required details. Drivers will acknowledge the request and complete it using the app features. Admin will conduct apps and panel settings and also payment settlement.

The cost of an app like Turo depends on the development process. It could be developed from scratch, for which developers charge a business a massive amount. On the other hand, one can also acquire a ready-made platform that could charge $5k to $15k and certainly more because of customization service.

Yes, we integrate multiple languages in a platform that admin can allow the users who registered in the platform to communicate in the language they are compatible with.

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