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Foorera Clone

Invest in the carpooling business with Foorera clone, establishing a scalable platform to connect the riders and drivers and skyrocket the business.

Foorera Clone

What is the Foorera Clone?

Foorera clone is a customizable platform to establish a carpooling business connecting riders who want to travel to the same destination with the car owners. For a group ride, customers can pre-reserve within the app to get it served on the desired day and time, choosing a favorable vehicle and payment mode.

Entrepreneurs can govern their entire business within the platform, seamlessly managing the drivers, riders, vehicles, and the revenues from the rides. With the advanced set of features built with the intuitive tech stack, a business can acquire a huge customer base for their app like Foorera.

Key Features Of An App Like Foorera

Go through the essential features of an app like Foorera.

Multiple Admin

Admin can establish new profiles for other admins and allow them to utilize the features dashboard to oversee the business.

Multiple Currency Integration

Admin can accept payments in any currency of them. They can also convert the currency to their desired one to manage the money flow in a single currency.

Accurate Estimations

Users who book a ride get accurate estimations of the cost with entire details of the rides, like charges, taxes, and additional amounts.

Surge Pricing

Taxi businesses can make use of the integrated feature called surge pricing to earn more by setting the hot zone areas for a particular time interval.

Chat And Call Support

Customers and fleet drivers can stay in touch using the given attributes to call and chat with each other for rides-related and other queries.

Hot Zone Charges

This feature allows a clean business view of areas with ride demand which can be called the heat zones, and the duration when they can surge charges.

Explore The Modules Of The Foorera Clone App

Find out the excellent modules of the Foorera clone app incorporated features and functioning

Rider App

Schedule Ride

Riders can schedule their ride with friends or other passengers at the desired time and date requested by the app.

Passenger Profile

Riders can update their profile information within the platform by updating details like name, email, contact details, etc.

Ride Tracking

Riders can get all the updates about the status of their ride in real-time- with in-app notifications for all of them.

Price Estimation

Passengers can get the price estimation of their ride, which includes all incorporated charges like service charges, tax, etc.

Rider website

Social Sign Up

Using the social media account, customers can sign up for the platform quickly with just one click.

Payment Methods

Customers can select between the available payment methods to pay for the bookings as per their preferances.

Ride History

All the rides performed within the platform are saved and listed as a history, so users can refer to it as and when required.

Cancel Trip

After booking the ride, users can cancel the trip for specific reasons and have to pay the cancellation fees as set by the admin.

Driver website

Quick Sign up

By using social media accounts, drivers can sign up to the platform quickly and easily with just one step.

Add Documents

As required by the admin, drivers have to add specific documents while registering to the platform for verification.

Add New Vehicle(s)

Drivers can add their vehicle’s details and documents, which are approved by the admin. In some cases, drivers can add multiple vehicle details.

Rent Car Packages

Drivers can get taxi rental requests with the details of the rental packages and can accept them accordingly.

Driver App

Discard Ride

Drivers get all the incoming rides within the app, which they can decide to accept or reject based on their preferences.

Integrated Map

Drivers can track the address of the passengers through the live map incorporated within the app throughout the ride.

Filter Data

Fleet drivers get all the travel info, which they confirm and fulfill, and can analyze the details with the assistance of filters given in the app.

Trip History

Drivers can consider the complete trip detail received in the past, incorporating the terminated, finished, or started trip information.

Admin Panel

Search And Filter Data

Business owners can get through the info of any rider, trips, expenses, or other stored info by finding or arranging them.

Add Vehicle

Admin can add new vehicles to the platform, mentioning their type and other details, which they can use for the rides.

Interactive Statistics

Interactive statistics for cancellation of trips, cash and card payments, total trips, and more visuals.


View the complete details about the earnings from the business, which is required to make the report or the earnings.

Partner Panel

Examine Charges

Partners can examine rides earnings from past rides and get the simplified list using the filets given.

Add Drivers

Partners can add new drivers, assign their vehicles to perform the rides, and get the list of all the rides they perform.

Ride Categories

Partners can categorize rides as scheduled, ongoing, or finished in the module and also use filters to search.

Ride Lists

Partners can check the entire list of rides that are completed in their business region, including user and driver information.

Dispatcher Panel

Track Riders

With all the different statuses of the rides, dispatchers can track all of them listed on separate screens or locate them on the map.

Bank Details

Dispatchers can add the bank’s details linking their accounts to settle up the transactions using that specific account.

Manage Requests

Dispatchers can view the placed requests and their details. It includes trip details like invoice, source, destination, etc.

Generate Requests

Ride dispatchers can book a trip for the riders in situations they can’t do it themselves, entering all required details.

Corporate Panel

Maintain Payments

Corporate admins can manage the payments from the employee’s rides; they can update the prices for the rides.

Examine Rides

Corporates can analyze complete rides from the panel, knowing all the details like ID, amount, vehicles, etc.

Integrated Details

The corporate owners can preserve the amount in the in-app wallet and spend for trips smoothly and securely.

Manage Employees

Corporates can manage their employee’s accounts, update their details and also delete profiles if required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of building an app like Foorera depends on many factors. Entrepreneurs can choose to build the app from scratch or can also get a white label platform built with all the essential features and required functioning. The prebuild code for such platform costs ranges from $7000 to 15000. Further, it depends on factors like the complexity of the project, tech stack, time of development, etc.

The major aspect of the Foorera like app is to deliver convenience to the riders for receiving carpooling services easily. It connects the drivers and riders efficiently within the app and shares the process for each ride amongst the passengers.

Yes, we integrate multiple languages in the platform for fluent communication, allowing users to choose the desired from the dedicated module.

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