DiDi Clone - A Powerful Platform To Launch Ride-Hailing Business

Establish your own ride-hailing business with Didi clone, satisfying riders’ demands flawlessly and swiftly with the extended help of the comprehensive features and functions integrated within the solution.

What is the DiDi Clone? How does it Revolutionalize Ride-sharing Businesses Around The World?

Didi clone is a tailor-made solution that allows the handling of ride-hailing business seamlessly, fulfilling customers’ demands of trip-on-demand. Riders can reserve taxis online, ensuring smooth processes with time relevancy for both drivers and customers. For entrepreneurs, business tasks become more accessible as they can operate them anytime and anywhere online.

Elluminati offers a ready-made Didi clone script that helps taxi booking businesses grow their operations in various regions and allows riders elite options to use. Modernize your business with a comprehensive platform for fleet booking and management business. Launch online services with dedicated modules for stakeholders generating an immaculate user experience.

Manage Your Ride-Haling Business With DiDi Clone App

Get our Didi clone app to assist extended business reach and revenue generation with its dedicated modules and features.

User App

Add Location

Add the starting and ending locations manually or by selecting them on the integrated map on the platform.

Choose Fleet

Riders can pick the kind of fleet they find conforming for their trip from all given and shown vehicles by the riders in the app.

Use Wallet

Customers can determine to expend booking charges using the integrated wallet system for a hassle-free and secure payment procedure.

Ride Verification

As the driver gets to starting address, the ride confirmation code is received by the customers to confirm that the same driver has reached.

Driver App

Real-Time Transaction

Drivers can consider the live location of their motorcars on the map with on-time updates about the activities within the app.

Trip Cancelation

Drivers are permitted to terminate the ride by giving away a reasonable basis behind so that admin can transfer it to another driver.

Vehicle Details

Drivers can add their vehicle details and manage them as and when required. The details are editable.

Trip History

Fleet drivers get all the travel info, which they confirm and fulfill and can analyze with the assistance of filters given in the app.

Admin Dashboard

Search And Filter Data

Business owners can get through the info of any rider, trips, expenses, or other stored info by finding or arranging them.

Set Red Zone

Admin can mark red zones in the city area, where they restrict the rides for customers. Customers can book the ride from or to that zone.

Manage Drivers

Admin can supervise and permit privileges of all signed-up drivers through the determined website and can make changes if required

Surge Pricing

Admin can prefer to start charging surge prices for the ride and arrange the time duration as per the peak hours within the panel.

Dispatcher Website

Order A Ride

Dispatchers can utilize the website to form trip requests for signed-up and unregistered customers and manage their records.

Map View

Dispatchers can check the map view of the trips with their various statuses, such as ongoing, completed, and new rides.

Export History

Dispatchers can export the completed ride list; the export history is also recorded with the time and actions.

Handle Requests

Handle incoming trip requests from customers and allocate drivers as per thier presence in the nearest location.

Corporate Website

Payment History

Corporate managers can consider the complete payment history of their trip orders with any of their statuses.

Request Details

The placed trip bookings for the employees and complete information about the reservation get stored in the panel.

Integrated Details

The corporate owners can preserve the amount in the in-app wallet and spend for trips smoothly and securely.

Add Employee

Corporate managers can create accounts for as many employees as they want by transmitting a request to signed-up riders.

Partner Panel

Manage Drivers

Partners can add and manage their own drivers and assign them an available vehicle to perform the rides.

Examine Charges

Partners can examine rides earnings from past rides and get the simplified list using the filets given.

Study History

Partners can examine the ride’s history and its details like date, payment user’s details, etc.

Add Bank Details

Partners have to add bank details so that the admin can make transactions with that info sharing

User Website

Ride Now

After logging into their account and moving to the booking page, riders can pick the option ride now.

Ride History

All the ride requests sent to drivers are saved and recorded as a history that can be used for analysis.

Fare Price

There is a fare price that estimates the total amount of the ride relining on the distance, base price, and time.

Save Multiple Addresses

Riders can enter and save two favorite locations for a quick choice of it while reserving a trip.

Driver Website

Add Documents

As the admin needs, drivers must add precise documents while registering into the platform, which will be verified.

Add Vehicle Data

Drivers can add the driver details they perform rides with, including the vehicle’s model, number, year, number plate, etc.

Trip History

All the trips performed by drivers are protected and recorded as a history that can be checked at any time.

Address Update

Chauffeurs can update the location for performing trips and then receive the rides in that particular area.

Supplementary Features Of DiDi Like App

Features of Didi like app that provides additional benefits to the taxi businesses

Chat And Call Support

Customers and fleet drivers can stay, given the attributes to call and chat with each other for rides-related queries.

Multiple Language

Entrepreneurs can extend their services to multiple regions with multiple dialects based on their customer’s preferences.

Multiple Admin

Admin can establish new profiles for other admins and allow them to utilize the features dashboard to oversee the business.

Manage Geofencing

Owners can mark zones for the trip reserving service in a certain area with variable fees, which can be set depending on the distance.

Driver App

Taxi drivers can take or delete trips and fulfill and examine them readily.

Rider App

The riders have an easy-to-use app, register easily, and reserve taxis easily.

Take A Tour To Eber Apps For Taxi Services Business

Try out the user app and panel given in our product Eber that gives the most impressive user experience.

Driver App

Taxi drivers can take or delete trips and fulfill and examine them readily.

Rider App

The riders have an easy-to-use app, register easily, and reserve taxis easily.

Check The Eber – Didi Clone Panel Demo

Rider Website

Taxi riders can reserve the journey with all the identical features and flow within an app.

Driver Website

Drivers can opt to execute business procedures with integrated maps, e-wallets, etc., within the platform.

Admin Panel

Admin can investigate all the user’s actions from the panel and update their access whenever demanded.

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher sends the trip requests to available drivers and scrutinizes all the business’s operations from the website.

Partner Panel

For simple service handling, even in diverse regions, a partner panel is incorporated with all essential attributes.

Corporate Panel

Corporate owners can handle their business in a panel that delivers taxi rides with all the state-of-the-art characteristics.

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Start Ride Booking Services In Your Region With DiDi Clone Script

Confer with us regarding your taxi reserving business strategies to establish an app like Didi. With faster and more reliable services, develop the platform to acquire a huge customer base and, therefore, more earnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Didi Clone

For questions other than these, you can contact us and get to know more about our product and services.

The costs for Didi like app development, entirely depend on the client’s complex taxi business idea, the tech stack they prefer, the company they bond with, and many more. However, the average pricing for that type of business is between $7000-$15000.

Yes, we integrate multiple languages in the solution for fluent communication, allowing users to prefer the selected from the dedicated module.

The minimum development time is 7 to 8 days if a business opts for the most basic platform. But that also relies on the customizable or attribute integrations essential in the platform.

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