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Online businesses of today are providing great convenience and comfort to customers and service providers. An alcohol delivery app development is a perfect option for those aiming to start their alcohol delivery business online. Elluminati’s feature-rich alcohol delivery software makes it quite easier for businesses to serve their customers’ requirements most effectively.

We provide an impressive Native Android and iOS app and panel for customers. It helps them to place the order of their favorite drink with a few simple taps on the alcohol delivery service app. While we also provide a dedicated app for delivery providers and stores, which helps them manage and complete them efficiently.

Amazing Features of Alcohol Delivery App Development Encouraging Satisfaction

Change Theme Support

To give your business a unique and engaging touch, we provide you with alcohol delivery app development enabling you with the change theme feature. It allows you to customize the app logo and color as per your business need. You can ultimately change the app theme and can set any that suits your business and helps you to represent and promote your alocohol delivery business efficiently.

Add Countries and Cities

Vendors can add multiple countries and cities to expand their liquor delivery business. Also, add all the details like country and city code, radius, currency, country sign, phone number, and other information, ensuring your business expansion. Change the unit of distance by a switch between on or off service from KM to Miles and set latitude to provide your alcohol delivery service.

Manage Wallet Efficiently

Alcohol delivery software makes it easy to manage and keep track of every transaction done using an in-app wallet feature. Users can make use of an in-app wallet for making payment for their bill orders, this data is saved in the database and can be used later for keeping track of each transaction made through an in-app wallet.

Access Multiple Stores

The Liquor delivery software provides complete access to the users. They can explore the whole list of booze delivery stores in their area and can also check the list of products and details related to it. Make users’ ordering experience much more straightforward by allowing them to access multiple stores and order their favorite drink from their favorite store.

Pickup Confirmation

Delivery providers can confirm the delivery order with customers through the app. They can click the image of the parcel and can send it to the customers as pickup confirmation. Customers can view the image and confirm their order through a feature-rich user app and panel, they can track the real-time delivery status to know the real-time status of their alcohol delivery.

Assign Delivery Providers Manually

Store owners can assign delivery providers manually through the store app and panel. They can assign the delivery task to a particular delivery provider to deliver the order to customers’ locations. By assigning the task to a specific delivery provider, they can speed up the delivery process and can provide a seamless experience to the customers on their demand.

Why Alcohol Delivery App Software is the Perfect Choice for Your Business?

  • Latest Tech Support
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Easy and Quick Navigation

Check How Our Booze Delivery App Solution Works to Enhance Your Business Efficiency?

Booze Delivery App Solution platform is a perfect solution for your alcohol delivery business, helping them cater to the alcohol delivery market share quickly. With the use of an excellent app and website, it becomes easy for customers to search and order their favorite drink from any of the liquor shops they want. Alcohol delivery software follows an efficient process that provides a fantastic user experience, which they want to have from any of the online businesses.

  • Customers can check the list of stores providing booze delivery and can place orders with few simple taps on the app or panel
  • Stores receive the delivery order and send confirmation messages to customers
  • Stores pack the drinks and assign the task to the delivery provider
  • The delivery provider accepts the delivery request and collects orders from the store
  • Delivery providers deliver the dinks to the assigned destination
  • Using multiple gateway options, customers pay the bill and collect their drinks from the delivery provider

Essential Categories We Include in

Your liquor delivery app development includes all the categories enabling you to satisfy all the requirements of your customers.

User App & Website

Users can use their social accounts to follow easy login and registration processes, they can even make use of usernames and passwords to log in themselves to the impressive user’s panel or app

Store App & Dashboard

Store owners can get all the orders online and can manage it effectively through the store app and dashboard. They can set all orders on one single page with all the details like new, previous, schedules, etc

Admin Dashboard

Admin is allowed to set an absolute price or profit percentage for a particular store. They can set some percentage which they want to charge from any of the stores

Provider App

Delivery providers need to upload their essential documents to the app to get it verified by the admin. Once the admin approves the document, they can receive service requests to earn more

Get Seamless Business Control with Alcohol Delivery Software Solution

Offer your customers with excellent ways to get their needs satisfied with alcohol delivery software development ensuring to provide a seamless experience to endless customers on their demand.

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