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What is Taxi Management Software? Build Your Business Online with Latest Technology

Cab booking businesses prefer the best app support; as of now, it has become an ultimate goal globally. A turnkey solution for the taxi business leverages innate opportunities to expand the business limits and manage them on a single platform.

Taxi booking software is the motile system that allows managing the taxi booking management task on an online platform. Customers can book taxis online, ensuring smooth processes with time relevancy for both drivers and customers.

Modernize your business with a complete solution for fleet booking management business. The taxi management software generates more revenues by expanding the service reach across multiple countries with complete currency change and live operation management.

Prolific Aspects Of Our Cab Management System

Fixed Service Rates

  • Using the cab management system, the purchaser can choose to apply fixed service rates collection
  • The admin can switch to distance and time-based service rate calculation or simple rate estimation
  • Define city to city fixed pricings or set pricing as per range traveled and time taken with the base fare

Ride Cancellation

  • Users can cancel their booked rides in an admin-defined time by providing the valid cancellation reason
  • Admin can view the uploaded cancellation reason from the ride request history stored in the panel
  • Drivers can also choose to cancel the accepted trip and have to pay the fine that admin has decided for them

Flexible Solution Language

  • Choose the language as per the user preferences to operate your taxi booking software conveniently
  • The taxi service management software has multiple language support for an excellent user experience.
  • This language change facility involves all apps as well as the web panel modules of the taxi booking system

Partner Management

  • The system admin can manage the operations efficiently by allowing partners to distribute it across different areas
  • Admin can view and manage the complete activity of each partner and assign them tasks accordingly
  • The earning details and commissions of partners get covered under the admin dashboard to ensure full control

Service Types

  • Check different service types and manage them to produce excellent results and extend services.
  • The taxi booking management system allows an admin to add or remove services type from the panel
  • Admin can choose to provide limited service options for a single region and more in different areas also

Business Settings

  • The admin panel includes complete authority and monitoring facilities over the business operations
  • An admin manages SMS and email notifications, and app settings more from the admin panel
  • They can define the restricted service hours and different areas where they extend their services from the settings

Deals & Offers

  • Define promo codes and referral offers to promote the app use across a vast audience base
  • Admin can define promo codes and discounts that can be earned using the particular promo code
  • The referral sharing over social media can help promote the app use while users receive benefits from the admin

Define Zones

  • Draw and define different zones in a single city to customize the service offerings of each zone
  • Admin can set certain areas as a red zone to indicate that no service booking get received from that area
  • And they can define zone-based pricing policy to provide efficient services in different zones and earn profits

Why Choose Our Cab Booking System?

  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Business-centric Support

Present Convenient Ride-Booking Support With Prominent Taxi Booking Software

Use our taxi booking software confirming thorough solution support and extended business reach and revenue generation

User App

Sign Up

Customers can sign up with detailed information asked on the screen, like name, email, country, etc.

Select Ride Now

Customers can choose to ride now after logging into their account and moving to the booking page.

Email And Number Verification

Customers can verify their phone number and email address with the admin for security purposes.

Destination Later

Users can choose to add the destination later; they can just add the pick-up location and get the price estimation.

Driver App

Login With Email

Drivers can quickly log in with their email and password in just one step on the app or website.

Referral Code

Drivers can add a referral code while registering, and also they get one referral code after registering.

Admin Contact Details

Drivers can approach the admin with the contact details given for any queries or technical issues.

Profile Details

Drivers can change their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Admin Panel

Transaction History

All the admin transactions to partner and admin to drivers and vice versa are recorded with their statuses.

Add Country

Admin can add business in various countries from the admin panel and manage it with all inclined features.

Manage Business Type

After adding one, the admin can edit the business type, including its inclined details, whenever required.

Configuration Settings

Admin can set up the admin panel’s SMS, email, and payment configuration settings using the admin panel.

Dispatcher Panel

Quick Login

Dispatchers can log in with their email and password quickly in just one step on the dispatcher’s website.

List Of Drivers With Status

Dispatchers can also get the list of drivers to assign rides manually or automatically.

Create Trip

Dispatchers can create trips for the customers adding all the information about them and assign to the driver.

Export Files

Dispatchers are allowed to export the list of customers, drivers, trips, etc., in form of sheets for offline usage.

Partner Panel

Bird’s View

Partners get a bird’s eye view of the riders with all their statuses and all within the separate sheets to analyze the data.

Filters To Quick Search

Partners can quickly search for the drivers utilizing the filters to check their status given in the panel.

Completed Trip Request List

All the trips that are completed are listed in a separate list for reference for later analysis purposes

Dark Mode

Partners get dark or light mode theme options within the panel, which they can set as per their preferences.

Corporate Panel

Manage Employees

Corporate managers can add profiles for their employees and manage them afterward for rides and payments.

Create Rides

Managers can create rides for their employees, with their inclined details, and manage the payments then.

Ride Status

All the ride statuses can be checked within the panel, which is also presented in the map view with real-time updates.

Schedule Rides

They get the scheduled ride request lists so that they can check the time and date to assign it to drivers.

User Website

Social Sign Up

Using the social media account, customers can sign up for the account quickly and easily with just one click.

Address On GMaps

Customers can choose to find the address on the integrated map for pickup and destination and book a ride.

View Estimation

After selecting everything, customers can get a price estimation of the total ride that includes all types of fees.

Ride Now

While booking, customers can choose to book the ride for an instant ride by adding the desired destination details.

Driver Website

Trip History

All the rides performed to the drivers are saved and listed as a history that can be referred to anytime.

Choose Language

Customers can choose a language given by the business admin for convenient use of the website for analysis.

Rent Car Packages

Drivers can get taxi rental requests with the details of the rental packages and can accept them accordingly.

Heat Map Chart

Drivers can accept ride requests on the heat map, where the charges differ as per the settlement of the admin.

Customer App

Booking a taxi has been made easy with simple taps on an application

Driver App

Administer taxi rides requests from an app with the accomplishing services

Look For The Proficient Apps To The Strands Of Taxi Booking Management Software

Scrutinize apps for users and drivers included in the software allowing the finest user experience and scaling opportunities for the business.

Customer App

Booking a taxi has been made easy with simple taps on an application

Driver App

Administer taxi rides requests from an app with the accomplishing services

Accomplish Your Business Goals With The Complete Online Solution

Admin Panel

Admin can analyze all the taxi requirements from a panel and make changes to make better business solution

View Web Flow

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatching tasks for a taxi business can be made easy with the intuitive dashboard comprising better features

View Web Flow

Partner Panel

Business in separate areas could be handled with a partner panel that has all the required functions within it.

View Web Flow

Corporate Panel

Taxi business can also be handled online for employees of corporates from the corporate panel

View Web Flow

User Panel

Rides can be booked from a panel effortlessly with the impressive feature integrated as the app.

View Web Flow

Driver Panel

Driver panel has a similar interface as an app with all features to manage and complete rides

View Web Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions On Taxi Booking Software

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The platform is flexible enough to manage any number of fleets. Even it has the features and modules to expand the business to different locations.

The cost of developing the online taxi booking management software fluctuates between $6k to $16 and even beyond that. However, you could decide the technology, features, customizing range and estimate the expenses for that.

The platform has multiple payment gateways like e-wallets, card (credit or debit) payments, and cash payments.

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