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With Elluminati Inc’s white label solution you can upgrade your traditional business to the on-demand business. TaskRabbit Clone App solution is designed with the support of the latest technology that guarantees desired outcomes for your marketplace business. It provides an excellent platform for those who want to serve their customers with the best of their service. Customers are facilitated to place the service request as per their need at any hour of the day. This on-demand app solution ensures business growth and helps you to take your business to new highest.

Customer App Features


Secure Registration and Login

Customers can register and login using their social media accounts or can also use their login credentials.

Book Now or later

Customers can schedule the service request in advance or can ask for instant services through the app.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers are offered with multiple options of payment, payment can be done seamlessly by cash, card or through the in-app wallet.

Service History

Customer app stores the service history that facilitates the customer to keep track of records showing all necessary detail in it.

Promo And Referral

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Customers can track the real-time location of the service provider through the app to know the actual location of the provider.

Save Address

Customers can save their address for eliminating redundant entry every time they place the service request.

Provider App Features


Create/Edit Profile

Providers can create and edit their profile through the app that is visible for a customer once the provider accepts their request.

Earning Details

Service providers can see all their earning details through the earning analytics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Through the Google map integrated into the app, the provider can easily navigate the route of customers' specified address.

On/Off Service

Service providers can switch between on or off option when they are not available for accepting a request.

Service History

Service providers can check their service history with all essential details including details of charges collected by them.

Push Notifications

Notification is sent over the registered devices of the service provider to ensure that they are aware of the placed request.

Website Features



Once the user receives a confirmation notification of the requested service that can get estimated time of arrival along with real-time tracking.

Service Cancellation

User can easily cancel an appointment within a limited period of time after providing a valid reason for service cancellation.

Rating and Review

User can share their thoughts as a review and can also rate the service on a scale of five stars.

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We Have Crafted Our TaskRabbit Clone App Solutions to Satisfy All the Requirement of Your Business.

Advance Feature- TaskRabbit Clone Script



The multi-language feature facilitates our clients to flexibly translate the app content to their regional language to make sure that the app works effectively in that particular region.

City Radius Price

Vendors can set the different range for services charges according to the city radius. They can also offer various promo codes and discounts for the particular city region.

Currency Modification

Our apps come with multi-currency features which allow a customer to complete their payment using local currency through the currency converter option.

How TaskRabbit Clone App Helps to Start Your Business Online.


Grow Your Marketplace Business Over the Internet with Our TaskRabbit Clone App.

Time Seeds For Task

TaskRabbit clone is an on-demand online marketplace solution that facilitates the customer to find a marketplace solution nearby them. Customers can easily search for service providers and place a request for the required services.

Easy to Request Services

Customer can easily check the list of services and place the request as per their requirement. After selecting a service they have to add relevant details and select a service provider to complete the assigned task.

Safe and Secure

Service provider has to register their business on app to provide professional and reliable services to customers. Customer can share thoughts as review and can rate professional provider accomplishing their service requirements.

White Labeling

We offer complete white-label solution for our client businesses, TaskRabbit clone ensures that you achieve new heights in business in lesser time. With app customization, you can easily develop unique identity for your business.

Online Payment

TaskRabbit clone app supports multiple modes of payment which includes payment through cash or card. Customers can select from various online payment option available in the app to pay for the requested services.

Communicate with Providers

Service provider contact details are visible to customers once when they accepts the placed request of customers. In case of any queries or guidelines, customer can use this contact details for communicating with service provider.

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