Uber Like Mechanics Apps For Car Repair Business

Any automotive machine can stop working at any time, even it’s produced by the companions offering the top-notch quality guarantee. It’s a fact that has a low probability of the good company that producing a machine, but it still nobody gave a surety. Imagine you self-drive on a road have no traffic and your car tier get flat in the middle of a road. you can’t understand the reason why it’s happening with your when nobody here to help. how will you get the help in a situation like this? you will certainly call a fellow mate or friend who can help you to pick up or came with mechanics to fix your vehicle problem. But in this scenario to call a person and request to come for help in their hard time it’s not as good But if you had a mobile application which you could request the nearest mechanics to repair your car flat wheel immediately than its feel comforting solution and that service apps know as uber like mechanics apps.

In uber like mechanics apps, a customer can immediately request for nearby mechanics to repair their cars related issue. they can track mechanic Geo-location details real time on google maps. On another side for mechanics can get a service request online accept and reject as per their work availability with navigation features to reach customer location as possible as quick time.

Why Choose Us

Start Your Old School car garage business online with our uber like mechanics app solution

Cloud-based Solution

In this uber like solution all apps and web panel resource, storage and accessibility via cloud computing so vendors can access their business anywhere and anytime they wish.

Complete Customization

We offer a complete features customization in mechanics apps along with custom payment gateway, a local language, and color theme customization.

White Labeling

We craft your uber type mechanics apps and panels complete white label with your brand name and logos.

An Advanced Dashboard

For Handle every micro and macro level of business details we provide all features loaded dashboard.

How Uber Like Mechanics Service Apps Works

Registration and Login

A customer can do registration and login with their social media account or they can do registration with email and password.

Customer Select service

The customer can select their issue related service and share a basic information about the issue even they can able to call mechanics.

Track Mechanics

Once Mechanics confirm service request customer can track their geolocation real time in google map with ETA details.

Online Payment

For Car repairing service charge we provide a secure online payment platform. We integrate Stripe as payment gateway as an online payment service.


After completion of service, the customer and mechanics can share a feedback regarding the service and scale the service at a rate of five stars.

Download Our Mechanics App Demo

We provide a ready to use uber like mechanics apps for your business. download our free demo apps to explore features.

Core Features

Our Uber Like app features that make you a step ahead of your competitor.


Start Your Own Mechanics Service Business In Uber Style

We provide a white label uber like mechanics apps solution with a complete personlization option.