Uber Like Mechanics App for Car Repairing Business


An excellent app to support your mechanics business online implementing the standards set by Uber is here. Following the concept of on-demand business, you now can serve your customers in need with your expert mechanic services through this excellent application. Allowing customers to request the services at any hour of the day, it ensures your business growth is achieved in lesser time.

What We Offer Under Uber like Mechanics App Solution


Uber like Mechanics App Solution Consists of All Necessary Modules That Can Ensure the Success of Your Online Mechanics Service Business.

Customer App

An excellent application to cater to all the needs of your customers to ensure maximum customers are provided the best services.

Service Provider App

Service provider app is constructed to ensure excellent features are offered to them to cater to their needs perfectly.

Admin Panel

An excellent admin panel ensures your online business is taken care of allowing total control and monitoring over operations.

User Website

A website to facilitate placing service requests without needing to install the application and marketing your services online.

How Uber Like Mechanics App Works


Allowing Your Customers to Reach Service Providers, the App Works Its Best to Provide Results You Desire.

Registration and Login

Customers can register and login into the app using their social media accounts or use their login credentials to log in.

Customer Selects Service

Customers can select the issue from the service list and specify basic information about it through the app and ask for mechanics.

Customer Places a Request

Customers can place their service requests through the app and ask for a mechanic right away for their service requirements.

Track Mechanic

Customers can track the mechanic on the way until they reach the location customer has specified in the application.

Online Payment

Customers can select from various payment methods to pay for services they have requested which includes online payment too.


Customers can post their feedback through the app about the services they have received providing the ratings out of five also.

Core Features- Mechanics App


The App Solution Contains All the Required Features That Can Give Your Business a New Height and Identity.

uber like mechanics app

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Check What We Are Providing in Our Mechanics App Solution.

Dive into Our Uber type Mechanics App Solution


Explore What Our App Solution Contains That Can Be Beneficial for Your Online Mechanics Business.

Why Choose Us


Our App Solutions Offer Excellent Productivity When Implemented for Streamlining Their Online Business Operations.

Cloud-Based Solution

We offer our app solution to be cloud integrated to ensure easier access from any device to the system admin.


Our app solutions are loaded with the feature of live-tracking users to ensure better productivity and reliability of the app.

Change Password

Allowing users to change their password, the app solution integrates security and reliability concerns within it.

Route Optimization

Providers can reach customers following the best route that can help reach there as soon as possible with this feature.

Admin Dashboard

Allowing access to every necessary information right away, the admin dashboard is designed to provide every detail perfectly.

View Profile Details

Customers are provided with the profile details of the provider when they accept their service request through the app.



Allow Your Traditional Mechanics Service Business Reach New Heights

Integrate the Best Uber like Mechanics Service App Solution to Your Business and Achieve the Targets You Have Set.


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