Foodpanda Clone

Food buying request is simple and easy to made with online foodpanda like solution. Now customer don’t have to limit for food order as the foodpanda clone allow to order meal at multiple restaurant at the same time using single checkout process. Customer order  proffered meal dishes with custom ingredient option and pay online with our trusted and secure bill payment process in foodpanda like apps. After ordering proffered meal, customer order will deliver at their doorstep asap time by delivery service provider.

A Hassle free meal ordering experience is one of the main reason of the popularity of foodpanda app clone in customer. Provide much easy UI to browser meal, custom as per needed request for order and much more through apps all the food ordering process complete with their smartphone rather than going to any restaurant. More than this doorstep delivery is extra advantage and most lovable thing for any tech-savvy customer.

How FoodPanda Clone Script App Works

  • 1Browse near by restaurant and its menus.
  • 2Select a food item. Custom ingredient as per your choice.
  • 3Receive order confirmation via SMS and mail
  • 4Deliver food on your doorstep
  • 5Enjoy meal

Why Foodpanda App Clone

Foodpanda Clone allows customer to find near by food store, restaurant via mobile apps and website, add their favorable meal item into cart with custom ingredient features. food store owner receive meal ordering request and response as per availability. after preparing meal product delivery service provider notify with delivery request and deliver customer meal order at their doorstep.

User Friendly

All Excellent in demand feature loaded mobile apps, dashboards and website to manage your food shop business online

Rate and Review

To describe service visibility customer and delivery service provider leaving their details review about their order journey using this rate and review option.

Talk with store & driver

Customer and delivery service provider can use apps in loaded features for talk with restaurant support agent for any queries or question

Real Time Tracking

customer can track their delivery provider on map with real time. Also notify with every stage of delivery update live on route, arrived etc.


In this option customer can manage their essential details like name, delivery address, contact number, card details etc.

Order Cancellation

Customer can change their mind at any point regard to food ordering with valid cancellation reason.

What we offer in FoodPanda App Clone

When you’re looking for best foodpanda like app development solution, it’s important to understand which kind of technologies and tools need to help to run and grow your business.

Customer App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Pickup & Destination
  • Categories & Sub Categories
  • Custom Product Like Subway
  • Product-Detail-&-Description
  • Ability to Add / Edit Ingredients
  • Conformation with Product & Delivery Details
  • Pay with Cash / Card
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Ability To Call Delivery Provider
  • Get Delivery Information

Provider App

  • Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)
  • Submit Documents
  • Receive New Order Request
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earnings
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Accept / Reject Request
  • Track to Store location
  • Update Status ( Arrived / on Route / etc )
  • Manage Drivers
  • Navigation
  • Phone SMS Verification

Store App & Panel

  • Login
  • Manage Products
  • Add / Edit / Decline Product
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Categories
  • Income Order
  • Billing

  • Dispatch Order
  • Payment Statements
  • History
  • Manage Drivers

Admin Console

  • Dashboard
  • Map view
  • Users
  • Drivers
  • Cities
  • Payments( Billing )
  • Trips

  • Stores
  • Countries
  • Settings
  • Mass Push Notifications

FInd Your Country

United States of AmericaDollarSpanish, French, Hawaiian, English
CanadaCanadian DollarEnglish
United Arab EmiratesUAE DirhamArabic, Persian (در فارسی)
IranIranian rialFarsi,Hebrew,Persian (در فارسی)
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabian RiyalArabic (بالعربية)
NetherlandEuropean EuroDutch, Frisian
FranceEuro, CFP francFrench
GermanyEuropean EuroGerman (auf Deutsch)
SwedenSwedish KronaSwedish (På svenska)
DenmarkDanish KroneDanish (på dansk)
MalaysiaMalaysian RufiyaaMalaysian  Rufiyaa – Bahasa Melayu
JapanJapanese yenJapanese (日本語で)
EgyptPoundArabic, Modern Standard Arabic
RussiaRussian RubleRussian (На русском)
AustraliaAustralian DollorAustralian English
South AfricaSouth African RandLsizulu, LsiXhosa, Afrikaans

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We Support in Our FoodPanda Like App development

How Much Does It Cost To Develop
An Like Foodpanda?

Our Foodpanda like app development build in native android and ios platform for manage your food store business online. To manage you food store business easy we help you with our technology experience manage your singe/multi food store business at single place. Control each and every meal order and delivery details for your business. When you wish to create foodpanda like app you build three following bundle 1) Customer app 2) Store app 3) Service Provider 4) Admin, Store Web Panels. How much does it cost to create foodpanda like app with complete customization? Get in Touch with our dedicated support staff they provide best advice for your online food store business with foodpanda app clone

Technologies And Extended Features

Price Packages

$6999 - Without Source Code(One Type Payment)
Multiple Type Delivery
Android and iOS app for User, Delivery and Store
Admin Panel
User Panel
Store Panel
White labeled
Free Translation
Free Payment Gateway
3 Months of Free Support
$11999 - With Source Code
Multiple Type Delivery
Android and iOS apps for Delivery and Store
Admin Panel
User Panel
Store Panel
White labeled
Free Translation
Free Payment Gateway
3 Months of Free Support
Partner With Us
$1999 One Time Payment +$499 per month OR 5% of your revenue per month whichever is higher
Android and iOS app for User, Delivery and Store
Admin Panel
User Panel
Store Panel
White labeled
Free Translation
Free Support
Minimum of 6 Months
Store Dispatch System
Coming Soon
Android and iOS apps for Delivery and Store
Admin Panel
User Panel
Store Panel
White labeled
Free Translation
Free Payment Gateway
3 Months of Free Support
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Online Reputation Management

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If you wish to start your food store business online our foodpanda app clone script perfect solution for you!

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