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Zomato is one of the best “on-demand food delivery app” with greater features. You can order anything you want from the restaurant you love with Zomato. The concept of on-demand service is not new. Started with Uber – on-demand taxi service it has now entered the food market also where the user can order any food and pay for it using the mobile app. In the race of delivering best, many restaurants started following Zomato’s on-demand concept and developed Zomato clone delivery apps. You can also build your custom app similar to Zomato for food delivery using our white label food delivery script.

The workflow and concept of zomato clone.

Who is involved?

There are mainly four people involved in the food delivery system.

The first one is the customer who orders the food.

Second is the restaurant who prepare the food.

Delivery Men
Delivery personnel delivers the order to customers.

Admin manages the entire system and earns commissions per order.

how food delivery clone script app make money?

All the food delivery app like Zomato follows the same concept of earning module. They got the fixed percentage of commission when order placed successfully on the system. Food delivery clone also works on the same concept of revenue sharing.

Essential Feature for food delivery script

Customer App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Pickup & Destination By Type / Map
  • Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Add / Remove Ingredients
  • Add to Cart, Manage Quantity
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Auto Invoice Generation
  • Booking Now or Later & ETA
  • Confirmation with Products & Delivery Details
  • Cash / Card Payment Option (Multi Card Support)
  • Review & Rating
  • History Details and  Status Update
  • Multilingual Support
  • Emergency Contact & SOS Panic Button
  • Promo & Referral Codes
  • Ability To Call Delivery Person

Provider App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Phone / SMS Verification
  • Submit Documents
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earning Reports
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Accept / Reject Service Request
  • Track Store Location, View Order Details
  • Multiple Work request
  • Ability to Call Customer
  • Feedback
  • Invoice Reports
  • ETA & Navigation
  • Cancel Order
  • Update Status (Arrived / on Route / etc.)
  • Multilingual Support
  • History with all details

Build your own Food Delivery Script Zomato clone Script.

Publish your native Android & iOS apps.


How Apps Like Zomato Food Delivery Clone Script Works.

Here are three different apps in Zomato clone script. One for the customer who can surf food items and place an order using the app interface. The Second app for restaurant and eatery store to accept the delivery request and manage their food store, last one for a delivery provider who gets the details of the placed order like which restaurant and location and where to deliver:

To manage all transaction we provide admin panel from which admin can active / deactivate any registered members and manage the linked restaurants, etc. for the restaurant we provide a store web panel work same as all features of store panel mobile apps.

The basic approach of the app like Zomato food delivery system:

  1. Start your Food Delivery Service Online
  2. Partnership with restaurants
  3. Manage menus and food product pages
  4. Customer order their meal online
  5. Notification Send to the Restaurant
  6. Restaurant confirm or reject meal order
  7. Order preparation and Delivery
  8. Payment

The on-demand food app delivery like Zomato clone is the better way to serve food to the customer and provide the best facility for food delivery. You can launch your food delivery apps within 48 hours using Elluminati’s Zomato clone app script.

food delivery Store apps & web panel

To manage all delivery service requests, we provide store Android and iOS apps with an advanced dashboard.

Admin Panel : App Like Zomato

Control Single and Multi store business within a single panel.

Zomato Clone Script Admin Panel Features

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