Trucker Path Clone

Optimize the freight industry with a Trucker path clone that to manage the unorganized sector within an online platform with essential features and functionalities.

What is Trucker Path Clone? How is it a Perfect Solution for Truck Network?

The Trucker Path clone is a ready-made platform for managing the truck business providing navigational assistance and freight matching in the market. The platform is powered by the innovative technology stack allowing trip planning companions for truck drivers, helping them to revise the real-time status of places on their route.

It makes the easier management of unorganized industries within an online platform to manage the freights, enhancing safety for the drivers and carriers. An app like Trucker leverages entrepreneurs to enter any business dimension, customizing it to meet all the requirements anytime in the journey.

Exploring Various Modules Of Trucker Path Clone App

The Trucker Path clone app has all the advanced features in all its modules.

User App

Add Stops

Customers can add more than one stops for their load’s shipment, and they can handle the tasks and request drivers for delivery.

Select Payment Method

Customers get many payment procedures to pay for the load carriers with desired methods integrated within the platform.

Schedule A Trip

Users can choose to request an instant or schedule for later a pickup of their load at a time and date convenient for them.

Save Details

Customers can save more than one location in their profile to quickly pick the one while requesting a load.

Truck Driver’s App

Advanced Routing

Build and compare truck-safe routes. Add stops along the route for fuel, rest, parking, and more.

Multiple Drops

Drivers can mark multiple drops in the maps and can then track routes within the app and stop at every place marked.

Load Details

Drivers will get details about the loads to pick up and drop off that they have received, including the addresses, weights, scheduled dates, and times.

Proof Of Delivery

The truck driver mandates to send a delivery picture for confirmation when they drop the goods at the allocated address.

Admin Dashboard

Fare Setup

Admin can set the prices on varies depending on the region; it can also include the factors like time, region, and distance.

Track Loads

Admin can track all the loads with their status updates during ongoing delivery within the admin panel

Driver Management

Admin can handle the truck drivers through the panel, starting from their verifying their registration and carrier management.

Carrier Payment

Admin can manage all the payment procedures related to the drivers, users, and dispatchers and conduct a swift and efficient process.

Dispatcher Panel

360 Degree View

It is a brief statement of the updates of all requests with various statuses, pre-book for a later time, with all details about the loads and drivers.

Reserve A Truck

This permits the dispatcher to request a load delivery for the users and determine any problem that might appear at the user’s end.

Allocate Driver

Dispatcher has the right to allocate or deallocate the load delivery to the truck driver as per situations and delivery norms.

Load Details

This panel will include all the information on the loads that are allocated to the truck drivers to set a record of the delivery done under their supervision.

Essential Features Of App Like Trucker Path

An app like Trucker Path is integrated with advanced features for essential business operations.

Automated Invoice

An invoice is auto-generated for the load delivery accomplished to the desired address with the proof of delivery which is also stored for later.

Payment Procedures

The solution is integrated with all the essentials and trust-worthy payment modes, permitting effortless transactions and a clean record for admin.

Multiple Admins

Admin can create multiple admin profiles to handle the ride-hailing operations with the help of managers giving them access to the panel for all activities.

Analytical Dashboard

The platform is integrated with the analytical dashboard to analyze the business terms and results to make an informed decision.

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Plan Your Truck Transportation Networking Business With Trucker Path Clone Script

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trucker Path Clone

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The Truck Broker software is a readymade solution that organizes truck transportation for freight brokers to work with the trips and charges online. It is a prebuilt script that is customizable as per the requirements of the business.

Tuckers clone app is a readymade script made by Elluminati’s developer team with an advanced tech stack and integrated with all essential features.

Yes, we are open to tech support even after the app development as an add-on service, depending on the package selected by the clients to buy the platform.

It depends on the package selected by the clients.

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