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Angi Clone App

Administer online home service projects for the customers in the USA with Angi clone - a versatile platform to incorporate numerous and personalized solutions covered from start to end.

Angi Clone App

What is the Angi Clone App? For What Reasons is it Likely to Smoothen the Business Processes?

Angi clone app is a multi-service solution that permits customers to book online services like house cleaning, plumbing, roofing, electricians, gardening, and all those categories that offer to keep a home in tip-top shape. This solution is streamlined to configure operations for business automatically and within a platform, becoming a medium between service professionals and service seekers.

It allows a business to manage multiple customers and proffer them their desired services with utmost comfort and systematic procedure. It also eliminates the qualification and price loopholes as compared to the conventional methods of service booking business. An app like Angi renders a competent and strong presence online, further accelerating the business to loftier heights.

Strengthen Your Business With Modules Of Angi Clone Script

A plethora of features in all the apps and panels of the Angi clone script exemplify the routine operations of the business admins.

Customer App/Website

Browse Providers

Consumers can search for their desired service from the list and then select one provider that is available to work for them.

Use Wallets

Apps are integrated with e-wallets; customers can link their bank accounts within it, adding more than the minimum amount in wallets and then using it to pay for service.

Choose Payment Gateways

Customers can choose service providers and then select one payment gateway from Stripe or Paystack or can pay cash on completion of the service.

Change Details

Customers can change their personal details on the platform like name, profile picture, email address, and password changing the old ones.

Provider App

Select Service Date

Providers can select the date for the services available based on which they will be allocated the assistance from the customers.

Submit Documents

Providers submit the documents like ID proof for the verification done by the admin within the app and update for any changes within it.

Reject Services

Providers can choose to accept or reject the services allocated to them based on their selections of work and availability.

Examine Profits

All the services a provider had completed could be analyzed, and subsequently, the profits from them can be viewed.

Admin Panel

Easy Analytics

Admin can track users, providers, and earnings by generating insightful details in numeric and chart forms.

Manage Users

Users who register on the platform to seek services are managed by the admin; they can approve and change details about them.

Verify Documents

Admins decide, mandate, and verify the documents uploaded by the customers and providers to use the platform.

Wallet History

Transactions done via wallets are analyzed by the admin, which consists of user details, amounts, providers, etc.

Know-How You Can Outshine Your Services Business With Angi Clone Platform

Most of the business operations are managed within Angi clone, where customers are allowed to choose a service through the app, and providers allocate those requests which are completed on the decided timeline. Here the workflow is explained to understand how a business works.

  • Customers sign up on the platform, opt for the desired services, select the providers and pay with the desired method.
  • Providers will acknowledge the request, go to the customer’s address, the service providers perform the tasks, and get their share of the profits.
  • Admins will watch out for these services, deals, and transactions, for each of them happening on the platform, further managing the business.

Services A Business Incorporate in Our Platform

Some Bonzer Features Of Angi Clone App

Upscaling business becomes easier with some excellent features perforated in the Angi clone app.

Categorize Services

Admin can set categories and subcategories of service to offer users, which eliminates the search frictions for users.

Add Multiple Location

Admins add businesses to multiple locations like various countries and cities, managing everything within a single platform.

Set Service Price

Admin can set prices for the service differently for different locations (city and country) based on the time and fixed charge.

Language Settings

Admins can set various languages in the platform, which allows the users and providers to use a language from those given options.

User App

Integrated with all important facets, the user app allows quick service bookings.

Provider App

Providers are facilitated with apps that can be managed and then completed for the apps.

App Modules of E-Services

The app comprises a smooth workflow for users and providers

User App

Integrated with all important facets, the user app allows quick service bookings.

Provider App

Providers are facilitated with apps that can be managed and then completed for the apps.

E-Services Is Ready To Deliver High Profiled Functionings

User Panel

User panels support service booking in the same way as the app does.

Admin Dashboard

Admins are given access to all users and their apps and panels so as to manage a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Angi Clone App

If you didn’t find the answer to your questions, contact us to learn more about the Angi clone app.

Yes, the platform is modified to design it as per a business’s themes, including background color, logo, features, name, etc.

Angi clone app development costs between $5000 to $15000. There is such a wider range because of its lots of dependencies on customization, location to build, company’s operational cost, tech stack used, and a lot more.

Yes, we offer tech support for as long as the client wants as an add-on service. To know more about tech support, you can contact our sales team at [email protected].

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