What is a Hungerstation clone? Why is it the Perfect Solution for the Restaurants to Meet Every Growing Need of the Market?

hungerstation like app solution

Restaurants are looking for a platform to start their own online delivery business to meet the demands of the fierce market. It can create an alluring value proposition globally, plus offering a comfortable service to the customers.

Hungerstation clone is a technical platform for ordering and delivery services for restaurants. Customers can get their desired items to their locations from the app order for it online. The convenience in the process retains the customers to the business resulting in overall revenues.

We proffer the ready-to-launch platform with fulfilling operations through smartphones and apps. The elements of apps like Hungerstation are designed with advanced and necessary functions for a business to meet every upgrading urge of the market.

Scalable Features of HungerStation App Clone

Service Availability

  • Delivery providers can choose to switch their service availability from their dedicated app
  • When a provider switches their availability off, they stop receiving delivery requests during that time
  • If a provider remains idle for a specific time, the service availability goes offline automatically
hungerstation app clone feature
hugerstation clone track provider

Track Providers

  • The integrated GPS feature makes it possible for delivery providers, users, and admin to track deliveries
  • Users can trace the assigned delivery providers in real-time on the integrated map
  • The admin can also view live locations of the delivery providers in the admin panel

Meal Customization

hungerstation app script meal customization
  • Order customized meals with your choice of ingredients with the user dedicated solution
  • Users can select the elements from the list of all available and place an order accordingly
  • Stores receive complete order details including the customization details to serve users
hungerstation app clone store setting featuers

Store Settings

  • Manage registered stores and restaurants from the admin dashboard by permitting them system access
  • Admin can view all registered stores on the map and select anyone to see all ongoing order processing
  • Stores can manage their meal listings and store related operations from the dedicated store app and panel

Wallet History

  • Admin can choose to enable in-app wallet facility to provide increased payment convenience
  • View the complete transaction history of every wallet user and set mandatory balance limit
  • Manage the wallet deposit requests and view user details and their payment transactions done through wallets
hungerstation clone app for store promotion

Store Promotions

  • Choose to promote stores in the Hungerstation clone app to earn advertising revenues
  • Allow users to set certain stores as their favorites and promote them by sharing details on social media
  • It helps an admin promote the store operations and support their profits to earn significant ad revenues

What You Get In White Label HungreStation Clone Script Solution

hungerstation like delivery script

We integrate industry-best support in the white label HungerStation clone script solution for business upbringing. The app contains a private label customization facility to help you create your brand in the market quickly. We offer our app support at a single-time comfortable payment facility for convenient solution purchase

How Hungerstation Clone App Works

how hungerstation works

Let your customers enjoy uninterrupted delivery support. White label hungerStation clone ensures to meet every need and complete operations with an efficient support system. The delivery service workflow is:

  • Customers search for nearby restaurants and view the menu
  • Add favorite meals in the cart
  • Choose cash on delivery or pay online
  • Stores send the order confirmation
  • Restaurants/Stores prepare the meal
  • Send delivery request for delivery providers
  • Delivery providers deliver the order to customers’ locations

Manage Your Food Deliveries Efficiently

Our HungerStation like app solution guarantees reliable and trustworthy support to meet complete user demands

User App

hungerstation user app

Using the dedicated app solution, users can access nearby restaurants’ cuisine details and order them as per their needs. To offer reliable service support, the app includes features like custom ingredients, using which a customer can add or remove components. And for the requested food deliveries, they can pay the service charges online and receive order status updates during the delivery. They can track their deliveries and provide feedback for received services

hungerstation delivery provider app

Delivery Provider App

Delivery providers can handle all delivery service tasks online with the dedicated delivery man app support. They receive delivery service requests online with an option to accept/reject them within the admin-specified time. The provider app involves facilities for in-app wallet management, ETA, navigation and route optimization, rate and review service, service availability settings, profile management, in-app chat support and more

Store App & Panel

hungerstation like store app

Explore and manage your offered menu online with a store app and web panel. With this system, store owners can receive meal order requests online and manage deliveries as per item availability. They can handle multiple orders at a time with features that support the management of menu, products, and categories details with add, edit, and decline rights. Stores can manage their profit earnings with this dedicated solution support

admin dashboard hungerstation

Admin Dashboard

With our HungerStation clone admin dashboard, the business admin can see all order details along with features like map view, manage the store and its product details, manage user profiles, see the ratings, and review details. Admin can manage service type and banking details with reports and graphical representation of each. The admin panel allows them to add and manage multi cities and country details and any time on/off service option

Ordering Website

hungerstation like website development

To provide a more dynamic and user-friendly platform for your customers, we integrate extra ordering funnel in the HungerStation clone. With this ordering website, customers can request for their favorite meal online with a laptop or desktop. They get exact features and facilities that get covered in the user dedicated app. They can access the nearby store menu, order their favorite food with custom ingredient options, pay online, and more

Manage Business Operations with HungerStation Clone

hungerstation business operations

Offer the best delivery services to your audiences with white label HungerStation clone app ensuring thorough monitoring and control

Understand The Working Of The Apps For Your Online Food Delivery Business

Order meals online with the help of advanced application supported in any mobile phone

Brilliant Dashboards To Offer Accurate And Swift Processes

Has similar interface as apps to allow food ordering through the web

Frequently Asked Questions about Hungerstation Clone App

1. Which industry verticals does the Hungerstation clone is compatible with?

Hungerstation clone caters to any food business like restaurant chain, single food store, food truck, beverage store, fast food store, ice-cream, and coffee bar.

2. Which technologies do you use to develop scripts?

The script to develop the platform uses different technologies for different portions. For frontend development, Angular and HTML are used. While backend development of panels is done with MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js, Java and Swift are preferred for app development for Android and iOS systems.

3. How did Elluminati convert my idea into an online platform?

Elluminati provides a ready-made app script that suits all your business needs, which are also ready to customize for any future upgrades. It offers an advanced platform that your delivery business can adopt and scale into your business.