Weedmaps Clone – An Effective App For Marijuana Delivery Business

Want to start on-demand Marijuana Delivery business? Get your own marijuana delivery app and supply marijuana at customer’s doorsteps. Elluminati offers an effective Weedmaps Clone for your on-demand marijuana delivery business with white label solutions. We offer you Android and iOS mobile apps and web panels in our Weedmaps App Clone. The market for marijuana delivery business is still booming. With our Weedmaps like apps, you can scale up your business in multiple cities and countries with your own brand name.

Why Choose Us?

We provide effective and advanced features in our Weedmaps Clone Script

White Label Solutions

We provide you white label solutions in our Weedmaps App Clone. So we will set brand name and logo as per buyer’s wish and requirements.

Attractive UI & UX

We craft Weedmaps clone with an attractive UI & UX designs. Users can easily understand the process of online marijuana delivery services.

Payment Integration

Stripe is our default payment gateway, but as per buyer’s requirement, we will integrate local payment gateway in our Weedmaps App Clone.


We provide you Weedmaps Clone Script with multilingual facilities. So you can start your marijuana delivery business in multiple countries/cities.

What We Offer In Our Weedmaps Clone App?

To make an easy process of marijuana delivery service, we offer Customer App and Panel, Store App and Panel, Delivery Provider App, and Powerful Admin Dashboard.

Customer App

Customers can order the marijuana with the help of Customer App and get it at their doorsteps.

Access Multiple Stores

Customers can access multiple stores which are nearby in their location and order from their favorite store.

Filtering Option

In the app, customers have the option of filtering to compare the different store’s menu, items, and prices.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track deliveryman’s current location on the Google Map and know that when the order will arrive.

Order History

Customers can see their old history of order at any time with all details of orders and stores.

Rate and Review

Customers can share their experience by writing reviews and giving ratings on the scale of five stars.

Provider App

To take an order from the store and to deliver it to customers’ doorsteps we offer Provider App for the Delivery Staff.

Submit Documents

With the help of the provider app, a person can submit all required documents to the admin to get approval notification.

Request Accept/Reject Option

Providers have an option to accept and reject the delivery request that comes from the different stores.

GPS Services

Providers have the functionality of GPS services. With the help of it, they can do route optimization and navigation of the location.

On/Off Services

Providers can choose to On/Off the delivery services as per their flexibility. If their services are off, then they don’t get the service request.

Manage Services

Providers can easily manage all order and payment details with complete and pending order history.

Store App & Panel

To manage the whole delivery process, we offer Store App along with Store Panel to the Store Owners.

Profile Creation

Store owners can create their profile with all required details and images. As per the requirement, they can edit profile details.

Order Management

They can manage at a time more than one order requests that come from the customers. They can easily handle complete and pending orders.

Send Delivery Request

To dispatch the customer’s order at their doorsteps, they can send the delivery request to the service provider.

Set Delivery Service Radius

Store owners can set the specific radius for the delivery services. So they can avoid so far delivery places.

Set Min/Max Item Quantity

Store owners can set the min/max item quantity for the delivery services. Customers have to order as per store’s rule.

Admin Dashboard

To handle the on-demand marijuana delivery business, we provide the Admin Dashboard for business owners.

User Management

Admin can manage all users who are connected with their business. Admin can add or remove users.

Map View

Admin can see the available user’s current working position with the help of the map view on the Google Map.

Profit Mode

Admin can see the complete profit mode with all details like percentage of profit, absolute price per delivery, commission of stores etc.

General Settings

Admin has an authority to make changes in app services and they can do any services on/off at any time.

Check Review and Rating

Admin can check the review of customers and service providers and Admin can take any action on negative reviews.

User Panel

To provide more flexibility, we offer user panel to the customers to order the marijuana and get it at their doorsteps

Social Media Login

To order marijuana, customers can login with the help of social media accounts like Facebook and Google+.

Store Details

Customers can see the details of multiple stores and compare their prices, items, and distance and select the store as per their flexibility.


Customers get the order confirmation notification from the store with all order and payment details.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers have multiple payment methods to pay for the ordered items and delivery services Like online and Cash On Delivery Option.

Rate and Review

Customers can give the review related to store’s and delivery provider’s services and give rate on a scale of 5 stars.


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