UberMoto Clone : On Demand Bike and Scooter Sharing Application

Let’s encourage world with the latest entrepreneurship idea of ground transportation. Build UberMoto Clone – to provide on demand bike sharing solution for your local customer. An Uber type Motorbike, scooter, moped vehicle sharing apps solution, loaded with the advanced features and built with latest and in-demand technologies.

Advanced Booking

Manage all motorbike ride request online at single place.

Automate Ride Assign

Automate Motorbike Assign according to the nearby service provider.

Rate and Review Model

Customer and ride service provide share review at end of trip.


Graphical insight for day to day trip, earning and review details.

What We Offer In UberMoto Clone

We Build this UberMoto clone solution apps in native Android and iOS platform along with NodeJS to manage the backend of system and MongoDB to manage database.

We build easy to use bike sharing application to provide best service experience to your customer. With this app, you can ensure that you never lose a booking request. We provide complete features customization as per your business need!

Book Now or Later

Customer can request for immediate ride or schedule as per their needs.

Social Media Signup / Login

Customer can easily signup and login with their social media account.

Online Payment

Customers can pay service charges online with credit/debit card.

ETA and Real-Time Tracking

Customer can track their service provider in real-time with ETA detail.

The Bike Driver Can get service request online with accept or reject service request option. With the confirming request, they can get customer location details, ETA and Route optimization features.

Online Service Request

The Bike Driver can get online service request with accept or reject service request option.

ETA and Navigation

To reach customer’s location on time we provide ETA and Navigation details in Driver Application.

Online Document Submission

To start service as a driver it is must to upload all essential documents through the app.

Earning Details

They can manage their earning details with complete history based on weekly, monthly and yearly.

Customer can book or schedule their bike ride request through web panel and ensure best services with UberMoto Clone.

Book now or Schedule

With On Demand Motorbike Sharing web panel User can book their ride immediate or schedule as per needs.

Online Payment

User can pay their trip service charge online with credit or debit card even they can select cash on service option at booking time.

Rate and Review

For Bike Driver Services and the trip experience the user can share their review and rate services based on five star scale.

Profile Management

They can manage their profile details like name, contact etc. details.

Connect with local service providers and start providing on-time services to your customer. Use partner panel in your UberMoto like venture for efficient results.

Manage Motorbike Driver

Partners can manage all the driver details online with rights of add, edit and decline profile.

Earning Details

See all trip earning details with complete data like user profile, payment method etc.

Add Bank Details

For Banking transaction, the partner can add their bank account details in web panel.

With this UberMoto like solution, the administrative person can manage their single or more than one bike-sharing service firms online and manage each micro and macro transaction details online.

Manage Users

Admin can see all user profile details in a list with trip history, payment details with edit and decline profile rights.

Manage Motorbike Driver

Check All Service Provider details with the ability to check their earning details and edit and decline their profile rights.

Graphical Insights

In UberMoto Clone Admin Dashboard, the business owner can manage their single/multi firms business from a single place.

Trip History

Admin can see all trip requests with payment status and user profile with earning details.

Advanced Features – UberMoto Clone

A Perfect Solution to Start You Motorbike Sharing Business Online With UberMoto Clone.

100% Customisation

We offer a complete feature customization facility in this on demand motorbike and vehicle sharing application to manage your business exponentially.

Cross Platform Support

In UberMoto clone we provide cross-platform support where user can access their service on apps as well as web panels with the same features and functionality.

In-Demand Technologies

To create this on demand motorbike sharing apps we used native Android and iOS platform for mobile apps and MEAN stack technologies for Backend and DB management.

GPS Integration

To provide more reliability and convenience in motorbike hailing business we integrate GPS in this solution to provide features like real-time tracking, ETA, Navigation etc.

Review System

To Know how your employees do in service analyze all their service feedback with rate and review system that we provide in both customer and provider apps.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is booming platform and turnkey features of success we integrate social media sign up and login features along with referral sharing option.


Find your country

We provide our services in a huge range of countries.

Start Your Bike / Vehicle Sharing Service Like UberMoto

Grow your bike hailing business online with our UberMoto Clone Solution.

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