Grocery Delivery App Like Uber

on demand grocery delivery app like uber

Manage your grocery storefronts with an on-demand grocery delivery app like uber to generate more revenues and meet user demands.

on demand grocery delivery app like uber

What Is A Grocery Delivery App Like Uber?

The modern age has learned to work at their convenience using digital platforms. On demand platforms are one such objective for customers that offer easy to shop and getting home deliveries. Grocery shopping is no longer a lengthy hour of a slog. Just a few taps on your devices, and you can filter out every item needed at your home.

Grocery delivery apps like Uber are a versatile platform developed to offer comfortable home deliveries to any corner. It eliminates intricate shopping at supermarkets to choose from multiple options and waiting in long billing lines.

Elluminati develops a solution stack with business-enhancing features and extensive user support, along with crucial elements to keep the user experience intact. Adopting an app script can be the best idea in the market when adopted with the right strategies.

Crucial Aspects Of Uber Like Grocery Ordering App

Live-Track Deliveries

  • Our uber like grocery ordering app includes GPS tracking to monitor every activity.
  • Hence, users can live-track their order in the process until it reaches their location.
  • Admin and delivery providers can also view the real-time status of the delivery and their current position.

Browse Categories/Subcategories

  • The Grocery delivery app like uber solution includes support for categorizing items in different fields.
  • Stores can arrange these categories and divide them further into subcategories if required.
  • They can manage the item orders and allow a more accessible browsing facility with sorting and filter options.

Native App Support

  • Native app support helps customers, delivery providers, and stores by providing native Android and iOS solutions.
  • Native support ensures that they can use the app facilities from their Android and iOS devices from anywhere.
  • Also, the user website and store panel allow users and stores to access the system without needing the app every time.

Single/Multi-Outlet Support

  • Our grocery delivery app like Uber supports grocery storefronts to run operations seamlessly.
  • The solution is applicable and equally efficient for a single outlet or multi-outlet grocery business.
  • Grocery chains can also implement this solution and manage their users efficiently using the panel.

Multi-Lingual And Currency Change

  • This on-demand grocery ordering app includes a language change facility for user accommodation.
  • Admin can choose to change the operational language of the app and web console from the admin panel.
  • The live currency change rate functionality allows the administrative person to collect the right order amount in their applicable currency.

Nearby Outlet Access

  • Users can view different grocery stores and multiple outlets listed down in the user application.
  • Consumers can choose to make orders from any nearby grocery store as per their specific preference and access their menu to make orders
  • The app lists nearby registered outlets based on the user’s location to provide faster and more efficient delivery services.

How Grocery Delivery App Like Uber Works?

The application includes support for receiving orders from as many users as it can. The grocery delivery app like Uber works perfectly over different countries and cities. The delivery man app ensures skilled providers deliver and provide the order reaches on time. Below process gets followed once a user places an order:

  • The store receives all order details and prepares the order items.
  • Once the order is ready, a delivery request gets sent to the delivery men nearby.
  • The delivery provider accepts the offer and delivers the order to the customer’s mentioned location.

What’s So Unique About Our On-Demand Grocery App Solution

  • Scalable
  • Customizable
  • Business-centric

Check Out the App And Web Modules of EDelivery

Our EDelivery platforms comprise advanced apps and web consoles integrated with essential functionalities that provide a smooth user experience.

User App

List of All Orders

Users can view the complete list of their orders- accepted, rejected, canceled, and delivered from the app and website.

Order Multiple Items

Customers can add different items and set different quantities of the items from the same store when they place an order.

Tip Provider

Choose to pay a tip to delivery providers or stores for their excellent grocery delivery services in cash or pay online.

Address Change

Change the delivery address using auto-suggestion or by marketing the location on the map before placing the order.

User Website

Social Signup

Consumers can sign up to the web using social media accounts like Facebook or even utilize Google ID to log in directly.

Search Filters

Users can access search features by adding tags like price, distance, time, etc., to browse the stores they are searching for.

Invoice Generation

Users can preview the order’s invoice before confirming the order, and the invoice can be saved on the platform after ordering.

Track Order

Customers can track their order in real-time, starting from when the order gets prepared to pick up by the delivery personnel.

Store Website

Order List

Stores can view the order list in the form of past orders, today’s orders, and tomorrow’s orders to get a clear understanding of sales and earnings.

Analyze Reviews

The stores can easily analyze user reviews regarding orders or delivery and learn their improvement areas as per the feedback.

Select Language

Grocery vendors can utilize multiple language options provided by the business admin to use the platform without facing any language barrier.

Store Time Setting

With this feature, stores can update their service timings during the week so users can know the availability status of a particular store.

Store App

Set Service Radius

Stores can define the delivery radius for the grocery ordering and item deliveries to bind their service area.

Store Time Settings

Stores can update their service time availability in a week which will be shown to the customers on the platform.

Manage Providers

Manage the list of all delivery providers that stores have added and assign manual deliveries using the app and panel.

Collect Extra Charges

Define the extra charges- tax, delivery charge, cancellation charge, or any other that get added to the final order amount.

Admin Dashboard

Order Management

View any particular on-going delivery and order details from the panel to track the entire status in real-time.

Store Marketing

Earn commissions from stores by marketing their products and operations on the user application to increase their sales.

Search Providers

Admin can search and filter from the live location details of each delivery provider to find and track anyone from them.

View City on Map

See the cities where you serve grocery delivery services on the map using the admin panel and manage operations.

Delivery Man App

View Requests

Delivery providers can view all received requests and decide to accept or reject any request from the dedicated application.

Service Availability

By switching the service on or off, a provider can decide to provide deliveries for a dedicated amount of time using the availability.

Navigation Details

Delivery men can see complete navigation details, including real-time location, the optimized route, and ETA.

Calls & Messages

Reach out to support agents or customers by placing a call or choose to message them to chat about the issues.

Advanced Features of EDelivery

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can create an account, add necessary documents and vehicle details and start delivery services from the app

User App

Users can order their favorite meals and pay for it by using the app in just a few easy steps

Store App

Stores can oversee and analyze all the store’s tasks with the store app and accordingly handle further processes

Learn The Functioning Of Apps For Your Delivery Business

Explore all the functionalities of the grocery delivery app so you can get to know how the app works actually for different business perspectives.

Delivery Provider App

Drivers can create an account, add necessary documents and vehicle details and start delivery services from the app

User App

Users can order their favorite meals and pay for it by using the app in just a few easy steps

Store App

Stores can oversee and analyze all the store’s tasks with the store app and accordingly handle further processes

Take A Look At The Panel Of E-Delivery To Know Its Advanced Features

User Panel

Users can filter out the groceries with different categories like price, distance, tag, and time and order requisites from the panel

Admin Panel

Admin can foresee all business decisions and alternate the settings as and when needed

Store Panel

Stores can create a detailed menu for customers and perform stores tasks in the panel

Get Additional Solutions For Your Business Needs

Look at our other pre-built solutions that best suit your business niche and provide an excellent user experience.

Choose Our On-Demand Grocery Delivery App To Craft Excellent Grocery Purchasing Experiences

Ensure to meet all user demands when you select our on-demand grocery delivery app that provides excellent opportunities to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Grocery Delivery App Like Uber

We have gathered some common answers to the questions related to the grocery delivery app like Uber so you can have a precise idea about our product.

The cost could range between USD 7k-15k and beyond. Depending on the technology used for the development, developing company or features customization and a few other factors can affect the cost.

Yes, panels and apps have the same workflow as both have similar interfaces. Panels and apps are both provided for the user’s convenience.

Cash on delivery, e-wallet, and Stripe are the default payment gateways integrated into the platform. As per the client’s requirements, we also add other gateways as add-on services.

We develop a complete solution within 8-9 working days of the order.

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