What is the Uber for Plumbers App? Choose an On-demand Solution to Satisfy Your Customers Needs

Running your plumbing business online is now made easier than ever with an excellent solution to support you throughout the time. Allow your customers to notify service requirements online and provide a platform to serve them efficiently.

Uber for plumbers is a technical solution for plumbers to perform business exercises online. A feature-rich customer app and panel help you provide the flexibility of serving customers quickly and efficiently.

Elluminati Inc introduces an on-demand plumber app that helps you efficiently run your online business by supporting the latest technology used in crafting the app. This advanced app empowers faster plumbing services to end-users encouraging your business reach and growth.

Result Promising Features of Uber Like Plumbers App

Language and Currency Change

  • The uber like plumbers services app includes a language and currency change facility to offer excellent user experience
  • Panel admin can choose to change the language and currency according to their business requirement
  • The change currency facility helps to collect the service amount in the applicable currency and to offer a seamless payment experience to the customers

Native App Solution

  • Get the native app platform for your plumbing business to expand your business reach
  • Our Plumbers app developers create apps for plumbing businesses with a native approach to facilitate users to use the app on Android and iOS devices
  • The user website also eliminates the need for the app by allowing them to access the system from anywhere without any hassle

Live Tracking Facility

  • Our professional plumbing app developers consider integrating a GPS tracking system to Uber like plumber service app
  • It facilitates customers to track the service provider through the app and panel
  • Admin panel is also allowed to track the service provider to know their current position

Schedule Service Facility

  • App users are allowed to enjoy the service instantly or can schedule it to enjoy it later as per their convenience
  • Users can set date and time for the service through a feature-rich plumber management app
  • The on-demand plumbing services app facilitates the admin to view the scheduled request details using the panel

Multiple Country Support

  • When you choose us as a plumber app development company, we ensure to provide you with an excellent tech stack enabling multiple country support
  • Panel admin can choose to add multiple countries with details likes city code, currency, symbol, etc
  • Admin can also manage and stop service in a particular country with a single tap on the feature-rich admin panel

Referral Code

  • Our plumber management app provides the option to add a referral statement for promoting their app quickly
  • App users can share the referral with others to earn benefits like bonus points, offers, etc
  • Admin can view the report of referral sharing along with users’ details through an impressive dashboard

Wallet History

  • Admin can offer wallet transaction facilities to the users and service providers with authority to make any changes to it as per their business needs
  • Service providers and users need to send transaction requests to admin
  • Panel admin can view complete wallet history through the panel and also has the right to define minimum wallet balance

Customization Support

  • Our supportive developers create apps for the plumbing business enabling complete customization support for your business
  • Panel admin can define how the app will function by making essential settings using the setting option
  • Admin is also allowed to make changes to app color, theme, logo to build a unique identity for their business

Amazing Factors of Uber for Plumbing App Development Approach

Empower your online business with an uber for plumber app development approach working and supporting your business extensively

  • Flexible App Launch
  • Customized Source Code
  • Pocket-Friendly Development

How On-Demand Uber For Plumbers App for Works?

Earn more profit by accepting and managing more customers’ requests using an on-demand app for plumbers encouraging seamless service offerings. Seek the support of the plumber app development company to craft excellent tech stack ensuring to fulfill every demand of customers and helps in managing the internal operations accurately. The on-demand app for plumbers is designed to answer every customer requirement right away and flows a result-driven flow helping you earn more profit by serving more customers globally

  • Customers can view and select the type of service they require to be done and place a service request
  • Customers can ask for the service provider right away or schedule the request through the app
  • Once a service request is placed, customers are informed of service status throughout the process until work gets completed
  • Customers can choose the payment method they prefer to pay for the services they have received from the service provider
  • Customers can provide feedback for the services they have received through the app by ranking it on a scale of five

What We Offer Under Plumber Management App

We are offering excellent modules in our plumber management app to ensure client businesses are provided with the best

Customer App

Customer applications are crafted with integrating all important features to ensure the best business services are offered. After exploring the service type through the uber for plumber service app, customers can place the service request and are provided with real-time status updates for the same once after a particular service provider accepts their service request

Plumber App

An amazing and useful on-demand app for plumbers dedicated to plumbers answers all their requirements of getting service requests using all necessary features integrated. After receiving and accepting the request through the app, plumbers can see all the details and manage to provide service accordingly to generate the best experiences

Admin Panel

Uber for plumber app development enables you with an excellent admin dashboard to keep you aware of the system status and operate your online business excellently. Admin can monitor and control complete business activities through a feature-rich and impressive panel, helping them to operate a business efficiently across the world

User Website

An excellently crafted website enhances the marketing efforts of your online business, along with attracting more users. Get a user website by choosing uber for plumber app development for your plumbing business, it helps you to promote your innovative approach by allowing customers to place their requests through the web

Company panel

Through the company panel, plumbers are registered on the platform. The panel has features to handle their payments and settle them whenever needed. It can also assign the new request to the service provider manually on accepting it and notify customers. The history of services is also stored in the panel, drawing out several figures and conclusions for the business.

Start Your Home Service Business Online with On-Demand Plumber App Development

Boost your business online with a scalable and productive on-demand plumber app development. A feature-rich system ensures your customers get what they want from any of the locations through the interactive customer app

Experience Apps And Panel’s Features Given In The E-Services

Easy login app with manageable features to find out the plumbers for services from the app

Clients Getting Support of Our App Solutions Globally

Global Recognition and Awards Earned with Our Development Efforts

Frequently Asked Question on Uber for Plumbers App

1. How can I set the charges for the services in Uber for plumbers app?

Uber for plumbers app provides a business to set charges for the service in two ways. First, it could be a fixed price, and second hourly charges could also be added with the fixed charges depending on the time for the service hours.

2. Which payment gates do you provide?

We provide Stripe as the default payment gateway. We can also integrate other payment gateways in the platforms as an add-on service if required by the clients.

3. Do you offer currency conversion?

Yes, we give the support for currency conversion.