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Expand Your Transportation Business Reach with Uber Like Transportation App Development Approaches Satisfying All Business Needs Effectively

What is Transportation App Development? Why is Managing an On-demand App Beneficial?

The cab booking business has several strings, which attach to complete a business process. Mobile apps are supporting the business as it optimizes the process with an excellent tech stack. Further, reducing the labor of noting all the ride details and storing manual data every day.

Transportation app development is the process that concerns the ride-hailing business automating the tasks for customers and business. This solution contains features that empower your business with the best tech offerings. Dedicated apps and panels ease the processes and reduce the error in the process.

Elluminati offers customizable modules suitable for any business size, updated anytime in the future to cope with the market and requisites. Ground transportation app development is the ultimate solution for your business as of increasing the on-demand apps.

Superior Features Of Our White Label Transportation App

Support Surge Price

  • Admin can set surge prices for customers through an advanced white label transportation app and panel.
  • Surge price can be set for specific riding time during surge situations.
  • Admin can change peak hour duration, type of vehicle, etc through the admin panel.

Add Multiple Vehicles

  • Our feature-rich app allows you to add multiple vehicles at once.
  • It also facilitates you to manage the added vehicles efficiently through the panel.
  • Add all the essential details related to vehicles through the app.

Maintain Privacy

  • Our developed transportation app supports mask calling and allows you to provide privacy to users.
  • To maintain privacy, each user is restricted from viewing the details of other users.
  • Avoiding controversies regarding privacy can help you win the trust of your customers.

Support In-App Chat

  • Drivers and customers are provided with in-app chat support.
  • In-app chat features make it easy for customers and drivers to interact with each other.
  • This feature provides them to interact securely, ensuring their security.

Set Fix Price

  • Admins are allowed to set and manage fixed prices through app or panel.
  • They can charge fixed prices for specific cities and a specific mode of transportations.
  • They are allowed to set prices irrespective of time travel and distance covered.

Support Referral Sharing

  • Promote your transportation business with the referral sharing feature of the app.
  • Encourage users to share referrals with their friends and family through social media platforms.
  • Users can be rewarded through special rewards when they share referral codes with their relatives.

Multilingual Support

  • Admin is facilitated to change the language of the solution stack as per their preference.
  • They can choose the language of their choice from the available option.
  • The multilingual feature ensures providing excellent experience locally where you are dealing with.

Theme Customization Option

  • Admin is provided with a theme customization option with our solution stack.
  • They can change the logo and color of white label transportation app like Uber to reflect their business.
  • You can develop a unique identity for your business by leveraging the use of this advanced feature.

Amazing Advantages of a Transportation App Like Uber

Leverage amazing advantages for your transportation business by considering opting for our transportation app like uber

Easy Rental Process

Improve your transportation business by allowing your users an easy rental process through the app with impressive features.

Special Zone

Drive can earn more by providing their service in special queue zones that you have set through the admin panel.

Customization Support

Customize your transportation app like uber solution stack as per your business needs with customization support.

Manage Trip Fares

Admin can set and manage the fare to fix the price of transportation services in different cities efficiently through tech stack.

Modules Developed Under Uber Like Transportation App Development Operations

Explore to Know What We Offer with Our Uber Like Transportation App Development Solution Stack to Ensure Excellent Results for Your Transportation Business.

Customers App

Vehicle Selection

Customers can select any of the vehicles of their choice in which they want the ride through the app.

Explore Vehicle Details

Customers are allowed to check the overall details of the vehicle they choose from the available option.

Estimated Fare

Customers can check the estimated fare for any of the transportation services they choose to opt for.

Check Invoice Details

Customers can check complete invoice details like travel distance, price, etc through the app.

Driver App

Upload Document

Drivers can upload documents to get an admin’s approval only after which they will start receiving ride requests.

Ride Transition

A driver can view real-time ride transitions through Google Maps to reach customers’ locations as early as possible.

Choose Visitor Type

Drivers can choose to ride as a visitor in particular areas where they don’t have the authority to ride.

Auto Offline Mode

Drivers can go offline if they are not free to provide their transportation service to customers.

Admin Panel

Check Status

Admin can check the real-time status of the driver when they are online or offline and also when the trip is ongoing with regular updates.

Hotel & Dispatcher Details

Admin can add and manage all the details of the hotel and dispatcher with the authority to add or remove details.

Earning Details

Admin has the authority to update all the data of drivers earning by exporting it to an Excel sheet.

Advance Setting

Admin has the right to set all the details regarding their transportation business through the admin panel.

Dispatcher Console

Sort Data

Dispatchers are allowed to sort the data in ascending or descending order to get a sorted list as per their needs.

Schedule Request

Dispatchers can check the details about scheduled ride requests from customers with complete transportation details.

Handle Requests

Dispatchers can handle all the details regarding the transportation requests efficiently through the panel.

Bank Details

Dispatchers can add their bank details to the account and also link to their e-wallets to process payment within the panel.

Partner Panel

Assign Vehicles

Partners can assign specific vehicles for particular drivers for enhancing customers’ experience.

View Request

Partners are allowed to check the service requests with the authority to edit those service details.

Export Data

Partners are provided with the right to export their earning data to an Excel sheet to make needed changes.

View Drivers Details

Feature-rich partners panel facilitates partners to view all the driver’s details with the right to sort it when needed.

User Panel

Set Location

Users can set and manage pick up and drop locations manually or through Google Maps.

Apply Promo Code

Users can make use of promo code to leverage extra discount on their total transportation amount.

Verification Code

Users are provided with verification code after confirmation of the transportation service they requested.

Cancel Request

After providing a valid cancellation request, users are allowed to cancel their trip requests through the panel.

Driver Panel

Add Profile Details

Drivers can add and manage their profile details as per their preference through an advanced solution stack.

Accept Request

Drivers can accept a transportation request through a panel if they are available to provide the service.

Verification Process

Drivers have to face a rigorous verification process to ensure authenticity before accepting a service request.

Earnings History

Drivers can explore their earning history with all the necessary details, including the invoice, time, tax, and price details.

Corporate Console

Handle Profile

Corporate managers can handle their profile details systematically anytime through the impressive corporate panel.

Manage Employee

Corporate admin can add and manage the employees of the system through an advanced transportation system.

Check Payment History

The corporate panel allows corporate admin to check complete payment history, including all the modes of payment.

Apply Filter

Corporate admin can view the information of their choice by applying a filter on the available information.

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Explore The Features And Working For Managing Your Fleet Business On The Platform

Customer App

Feature loaded app for the customers to book a ride easily without any hassle

Driver App

Driver app can seamlessly provide the rides accepting the requests in the app

Admin Panel

Forge all business tasks from the panel managing all the activities of the users

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatchers can register the ride for the customers remotely from the dispatcher’s panel

Partner Panel

Admin can take the help of the partner panel to extend the ride-managing business.

Corporate Panel

Control the transportation business within a panel managing the rides and rides fares

User Panel

Register ride or schedule it as per your requirements from an excellent app

Driver Panel

Try the panel with a similar interface, just like the driver app to giveaway ride services

Meet Your Set Goals With A Transportation App Development Company Introducing Efficient Management

Learn to start your transportation business online by considering the support of the best transportation app development company helping you to have full control.

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We make secure transportation apps for our clients, ensuring standards in the development process restrict any cleft or flaws in the codes.

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