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Grow your marketplace business over the internet with an efficient Thumbtack clone app solution to support and adhere to the demands of your customers. Providing separate customer and service provider dedicated applications, the Thumbtack clone app solution provided by Elluminati helps you deliver your services to clients who require the services and service providers can serve them efficiently. Also, including a feature-rich admin panel, the app solution gives command over the entire system.

Applications Included Under Thumbtack Clone App Solution


Integrating Every Requirement of Users, Thumbtack Clone Fulfills Every Business Demand.


Get service needs answered from professionals at your convenience.


Take help for completing household cleaning chores easily and efficiently.


Avail relaxing massage services from professionals at your home.

Car Wash

Furnish customers with on-demand car wash services at their location.

Gadget Repair

Let technicians reach users when they need them anytime, anywhere.


Ask for physicians right away through an app solution dedicated to serve patients.



User and Service Provider Android Application

User and Service Provider iOS Application

User Website

Admin Dashboard

How Does Thumbtack Clone Script Work?


thumbtack clone

User Searches for Services and Selects a Provider.

The Service Provider Reaches User’s Location.

Users Pay Service Charges for the Services Availed.

Users are Asked to Provide Reviews on Services.

Customer Application


Let Customers Avail the Best of Services Through their Dedicated Application.

Provider Application


Deliver Excellent Services to Customers with an Efficient App.

Premier Features of Thumbtack Clone App Solution


Improving Work Efficiency, Our App Solution Contains Every Requirement Integrated.

Control Pricing Structure

According to the choice of system admin, the app settings can be toggled between fixed pricing and hour-based pricing, whichever suits their needs.

Multi-Country Business

Our app solution is designed to be implemented in peer to peer businesses also and provides a central system to manage every business operation.

Multi-City Management

The system is designed to provide a single point of control to system admin and enables efficient management of every activity.

Multi-Language Support

We integrate custom support for including more than one language in the app solution we provide to enable flexibility in offered solution.

Payment Reports

Admin of the system and service providers have the exclusive benefit of checking their earning details and view earning analytics through the app.


We Offer Features That Enhance the Usability of Our App Solution to Provide Better Results.


We use Stripe as the default payment gateway in the app solution but also cater to custom payment integration requests.


We offer a white-label solution that lets you decide and get the app solution following your custom app theme requests.


Our app solution is enabled to change the entire app language to the integrated ones when a user selects to change it.


We integrate currency change following the live rates to ensure the business efficiency is increased and the best results are offered.

User Website


Ask for Services Right Through the Website and Enhance Your Brand Identity.

Admin Panel


Gain Control Over Each Operation of Your Business With Efficient Admin Console.

Dive Into Our Thumbtack Like App Solution


Explore What Our Excellently Built Solution Provides to Help You Succeed in the Market.

Algorithm We Use


“X”- Nearest Service Provider Algorithm

Admin can set a dedicated number of people (“X”) that receives the service request when a nearby user places it from the devices they use app on.

For example, if “X” is set to 3, then 3 nearby service providers will be notified when a user places a service request.

Some of Our Special Qualities


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Android & iOS Apps Native?

Yes, we provide Android and iOS apps developed using native platform. Android apps are developed using Java in Android Studio and iOS apps are developed in Objective C using X-Code.

What License Do You Offer with the Purchase?

We provide a single-use license with the product which implies the purchaser to use the app solution for a single business only. If you want to use it for more than a single business, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

What is the Default Payment Gateway?

The default payment gateway used in our solution is Stripe. But we do cater to custom payment gateway integration requirements.

What is Included in the Free Support?

We provide 3-months of free support which includes resolving bugs and issues, system crashes and app version updates according to each OS update.

Do You Extend the Technical Support After the Free Support Period?

Yes, we do have certain packages designed for providing technical support to our purchasers.

Do You Answer Custom Feature Integration Requirements?

Yes, we do provide custom feature integration support for the requirements raised by our clients.

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