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Grow your marketplace business over the internet with an efficient Thumbtack clone app solution to support and adhere to the demands of your customers. Providing separate customer and service provider dedicated applications, Thumbtack clone app solution provided by Elluminati helps you deliver your services to clients who require the services and service providers can serve them efficiently. Also, including a feature-rich admin panel, the app solution gives command over the entire system with facilitating monitoring of each business operation.

Thumbtack Clone Script Features


Including Every Necessary Feature in the Application, the Thumbtack Clone Script Provided by Us Poses Itself as the Best One to Choose Among All Other App Solutions in the Market.

Map View


Customers can view the service provider’s location on the map once they accept their service request.

Book Now or Later


Customers can schedule their service requests in advance or ask for services right away through this option.

SMS & Email Confirmation


User verification is done during signup and login process through SMS or Email verification.

Auto Offline When Idle


Service providers are automatically set to idle when they do not accept any request for a certain duration of time.

Cancel Service Request


Customers can cancel their service request within a limited time period providing appropriate cancellation reason.

Service Wallet


Service providers can see their earnings in the service wallet integrated into the application provided to them.

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Know which features our Thumbtack clone app solution provides to app users.

Unique Features

Multi Language

Translate the app content to your users’ preferred local language through the multi-language feature provided in our app solution to ensure your end users are provided with the best.

City Radius Price

Admin can set different price ranges according to the city radius covered and choose to set area dedicated promo codes and offers through the efficient admin panel.

Currency Modification

You can modify the currency of your application to suit the local currency of the places where you run your business. Stripe is integrated as the default payment gateway.

How Thumbtack Clone Script App Works?


The Thumbtack clone application offered by us is an efficient tool to find the nearby service providers to get customers’ service requirements answered. The application follows a simple procedure that ensures efficient services reach to customers’ doorsteps.

First, the customer registers themselves with the application. Then, the customer can search among the services enlisted within the app to find the one they are looking for.

The customer places a service request from the application which can be scheduled also and the service providers will receive the request on their provider dedicated application. Service providers can decide to accept or deny a service request providing an appropriate reason and once the provider accepts a request, the customer can live track provider and pay for the received services.

Service providers can set their service charges and work conditions on the app.

After the service gets completed, customers can share their feedback on the received services and the service provider.



Start Your On-Demand Marketplace Business Online with Thumbtack Clone App

Answer the Requirements of Your Customers with an Excellent Thumbtack Clone App Working by Your Side.

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