On Demand Snow Plowing and Removal Apps For Shoveling Business

What’s the worst part of a world in the winter? Picking up a snow shovel and heading out customer car at the crack of dawn (and let’s not forget the -15-degree wind chill). Why do you not take care of that people for providing them on demand snow removal services? Customer stays warm and cozy in their homes and your snow shoveling business does the heavy lifting for them. All the thing that customer needs to do. Start your own on-demand snow plowing service business with our white label apps. When a customer request for snow plowing services in just 2 click rest all work done by your company to clean their drive and walkway. Let’s convert your old school Snow shoveling business when a contractor takes their commission, wait for service confirmation and a kind of so many issues. Launch your own on-demand snow plowing service apps with your brand name and logo.

Real Time Tracking

Customer can Track Service provider directly and continuously. East to manage the service status, where your service provider is, when will it arrive to customer place to service.

Simple Process For Service Request

With just 2 steps customer request for a snow removing has bees created. on demand service statistics and pre-filled parameters helps the customer to enter at least the data.

Friendly UI

Elluminati make the illustrations, elements simplified and convenient to the trends. we bring to customer the comfortable and satisfaction with UI. So they can build the service request fastest.

Advantage to use our on demand snow removal apps for your business.

Saving time and money

You not need to spend a resources and time for developing a quality product is everything ready to use.


Customized you shoveling service app language as per your need we provide 100% Customization in every feature.

Cloud Solution

All Macro and Micro level data are stored in cloud. so you can access them from anywhere in any device.

Website and Native apps

Within a month you receive your on demand Snow Plowing Service app and website.

Built in payment system

Instant service payments with the helps of payment system like Stripe, Paypal etc.

Apps Launching

We Provide A Support to the scratch till the app launching. and a month free sales support.

How our On Demand Snow Plowing App works

1.System Integration

Integrating the system for start on demand snow shoveling business

2. Get Service Request

Customer request for snow removal service directly from their mobile phone.

3. Grow your business

Integrating the system for start on demand snow shoveling business.

What we offer in on demand snow shoveling apps

Customer app

The customer has to register their self directly through mobile apps and track a nearby snow plowing service provider and request for the shoveling services for their home, car or yard.

Provider app

Snow Removal service provider need to register their self. once registration complete, Service provider is ready to provide plowing service, Manage their service request, Update their availability and check a complete earning detail

Web Console

A Key part of on-demand snow shoveling app. The admin is managed each and every detail of their business via web panel include the service provider, payment process, minimum charges for services, type of services, rate – review, and customers in-brief details.



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