On Demand Grocery Delivery App Like Uber

On current time smartphone device is no longer just for communication or entertainment. people are using them to buy food, grocery or hail ride as well an kind of services know as on-demand services. all world are been adopt this kind of service and take a service quick for the Uber is one of the top-notch names for on-demand service provider and every business holder wish to start their own business in uber services model way. if you are one of them this means you are in right place. Elluminati Inc is leading mobile app development company. for a success of uber like taxi app EBER now we introduce our on-demand grocery delivery app that works same as uber app model. Grocery App Loaded with all in-demand features and work in native android and ios platform. start your own on-demand grocery delivery service like uber with our white label apps.

Here are a few important features which the on-demand grocery delivery app requires:

Real-Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking is very important and useful feature for tracking an order status and guide delivery provider to reach destination place hassle-free.

Cloud Base Solution

Cloud data storage are a key element in an on-demand app you can manage your business data anywhere on any device.

Online Payment

In App, we provide both cash and card option that allows the customer to make the payment in the reliable and convenient way.

White Label

We offer white label white label grocery delivery platform means app publish with your brand name and logo. you can build your own on-demand grocery delivery brand identity.

Native Android and iOS Platform

We Build grocery delivery app in native android and ios platform for support complete customization to offer the perfect solution for grocery delivery market.

Multilingual and Currency

You can create an app in your local language and currency option for reaching more customers and make your self-leading service provider in local area.

Need More Features or Know More About On Demand Grocery Delivery App

What We Offer in On Demand Grocery Delivery App

With use of our ready to use on demand grocery delivery app should make your customer experience more convenince and reach 3x extra customer with grocery delivery app. Here are what we offer in Uber Like grocery delivery app.

Customer App

Provider App

Store panel & App

Uber like Grocery Delivery App Feature

  • Login With Mail & Facebook
  • Find Near by Store
  • Store Image with complete details
  • Rate, Review, Delivery Hours Detail
  • Add to Cart Product
  • Product Image With Details Like (Price, Quantity etc.)
  • Search filter(by rate & review, products, keyword etc.)
  • Delivery Status Notification via SMS & EMail
  • Track Order in Real Time
  • Ability to call Delivery Provider
  • Invoice Details
  • Previous Order Details
  • Profile Update
  • Order Cancellation
  • Login With Mail & Facebook
  • Verification via SMS & Call
  • Document Submit
  • Track Store to Delivery Address
  • Daily Earning Reports
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Received new order request
  • Update Status (Arrived, On Route etc.)
  • Multiple Delivery At a time
  • Navigation & ETA
  • Feedback & Rates
  • Complete Order Details
  • Order Cancel
  • Ability to Call Customer
  • Login With Mail & Facebook
  • Manage Products (Add/Update)
  • Manage Product Details
  • Manage Types of Products
  • Manage Categories
  • Incoming Order Details
  • Dispatch Order
  • Payment Statement 
  • Billing Details
  • History
  • Manage Driver

Admin panel

Admin Panel Feature

  • Dashboard
  • Map View
  • Users
  • Driver
  • Cities
  • Payment Details
  • Trips Details
  • Store Manage
  • Service Type Detail
  • Countries
  • Settings
  • Mass Push Notification

 Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them

After purchase of  uber like groceries delivery app we will provide you support for one week or until the uber like app for handyman goes live on store whatever goes first.

Note :

  • We will strictly ban the support if source code is modified , even before completion of one week period .

Yes you can modify, the source code is labeled for usage with modification

Note :

  • Source code cannot be used more than 1 time once purchased, if you wish to use it for multiple application, you need to purchase multiple licenses.
  • You cannot modify and resell the source code to 3rd party . We strictly prohibit reselling of source code.

Card payment is processed using Strip as default. If you wish to add other card payment gateways you need to purchase our additional add-on services.

Following are the infrastructure required for the product :-

  • Digital Ocean VPS
  • Google Play Store Developer Account
  • Apple Developer Account
  • Facebook Developer Account for  social signin
  • Google Account for Maps Api keys
  • Logo
  • Splash Screen

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