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Launch your online taxi business with an advanced and streamlined Via clone that allows your customers to book a cab and help you reach thousands of passengers globally.

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What is Via Clone App? How Does It Help You Stay Ahead in the Curve?

More than 51% of riders use online ride-hailing platforms even after the pandemic ends due to new safety features introduced by global taxi players. Today, users seek or “comfortable rides, “ and technological advancements have made it possible. Moreover, transportation business startups embrace digital solutions to streamline taxi booking tasks.

Via clone app is a bespoke digital medium that enables taxi business owners to automate their business in no time. From booking and scheduling rides to generating reports to real-time tracking, mobility solutions permit enterprises to carry out digital ride-hailing business without stress.

Modern technologies have brought every business to its knees as taxi booking market share is increasing across the globe and compelling traditional business owners to automate their operations in order to upscale and thrive. So embrace an app like Via for your taxi business and double up your customer base and revenue in a short time.

Escalating Features Via Clone Script For Transportation Business Growth

Digitizing the conventional transportation business is not cumbersome as amazing features of powerful apps and panels within the Via clone script ensure infinity growth opportunities.

User App

Social Media Login

Allow riders to log in using social media profiles, email, and contact numbers to book a ride quickly.

Track Driver’s Location

This feature facilitates passengers to track the location of the driver in real-time. And this ensures a smooth riding experience.

Multi-payment Options

Integration of secured and swift payment options allows riders to pay for the ride with much more convenience.

Coupons and Promotions

Supersize your ride-hailing business by allowing your customers to avail discounts and offerings

Driver Application

Flexible Working Hours

Enable drivers to work at their convenience, and they can go offline anytime when they are unable to work.

Document Verification

To start the services, drivers are asked to submit documents online, including driver’s license, nationality, identity, bank details, etc.

Earning Details

Let drivers view and generate earning reports weekly, monthly, daily, etc. They can also see tip income earned from happy customers.

Smart Route Optimization

Driver’s application consists of some advanced features, including smart route navigation to reduce travel distance.

Admin Panel

Manage Drivers

Admin can add/remove and update the driver’s profile and manage all the drivers within the admin console depending on their documents and services.

Payment Reports

Enable admin to generate each and every payment reports periodically and also oversee each transaction to make data-driven decisions

Management Of Commission

Managing commission on each ride from various partners has become easy and allow admin to keep an eye on each business operation.

Run Business At A Single Place

Admin gets a feature-rich and powerful dashboard to view, monitor, and track each activity of the rides in real time, all in one place.

Dispatcher Console

Manage Ride Request

Enable dispatchers to check riding requests, including important details such as payment, trip details, etc.

Track Drivers

Manage drivers within the app as the dispatcher can view how many drivers are online, offline, etc.

Create Request

The dispatcher can create a ride request on behalf of the rider and enter trip details, payment details, any specifications, etc., within the panel.

Bank Details

A dispatcher can enter multiple bank details to receive on-time payments from the admin. However, they can also update the details whenever required

Partner Panel

Create Profile

Partners are allowed to create profiles and make necessary changes to their profiles whenever it is essential.

Manage Vehicles

Let partners add, update and remove vehicle details anytime for a smooth riding experience.

Oversee Earning

Partners can check their earning details in real-time, including all the necessary information.

Manage Request

Partners are enabled to view service requests, including all the data and details of each ride.

Corporate Console

Manage Employee

Corporate admin can add, remove and update employees within the panel and send them riding requests to access services.

Create Ride Requests

Corporate managers can create ride requests for employees within the panel by entering valid dates, times, and payment details.

Payment Settings

Admin can easily maintain the wallet balance to pay for a particular trip or add card details to the system to card payments.

Cancel The Trip

By entering a valid cancellation reason, corporates can cancel the ride request within the panel.

What Makes Our Via Clone App Distinct To Others

The Via clone app is loaded with modern features and ensures passengers’ easy and safe riding experience.

Live Chat

The platform has allowed riders and drivers to communicate in real-time through the live chat feature and quickly resolve location-related doubts.

OTP Verification

Users are sent OTP to their registered email or phone number for verification while creating a profile in the ride-booking to prevent fraudulent activities.

Ride Commission

Admins can set up various commission rates for drivers according to ride categories. They can also change the commission rates whenever required.

Multiple Language

Expand your business without any barrier as the solution supports multiple dialects, and admin can choose any language based on their customer’s preferences.

Deliver a Feature-rich Online Ride Booking Experience to Customers Through a Via like App

  • Customizable
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Modern technology sound solutions

Customer App

Ensure a safe and delighting riding experience to customers with a plethora of modern features

Driver App

Enable drives to manage riding requests, earnings, documents, and much more within the intuitive driver app

End-To-End Via Like App Imparts Features Developed With Modern Stack

Understand the workflow in the demo user and driver applications checking its features and interfaces for Android and iOS

Customer App

Ensure a safe and delighting riding experience to customers with a plethora of modern features

Driver App

Enable drives to manage riding requests, earnings, documents, and much more within the intuitive driver app

Look For The Panel Workflow For Managing The Transportation Business Online

Admin Panel

Admin can manage business operations with a robust dashboard, from managing riders to rides to dispatchers.

Dispatcher Panel

Robust dispatcher panel automates dispatching tasks and makes overall riding operations easy.

Partner Panel

Manage local vendors and get rid of manual work with the intuitive partner panel

Corporate Panel

Provide easy booking experience to corporates and employees. Add or remove employees whenever requires

User Panel

The robust user panel allows passengers to edit profiles, payment details, etc. and ensure a hassle-free browsing experience

Driver Panel

Manage ride requests, vehicles, and make it easy for them to reach passenger’s location with smart route features

We have multiple products which are built for different purposes

We have multiple products that seamlessly automate conventional businesses, all crafted for different purposes.

Serve Your Modern Customers with a Smart Via Clone Script

Transform your traditional taxi business with a custom-build Via clone script that serves modern commuters and allow businesses to manage the complete riding process without any glitches

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