Eat24 Like App Solution : A Reliable Solution that Generates Great Results for Your Restaurant Business

Online food deliveries are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends of the century. Eat24 clone app ensures the users find convenient food delivery services without having to go further. The efficient app solutions included in Elluminati’s solution stack ensure you generate great results without any difficulties. With the support for delivering an excellent delivery experience, the registered stores can also promote their items online and add more customers to their customer base. The solution stack implements the following components to generate excellent results.

Our Eat24 like app development solution includes a dedicated customer and delivery provider app that works on native Android and iOS platforms. Also, the solution consists of a store app and panel that lets the restaurants handle their operations well. And an interactive admin panel and a user website are also included to generate the best results.

Advanced Features of Our Eat24 Clone Script

Deliver Contactlessly

You can rely on delivering contactless deliveries with the same option available in the store and admin panel. While you can provide everything contactless, you can generate an excellent user experience. Contactless deliveries ensure safe and hygienic deliveries every time a delivery gets completed.

Image Confirmation

Users and admin get real-time order status updates, and it includes pickup and delivery confirmations. When the delivery man picks up the order from the store, they send an image confirmation as the pickup verification, and the user can view that their parcel is ready and on the way to get delivered.

Order Customization and Confirmation

Not only customers but stores can also customize the incoming orders. If a store finds any missing items in the order, they can edit and customize the orders as per the item availability. And the changes made in the order get reflected in the customer’s app, which they have to confirm to let the order process further.

Categories and Subcategories

Restaurants can choose to categorize the food items among different categories and subcategories that helps a user explore the menu. As users can easily view the items in various types, the sorting and filtering of the list become comfortable, and they can place the order quickly.

Changing the Solution Language

It is easy to check and change the solution language as per the need using the admin panel. The admin can help users interact in their popular and preferred language for more meaningful conversations and deliver excellent results with our Eat24 clone script solution.

Assign Manual Deliveries

Stores can choose to assign deliveries manually using the dedicated store app and panel. They can add and manage the delivery providers manually, which helps in generating excellent user experience. It encourages faster delivery services and promotes food delivery services.

Why Our Eat24 Clone App Differs from Any Other?

  • Wide Audience Targeting
  • Efficient Navigation
  • Latest Tech Platforms

How Eat24 Like App Works?

Supporting users’ needs with food delivery to their doorsteps is not that easy. It requires you to generate excellent user experience with faster deliveries and efficient delivery status tracking. Delivery providers can use their dedicated solution to check the delivery locations and reach there in time. The entire workflow of the Eat24 like app solution includes the components that cater to generating the best user experience.

A customer places an order from a particular store. The store gets notified with the order details, and later they prepare the order. Delivery men receive the requests for delivering the order from the store. They get the location details and route to provide the package to the customer’s location.

User App & Website

Social Sharing

Users can share the use of the app from the social sharing link on any social media platform to promote the use of the app solution.

Store App and Dashboard

Easy Login

Stores can use their registered login id and password to log in and use the panel to manage the business and orders.

Admin Console

Login Options

Admin can change the login settings and restrict the app login option for stores or users through the panel.

Delivery Men App

Submit Documents

Delivery providers have to submit the required documents that help in registering with the app solution.

Grab the Eat24 App Clone that Promises Steep Business Growth with Reliable Deliveries

Seek support from an excellent app solution Eat24 clone app, which makes your food deliveries exceptional and helps build a loyal customer base that helps you rank higher in the entire food delivery arena.

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