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urbanclap clone app development

Extend your service support with UrbanClap clone, assuring excellent delivery experience, and increased business revenues implying pioneering business methods

urbanclap clone app development

What is an UrbanClap Clone? Cater to User Needs with the Solution To Supporting Business Dissemination

Urbanclap clone is the intuitive platform for the spa to connect with their customers online to access their services from home and get them in their preferred time. The best features are integrated for the user’s convenience and excellent experience.

Elevate your business to reach the audiences and target an extended customer base with the latest tech support. An app like Urbanclap has all the necessary support for business management and excels in the future.

Primary Features Of Our UrbanClap Clone App

Locate Service Providers

  • The integrated GPS functionality ensures to locate the service providers for users
  • When a user wants to place a service request, they can view all nearby providers
  • And choose the service provider that they want to hire from the list of all available providers

Schedule Bookings

  • Users can choose to schedule their service as per their availability
  • They can place a service request and inform the time slot in advance
  • The service provider receives the time slot and scheduled request details to reach on time

Manage Service Requests

  • Admin can view all service requests listed down in a separate section of the admin panel
  • They can choose the new request details to view the current activities of the system
  • The list also includes completed, rejected, and canceled requests with their complete information.


  • The system stores data of every placed service request and the admin has the authority to access it
  • Users can view their service history, including all data and scheduled, completed, canceled, or rejected applications
  • Admin can view each request individually, including the user and deliver provider data that are associated with the same

Explore Data

  • Explore all cloud data and records that can get exported to Excel sheets also
  • System admin can manage the data and analyze it by exporting it
  • Efficient sorting and search filters are also included for admin to extract information quickly

App Settings

  • The UrbanClap like app settings involve the app theme, design, color, and functions of the apps.
  • By changing any of the properties, the admin can change it universally for all their app solutions
  • They can also disable individual functions or make app updates compulsory for users to use the app

Autofill Location

  • Users can choose to autofill their location by pinning it on the map provided in the user app and website
  • Using the GPS, the app locates users and fills their location details if a user doesn’t want to do that manually
  • Moreover, admin can also find users and providers from the admin panel in real-time

Service Verification

  • When a service provider arrives for the requested service, a verification OTP gets sent to the user
  • The UrbanClap like app ensures the registered service provider has arrived at the right location and ensures safety
  • OTP verification at the time of provider registration and when they accept a service request gets done to verify their identity

Get a Complete Demo to Know Working of UrbanClap Clone Script

Ask for expert support to launch your venture in the market in no time. The Urbanclap Clone Script for massage service app by Elluminati fits every business size and requirement. The working of business in the platforms is like:

  • Customers who want the massages can search for the masseurs from the app or panel
  • Masseurs can get the service request from the app and serve them reaching to the location through the app
  • Admin can allow multiple customers and masseurs to connect in the platform and manage the business accordingly

Dive Into Our UrbanClap Like App Solution

Emerge as reliable service support with Urbanclap clone script solution serving the user’s demands and handling surging profits.

User App

Place Request

Schedule or ask for massage service by placing a request from the dedicated app

Track Provider

Track the service provider and receive every live service status update before the service gets completed


Choose to pay for services using any online or offline payment modes- cards, e-wallet, or cash payment


Upload your review on the received services and rate services on the scale of five stars

Provider App

Receive Requests

Receive the service requests and decide to accept or reject any from the app

Set Timings

Schedule the service timings with the integrated calendar to serve users efficiently

Update Service Status

Update the service status in real-time to keep the system informed of the on-going process

Receive Payment

Receive the payment in the integrated wallet or directly in the bank account after the invoice generation

Admin Panel

Explore Request Details

Access complete information on every recent and past request in the panel, with detailed information of users and service providers

Set Charges

Admin can set the service charges separately, determining the tax if applied, and determining their profit.

Earning Reports

Manage reports of service provider earnings and the admin from the central admin panel and generate reports

Examine Documents

Admin gets to review all the documents from the companies and providers, verify and decide approval for action on the platform.

Company Panel

Earning Records

All the service requests served through the panel are saved, and a separate sheet for the earnings is generated for them.

Salary Settlement

Using the in-built wallet company can easily settle up the salaries of providers in the platform

Service Status

Companies can view the entire status of their services under the process from start to end to get a precise analysis


Entire history about the services, including the invoice, payment mode, service provider, and customer

User Website

Social Signup

Users can choose to sign up for the platform by using their social media accounts, like Facebook, to get access to the platform quickly

Search Providers

Customers can search for all the service providers and can view their complete details along with their reviews and ratings of other customers

Invoice Generation

Invoice generation helps the customer to view the service details like invoice number, service date, service fee, tax, payment method, etc.

Referral Sharing

After registering on the platform, consumers can get a unique referral code to share with their friends, and in return, they can earn extra benefits

Customer App

Consumers can get their treatment at their homes, for which they can register an appointment online

Provider App

Doctors can register in the app receiving the customer’s request and they can also modify entire details about it and complete it using the app

Know More About The Working Of Apps

Go through the live app demos and experience a smooth working flow of apps and its great functionalities.

Customer App

Consumers can get their treatment at their homes, for which they can register an appointment online

Provider App

Doctors can register in the app receiving the customer’s request and they can also modify entire details about it and complete it using the app

Learn How The Panels Works For Online Service Business

User Panel

Patients can take their treatments by booking an appointment on a panel seamlessly

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

Admins are allowed to approve any number of doctors and patients in the platform and manage them easily

View Web Flow

Company Panel

The company can allow multiple treatments and doctors for that listed through an app

Apps Serving Enterprise-Grade Demands

Cater to your specific user demands with an efficient app dedicated to your business type.

Upgrade Your Traditional Business Approach To Online With UrbanClap Clone Script

Opt for an excellent UrbanClap clone script solution that guarantees excellent support. Our solution delivers expected outcomes when implemented in your business by ensuring security and reliability over each operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Urbanclap Clone App

Reach out to us if you have more questions regarding the UrbanClap clone app.

It depends on whether you develop the platform from scratch or acquire a predeveloped platform. The ready-made platforms cost less comparatively with the developing it from scratch.

We provide three months of technical assistance post-launch of the apps and panels. However, it could be extended as an add-on service if required by the client.

The platform has multiple payment gateways integrated, like Stripe and PayStack, which could be replaced as add-on services or other gateways. It includes cash on delivery and car payment features in it as well.

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