Sweepsouth Clone - White Label House Cleaning Services App

Initiate a house cleaning service business with a white label Sweepsouth clone built with first-class technology and prominent features forging the business to new heights.

What is a Sweepsouth Clone App? How does it Ensure an Efficient Business?

Sweepsouth clone app is a white label house cleaning services app platform for businesses connecting skilled home cleaners with service seekers. It is a comprehensive solution for a business with separated modules for the users, service providers, and managing businesses, all incorporated with prominent features.

For any dimension of the business, the platform works efficiently, managing the deals between the providers and users no matter how many numbers. An app like Sweepsouth allows utmost ease in operating excellent experience to the users and providers, consisting of all necessary functionings. Elluminati creates the solution with agile strategies to carry out your business without much hassle.

Look Out for the Features of All Modules of SweepSouth Clone Script

All the modules of the SweepSouth clone script hammer out brilliant functions for the users and business owners.

User App

Search Services

Customers can search for their services either by directly searching for them or even can go with the providers for the services they offer.

Book Or Schedule

The services booked can be scheduled for the later execution, or can also book for immediate actions through the Sweepsouth clone.

Pay Desirably

Customers can pay by choosing a favorable method from the options given like online transfer, credit or debit card, or cash payment.

Track Service

After booking the service, customers can check the status of their services in real-time through the app until the services gets completed.

Provider App

Set Availability

Providers can set their availability in terms of date and time(slots) so as to receive the service request accordingly.

Analyze Earning

Service providers can analyze earnings from each service they conducted as they get every detail about the users and payments.

Use Wallets

Wallets are integrated into the app, which providers can use to settle payments in cash by the customer and with the company or admin.

Accept/Decline Requests

Service providers can accept or reject the requests from the company or customers based on their availability or preferences.

Admin Panel

Manage Users

Business admin can manage the users and providers of the platform, verify their documents, and accept or block their accounts.

Create Promo Codes

For particular time intervals, admins can create promo codes allowing customers various benefits in booking services.

Decide Charges

The business person can set the specific charges for the services in a particular city or country depending on the time interval or charge of the time.

Manage Reviews

Admins scrutinize reviews from customers and providers to each other based on which they can perform required modifications to its operations.

Company Panel

Assign Provider

The company owners can assign the services to particular providers by checking on their open-for-work slots.

Manage Employees

They can add employees, register on their behalf and then give them their credentials, and then also manage them for the rest.

Track Service Status

Company owners can analyze the status of the services through the dedicated panel from starting until it is served by the providers.

Settle Payments

Companies can settle the payments of the delivery providers using the e-wallets integrated into the case of cash and online payments.

How Does Sweepsouth Clone Work?

All the conventional business operations are automated through a Sweepsouth clone, where owners can perform all their tasks within a few taps. It also maintains timeliness as services are assigned and performed based on the time slots booked by the customers. Let’s see how it works from the platform.

  • Customers can book services through the app at the time they want. They can also choose a payment method and pay for it.
  • Providers will receive the service request from the customers, which they can choose to fulfill as per their preferences.
  • The company or business admin will examine and manage all these services and their payments.

Take A Note Of Important Features Of Sweepsouth Clone

Features in Sweepsouth clone ease a business’s operations by managing it with just a few clicks.

Flexible Payments

Admins can set the pricing methods based on time intervals depending on the type of the services, which can also differ in the countries or cities.

Service History

All services and the transactions are stored in the platform, which is accessed anytime for the analysis, and imported to offline records also.

Go International

Admin can add business from various countries connecting service providers and customers within the platform to expand their business.

Set Sub Admins

For managing multiple business tasks, the admin can set an account for sub-admin and allocate the operations through the admin panel.

What Services Can Be Offered Within the Platform?

User App

The user app is integrated with all the essential features for the best user experience.

Provider App

Service providers can use apps to accept service requests.

Distinctive App Modules of E-Services

Go through the live app demos and get to know how the app actually functions.

User App

The user app is integrated with all the essential features for the best user experience.

Provider App

Service providers can use apps to accept service requests.

E-Services Is Ready To Deliver High Profiled Functionings

User Panel

For more convenience, customers can use panels to book services.

View Web Flow

Admin Panel

All the business-related tasks are managed within the dashboard.

View Web Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sweepsouth Clone Script

If you have further questions regarding the Sweepsouth clone script, then contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary details.

Sweepsouth clone app eases the business as it digitizes the business operations, like ordering, payment, tracking services, recording history, and many more.

The cost to develop an app like $5000 to $15000, which further is a depending on several factors like the technology preferred, customization in the modules, and many more.

We use tools and software like Skype, Slack, Trello, etc., to communicate with the clients giving them all updates about the project.

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