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Clout digital health services with Practo clone conducting the business online, improvising the reach and profitability of automation and management seamlessly.

What is a Practo Clone App? How Far Would a Business be Benefited From the Platform?

The intersection between health and technology has been leveraging the large business province. The services improve the doctor-patient connections with readily available meetups and any kind of healthcare meetups.

Practo clone app is the on-demand doctor’s appointment booking platform integrated with all essential features like booking calendar, doctor’s details, reviews, etc. It offers choices to book an appointment amongst the various doctors listed for several medical conditions.

The platform reaps several benefits like handling any number of doctors and patients within a single online platform hassle-free. Moreover, the digital healthcare market in India was INR 116.61 Bn in 2018, with insights to reach INR 485.43 Bn by 2024. In addition, an app like Practo gives any scale business to start with a smart step and grow exponentially.

How Does Practo Like App Works To Conduct Efficient Patient Doctor’s Appointments?

The Practo like app eases users’ tasks to get the doctor’s meetups and get their treatment and diagnosis done on time. Therefore, it necessitates that the platform’s workflow is easy to understand and adaptable. Its workflow is mentioned in a few steps below.

  • Patients can register in the Practo like the app, browse for the doctors, and book an appointment with the doctor.
  • A doctor can use an app for receiving and managing patient appointments. They set up the available schedules for consumers’ availability.
  • Admin will manage both users and doctors within the dashboard conducting business in multiple locations with it.

Essentials Features Of Practo Clone Script Leading To Business Standards

Practo clone script consists of various modules to forge a simpler and easy to adopt flow and functionality for the services business.

Patients App

Check Availability

Patients can easily check on the availability status of the doctor or consultants in the app and book an appointment as per their preference.

Generate Invoices

Patients can generate invoices for the services they have booked, including their service price, taxes, or any other extra charges.

Submit Feedbacks

Users can submit feedback to the doctors for the service they offer in the form of reviews and ratings.

Check Status

Patients can check the doctor’s status after booking it, from request accepted until the series is completed.

Doctor’s App

Integrated Calendar

Doctors can use the calendar to mark their status for an availability update whenever required.

Update Profiles

Doctors can update their profiles with a name, address, photo, email, and contact.

Share Referrals

Providers can share referral codes with friends, which they can use while registering in the platform generating profits.

Analyze History

Doctors can analyze every service to know the details of these services like their earnings, patient’s details, etc.

Admin Panel

Create Category

Admins can create multiple categories for different health concerns and allow various doctors to register on the platform.

Manage Pricing

Admins can manage the price for the health care services in different formats like hourly-based or services-based.

Add Multiple Country

Admin can add multiple countries in the panel to manage the business for all in a single platform, including doctors, users, pricing, etc.

Check Wallet History

The business admins can efficiently analyze the wallet history conducted by the users and doctors, knowing the description of each transaction.

Patient’s Panel

Social Signup

Consumers got an option of social signup to easily get access to the platform by using their social media accounts like Facebook.

Reset Password

If a user forgets their login password, they can easily reset it using their phone number or simply change it from the profile settings.

Instant/Schedule Services

Users can get the service instantly with one click or can schedule the service as per their future requirements with the help of a book now or schedule option

Flexible Payments

Customers can get flexible payment options like credit cards, debit cards, online payments, and e-wallets to pay for the services as per their preferred option.

Opt for an App like Practo For Several Benefits

An app like Practo avails a business for the best results making it more advanced and automated.

  • Customizable Solution
  • Best Technology Stack
  • Platform Stability

Some Readily Available Features Of Practo Clone App

Avail prominent Practo clone app for your business that gives access to best in use features within it.

White Labeled Platform

Practo clone script will be designed with the business’s theme, logo, background, name, and all those features that decide the business’s appearance. It makes the platform a personalized experience to the users, ensuring reliability.

Real-Time Status

The real-time status functionality helps businesses to take immediate actions whenever required, preventing the problem on the spot. In addition, instant acknowledgment to the users helps the business to work efficiently.

Efficient Payment Systems

The platform is integrated with multiple payment methods like cards (debit/cards), e-wallets, online transfers, and even cash payment is also available. In addition, users can integrate multiple cards in the app wallet for convenience.

Analyze History

All the previous services are recorded and can be used for analysis purposes in all the modules of the Practo clone app. In addition, one can make use of the filters, and the list can also be downloaded for offline use.

Characteristics Of A Practo Clone Script That Are Unique And Contribute To The Enterprise-Ready Solution

Seek some mind-blowing benefits of a Practo clone script that automates and therefore eases business operations.

Users can choose from the multiple languages integrated into the platform by the admin, which enables them to use the platform efficiently.

Providers can utilize multiple pricing methods like the fixed price model, hour-based model, which leverages the chance to reserve huge profits earned through the platform.

For all the activities performed on the platform, users will get push notifications ensuring real-time interactions for activities(failed or successful), updates, messages from the admin, and more.

Users can conveniently book services from the app or from the panel with the same features and functionings, and services providers.

Patient App

Browse for any health-related services, check for an appointment time and date availability, and book accordingly.

Doctor’s App

Manage and fulfill treatments using an app acknowledging patients’ requests and getting paid online.

Explore the Workflow of E-Services Apps

Go through the live app demos and get to know more about the app functionalities.

Patient App

Browse for any health-related services, check for an appointment time and date availability, and book accordingly.

Doctor’s App

Manage and fulfill treatments using an app acknowledging patients’ requests and getting paid online.

Experience The E-Services Panel To Get A Clear Idea About Its Working

Admin Panel

Manage the entire business within a single panel, including doctors, patients, and earnings.

User Console

Conveniently book an appointment for the doctors within the panel and pay with the desired method.

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Practo clone app development costs range from $5000 to $20000. The development cost further depends on several factors like customizing, technology, development time, etc.

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