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Get a Deliveroo clone that makes your food ordering and delivery services business faster and painless no matter how wide you expand, it’s always stable and convenient.

deliveroo clone

What is Deliveroo Clone? How Far it Enables Delivery Business to Scale Up?

Deliveroo clone is a readymade food delivery app solution for restaurants to deliver food lovers their favorite meals. Deliveries are performed by contractual delivery providers that operate on an on-demand basis. The platform enables you to offer high-quality food and on-time delivery and allows business expansion seamlessly.

The platform is built with all the necessary features to provide an excellent user experience using the latest tech stack. It contains all essential dedicated modules for customers, delivery providers, and admin panels that produce excellent results. The platform also enables them to extend their business without much hassle and automates the tasks.

Food delivery services are one booming industry in the upcoming years that restaurants can seek as the biggest opportunity. An app like Deliveroo is the appropriate choice to start a business in the competitive industry and thrive in the highest possibilities.

Various Modules Of Deliveroo Clone Script And Some Significant Features

Prominent features integrated into the Deliveroo clone script modules make it an efficient delivery service.

User App

Share Socially

Users can choose to share the app details or their favorite store’s name over social media with the social share option.

Give Tip

Users can choose to give a tip to the delivery providers using the app solution and its any online payment methods.

Easy Reorder

If a user wants to repeat their order from any previously placed, they can choose to reorder it with a single tap.

Multiple Orders

Users can choose to place an order for multiple items and change the number of ordered items with the quantity option.

User Website

Review For Delivery Man

Customers can add reviews for the delivery services and the ordered item quality after delivery.

Prefer Language

Users can select the languages provided to them by the admin and use the platform without any barriers.

Add Favorite Delivery Addresses

Customers can save and access their favorite addresses from any device with the same credentials.

Order History

Users can analyze order history with the details like added items, prices, and payment details.

Store Panel

Categorized Menu

A category is a group of items with similar items that will sort the large items on the menu for customers.

Add Substores

Store owners can create sub-store profiles that can access only assigned screens and tasks from the store panel.

Manage Delivery Provider

Stores can set their delivery providers and register a vehicle for them, which will be authorized by the admin.

Create Promo Codes

Admin can create promo offers for a time interval set for the customers and apply conditions setting a recurring time.

Store App

Set Extra Charges

Stores can define the extra charges for the convenience of food delivery offered to them and get them added to the generated invoice.

Manage Orders

Stores can view and manage all the order details, including all new and incoming orders, to complete the order requests on time.

Set Popular Items

Stores can set any number of items as popular items to promote items from their menu and improve their sales.

Define Categories

Stores can define the categories of the items that they add to the menu to let a user quickly find and place orders.

Admin Console

Set Bonus

Admin can set and share the referral details using which all app users can earn bonuses, and admin decides the bonus amount.

Profit Share of Orders

Admin can decide the percentage of profits they earn from each order placed using the solution from the admin panel.

Manage Order Info

Admin views the complete order details, including the new, completed, in progress, or canceled orders and can search and sort the data.

Provider Info

Admin has a dedicated section where they can view and manage the details of each app user, including delivery providers and stores.

Delivery Men App

Submit Documents

Delivery providers have to submit all the necessary documents before they register for the app solution and start delivering.

Earning Reports

Delivery providers can view their earning records per order delivered- and generate reports based on months, years, or days.

Receive Requests

Delivery providers who have successfully registered for the app solution can receive the delivery requests from different stores.


Delivery providers can view the pickup and delivery location of the order on the map option and the route to reach them as fast as possible.

How does Deliveroo Clone App Work?

The roadmap to delivery business through a Deliveroo clone app is similar quite simple yet effective for any business dimension. Users, restaurants, and deliverymen coordinate well enough through the well-built solution and the admin has a bird’s eye view of the delivery business managing the sales, stores, and customers. Here is the flow mentioned in the points for the three main aspects of the food delivery business:

  • Customers can order dishes from the desired nearby stores through the app.
  • The restaurant accepts, prepares, and then assigns orders to the deliveryman.
  • The deliveryman accepts the request, picks from the store, and delivers to the customer’s address.

Why Deliveroo Like App Development Proves Beneficial for You?

  • Customization Support
  • User-centric UI
  • Extended Business Empowering

Enhanced Functions And Features Of Our Readymade Food Delivery App

Delivery Tracking

As our Deliveroo clone script includes all required elements to impress your users, the delivery tracking remains one of the essential features included in the solution. Not only users, but the admin can also track the delivery status in real-time using the app solution and admin dashboard.

Advertise Stores

The admin can not only earn from profits of stores and the delivery providers, but he/she can choose to collect from adding advertisements on the app for a particular store. Admin can set and publish advertisements across the solution to promote a store and their products to earn from advertising revenues.

Manage App Access

By choosing to restrict the app access, an admin can control the number of users that can access the app at once. To manage the app access and limit the usage, the admin can control the amount of apps and panels used by the stakeholders.

Online Payment Options

Users can choose from various online payment options available. The admin can accept payment by card, or from an integrated wallet, or any other online payment method with a secure online payment gateway. It ensures the payment collection gets done securely.

Order Customization And Confirmation

Stores can also customize the orders placed by a user. e.g., if a user has placed an order for an item that is temporarily unavailable, the stores can customize their order by changing a few details and asking for confirmation. And if the customer confirms it, they can make the changes and deliver it accordingly.

Faster Deliveries

Deliveroo like app solution includes real-time tracking and optimized route features, which helps a delivery provider reach the right location on time. It also ensures that customers can view and track the delivery provider’s status from their solution without any interruption.

Some Substantial Characteristics Of Deliveroo Clone App

The Deliveroo clone app consists of some indemnifying features that ensure smooth workflow through the solution.

Generate Receipts

For the orders, customers will generate an invoice that has the details like items and their prices, taxes (if applied), services charges, etc.

Promo Codes

Admin or stores will generate the promo codes for the customers, which they can access from the app and apply the code in the checkout to redeem them.

Takeaway Order

In the takeaway service, customers can order from the stores through the app and can opt for takeaway services when prepared and notified by stores.

Real-time status

Customers can follow the status of the deliveryman in real-time, starting from the orders accepted and prepared to delivered to the address.

In-app Chat

Customers can chat with the deliveryman through the app without releasing their identity upfront delivery status.

Leverage Admin Panel Features For The Optimization Of Businesses Processes

Cater to the business needs using an advanced technology stack integrated with some user-friendly features automating tasks.

Admins gots to analyze the sales, orders, customers, deliveries, and all-important business aspects in the dashboard.

Reviews and ratings from the customers, deliverymen, and stores are examined by the admin to sieve for good and bad ones.

Admins get wallet transaction lists of the users and deliveryman with all the necessary information of bank details, orders, and users.

Admins can create accounts for sub-admin to let them perform specific tasks giving them limited and required access to the panel.

Admins can create zones around the stores to generate a space for keeping a delivery service charge for that particular zone.

Delivery Provider App

Providers receive delivery services requests from app and they can also manage payments.

User App

Integrated with all necessary features for ordering and delivery services through an app.

Store App

Stores can automate their order and delivery services using the advance feature of app.

Know E-Delivery App Working And Features Right Away.

Learn more about our readymade applications for users, customers, and delivery partners by exploring the app demos sessions. This way, individuals can get to know how the features of the app work to ensure smooth working.

Delivery Provider App

Providers receive delivery services requests from app and they can also manage payments.

User App

Integrated with all necessary features for ordering and delivery services through an app.

Store App

Stores can automate their order and delivery services using the advance feature of app.

Explore How Panels Of E-Delivery Functions Amazingly

User Panel

Users can offered with the intuitive panel for order and delivery services.

Admin Panel

Admins can manage the entire business in the panel including prices and users.

Store Panel

Stores can conveninety through the panel accessing all similar feature as app.

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Frequently Asked Question For Deliveroo Clone App

If you have questions other than this, you can reach us and get all your answers served.

Deliveroo clone app development costs a between the range of $5000 to $15000. It is the wider range because it is dependable on various factors like platform intricacies, location of the development, and hours are taken.

Yes. When the delivery platform is completely built, the entire script will be owned by clients and can take charge of its updates.

Installation to the server and stores depends on the package you choose for the delivery platform we leverage for the clients. You can refer to our E-Delivery pricing page to know more about the packages.

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