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Build up a Bungkusit clone for delivery services business in Malaysia, cultivating a top-edge platform and easy-to-use technology for consumers’ convenience and high-scaling prospects for a business.

What is Bungkusit Clone App? How Delivery Services In Malaysia On Acquiring this Platform Becomes a Benchmark?

Bungkusit clone app is a delivery offering platform made with an advanced tech stack and diverse modules dedicated to different users. The solution streamlined to manage the delivery services with smooth flow and sufficient opportunities for the businesses. Any delivery businesses like restaurants, parcels, groceries, and many more.

Whilst, online food delivery is an opportunity for businesses worldwide. The 2023 market is expected to grow by $154.34 million An app like Bungkusit allows the segments to scale up to the farthest expectations. Acquire the most adaptable platform for the delivery marketplaces.

Bungkusit Clone Versatile Modules

The streamlined modules of apps like Bungkusit allow advanced business performance.

User App

Select Outlet

Customers can opt for delivery stores checking their ratings and reviews, distance, and menu.

Safe Delivery

Users can choose a contactless delivery option for safety while ordering items from a store.

Multi Payments

Consumers can pay for orders and delivery services, opting for desired methods of payments.

Access Promos

Buyers can redeem codes from the promo coupons to earn profits while ordering from the platform.

User Website

Search Filters

Customers can make use of search filters like tag, price, distance, and time for easy browsing of the stores they are looking for.

Chat Feature

For delivery inquiries or malfunctions in the platform, customers can use the chat feature to solve it with the drivers or support team.

Track Orders

Customers can track their order delivery status through the integrated map feature and can receive real-time updates.

Share Referral Code

After registering, customers get a referral code that they can share with their friends and get multiple benefits.

Store Website

Add Categories

A category is a group of items with various similar items which will sort the large items in the menu, reducing the search friction for customers

Free Delivery Settings

Stores can set free delivery to the customers with the conditions of minimum ordering amount and radius of the delivery from the store

Order Cancellation Charges

Store owners can decide to set the order cancellation charges, setting the charges that are applied at various stages of the delivery process

Multiple Payment Gateways

The store panel is incorporated with multiple payment gateways like Stripe and Paystack, supporting payments in multiple countries

Store App

Categorized Menu

Store owners can design a categorized menu to easily search the items for the consumers, further dividing items into subcategories.


The owners can allow order takeaways services to the consumers; when orders get prepared, they can pick them up from the stores.

Manage Providers

Stores can manage the delivery providers; add, update or remove them for the services and also their respective vehicles.

Dispatch Orders

Owners can assign orders to the drivers who are nearby in the area to deliver the requested orders.

Admin Panel

360 Degree View

Delivery business admin gets a 360-degree view of the tasks conducted in all the modules by dedicated users.

Incorporated Map

Business admin can use the map to locate stores, delivery providers, and users and coordinate the business tasks as per that.

Control Users

Admin can manage registered users of the platform, be it stores, consumers, or delivery personnel, and analyze their details accordingly.

Draw Zones

Admins can draw delivery zones for the delivery services in the different regions, setting the delivery charges for each of them.

Delivery Provider App/Panel

Quick Sign Up

The delivery service providers can quickly sign up using social ID and can verify their identity by uploading documents to the platform.

Delivery History

Providers can examine the past orders completed with all the details about it, which they can also download in the excel sheet.

Stay Updated

Delivery providers can stay updated by notifying their status in the app as idle or busy so that they can be assigned accordingly.


Providers can manage the earnings using the wallet systems; they can also examine payments for different time intervals.

Imperative Features

Make use of the imperative features of the Bungkusit clone, which a business could be benefited from in its tasks and overall performances.

Unlimited Language Integration

Bungkusit clone offers an opportunity with multiple language integration to initiate business in any country without the barrier of communication.

Impactive Design

The app and web design are interactive and compelling making it easier for the business to acquire consumers with impressive branding.

Social Registrations

An app like Bungkusit allows registration using social accounts in the least steps, saving time and giving businesses enough data of users.

Auto Invoice Generation

Each module generated invoices for the respective users with complete information making a translucent billing system.

Confirmation Codes

The businesses generated confirmations for the delivery processes ensuring transparency and reliability towards services and businesses.

How Does Bungkusit Clone Script Works?

Prior to starting a delivery business, it is important to understand the working of the online platform. Bungkusit clone script allows an inclusive workflow though easy to follow for any business segment. It is a smooth flow for the business easily conducted, which are mentioned below in simple steps.

  • Shoppers can browse for desired stores, select the items and order them through the dedicated module.
  • Stores will receive orders, prepare them as per their requirements, and assign them to the providers.
  • Providers will choose to accept orders and will pick the parcel from stores deliver it to the customer’s location with the help of an app.

Delivery Provider App

Doorstep deliveries are instantly executed using a feature-rich app of the providers.

User App

Delivery ordering consumers can use the outstanding app from their comfort zones.

Store App

Outlets conducting delivery services can use the app for managing and examining performance.

Checkout E-Delivery Apps Conducting Tasks Seamlessly

Go through the app demos to learn more about its workflow

Delivery Provider App

Doorstep deliveries are instantly executed using a feature-rich app of the providers.

User App

Delivery ordering consumers can use the outstanding app from their comfort zones.

Store App

Outlets conducting delivery services can use the app for managing and examining performance.

Experience A Demo Panels Of The Same Workflow With Experience

User Console

Panels resemble the same step of delivery orders through the favorite store as the user apps

Admin Panel

Admins get a birds’ view of the business through the panel executed with abundant sources within it.

Store Site

Stores also perform tasks like establishing menu, assigning delivery, sales examining, etc., from the panel.

Other Solutions Suitable For Your Business

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A Delivery Business Is Highly Supported By Bungkusit Like App

Instigate a business model with a Bungkusit like app, featuring interrogating design and timely services acquired from comfort zones. Then, discuss your ideas with us to transfer them into practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungkusit Clone App

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Bungkusit like app aims to become an excellent delivery services provider nationwide, driving instant, multiple, and cost-effective services for various segments.

Bungkusit clone app development costs between $6000-$20000. Opting for a prebuilt platform, several factors affect the costs of development. Therefore, it is a variable quantity.

We offer various packages for partnering as a technology provider, so based on that, the ownership of the code depends. You can refer to our pricing page to know more: /e-delivery/pricing/

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