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Heading towards digitization, it seems like online delivery apps are ruling the world and these are here to stay for a long time as it offers comfort to people and enables entrepreneurs to upscale their businesses. A doorstep delivery concept has reshaped the way things have been working and functioning across different industries. The online delivery and booking industry is not growing but exploding at a rapid pace and the Asian market is not left behind. Almost every industry has welcomed the on-demand world and Malaysia has taken steps to adopt this economy based on their people’s preferences and needs. Today, we will discuss one of the popular on-demand apps, Mula. Let’s study the business and revenue model of a popular name in Malaysia’s on-demand business world-Mula and what excites Asian entrepreneurs to have a Mula clone app for their conventional business.

From groceries to clothing to food and logistics, people’s preferences have been changed as they prefer online mobility solutions. More than 86.5 million Americans use online services for their day-to-day tasks.

The emergence of online services, especially in the transportation, food, grocery, and medicine businesses, is developed with cutting-edge mobile technology that is attracting millennials because it saves money, time, and energy.

Conventional businesses are grappling with modern technology solutions and searching for creative ways to satisfy modern consumer’s needs. Hence, startups and entrepreneurs have realized the importance of automation for their business therefore they are espousing modern technology tools for business growth. So let’s discuss what Mula is and how it offers a convenient way to get regular things done more smartly and quickly.

What is Mula Clone? How Does It Help You Make Niche the Online Delivery Market

Mula clone is a world-class delivery platform that transforms your conventional business and allows your users to get regular tasks done in no time. The platform’s steller features and advanced modules have the potential to upscale your business in no time. The scope of the online delivery business has evolved rapidly but an app like Mula comes with numerous scalability options and performs well with your business standards.

Mula Company Overview

Mula is an digital convenient app that allows people to book a taxi, order food, and parcel delivery with ease.

Customers can order food from their favorite nearby restaurants and get them delivered at their doorsteps in no time. While using MULA Car customers make online bookings from different listed car types such as Basic, Premium, Mula6s, Mula10s. Further, customers can make a booking in advance also (30 days) for their group tour.

Brand Name: Mula Car International Sdn Bhd
Founded in: 2016
Headquarter: Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Number of employees: 21
Revenue: $4 million

Due to the pandemic, the food delivery market is skyrocketing and Mula has taken advantage of it and launched an online food delivery service in 2020 so that customers can order food from nearby restaurants and get doorstep delivery at their preferred location.

How Mula Works – Get Multiple Tasks Done With Ease

The online service market is booming, as it allows customers to get things done with ease. There are many marketplace service apps in Southeast Asia and Mula is an application that furnishes customers with several online services. These services can be utilized by customers to get their daily things done with ease.

Search for Services

Customers can search for the service that they want to get. There are multiple services accessible on the application such as MULA Car, MULA Parcel, MULA Eats, and MULA Tour.

Book the Services

The consumer can select any of the above services as per their needs. For instance, if customers want to order food from a nearby restaurant, they have to choose MULA Eats. Then customers can browse various restaurants and add items to the cart.

Make Payment

Once the items are added to the cart, customers now need to pay for the order. There are multiple swift and secured payment options offered, however, customers can opt for COD also.

Track the Order

Once the service gets booked, customers can track the entire transaction in real-time. If they have ordered a meal, they can even track the delivery provider’s location and contact them.

Ratings and Review

Once the service gets over, customers are asked to rate the service and submit feedback based on the overall experience.

Mula Business Model – Have a Look at Inner Workings of It

mula business model

Mula is a multi-service platform, so it is obvious that it has a few segments that it caters to, i.e. consumers, vendors, and delivery providers. So let’s dig into detail on how the Mula app works differently for these segments.

Mula for Consumers

  • People who are looking for multiple services within a single app
  • Accomplish daily tasks with ease
  • Get things done at cost-effective prices
  • Get doorstep delivery

Mula for Vendors

  • The best platform to sell products online
  • It provides a large customer base and strengthens the online presence
  • Perfect for those vendors who lack delivery providers and fleets

Mula for Delivery Providers

  • Generate decent income from delivery and orders
  • Flexible working hours
  • Earn money from a tip

How Does Mula Make Money? Revenue Streams

Mula’s revenue model is impressive as they don’t rely on a single revenue source. There are few ways it can generate huge revenue and they are:

Commission on Bookings

Whether customers order food or book a cab, Mula receives a commission from the merchants on each booking that is made by customers.


Mula enjoys a huge customer base in Malaysia and allows merchants to promote their products on the app. This is the second major revenue source of Mula.

Delivery Fees

Mula charges its customers for the food delivered to their doorstep. If the customer’s location is far from the restaurant, Mula charges delivery fees for its services.

Be a Part of Malaysia’s Growing Online Market with Mula Clone App

The online delivery and booking market possess rapid growth to date. From ordering food to booking a cab to ordering groceries and whatnot, apps like Mula continue gaining pace and pushing traditional business models behind. If we talk about Malaysia, it is projected that the online food delivery market will reach £​207m in 2021. This figure clearly defines how the online delivery market is growing and entrepreneurs harnessing the power of smart digital tools.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are investing in apps similar to Mula because customers prioritize simple and quick experiences. As a business owner, if you fail to fulfill these two needs, you won’t survive, and investing in the Mula clone app enables entrepreneurs to deliver a better user experience.

The importance of having an online presence for a business is evident today, as user’s affinity towards the virtual world is increasing. Besides, businesses too, are changing the way they operate. They have understood the power of technology as it offers benefits such as

  • Increased visibility
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Better brand recognition
  • Boost in profits
  • Better customer service

So, if you are an aspiring business owner who wants to reap the above benefits and venture into the online delivery business in Malaysia by developing an app like Mula, they should consult an experienced and skilled on-demand app development company to spread their reach better.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an App Similar to Mula?

Designing and creating an app like Mula shall help your business with the best coverage through a digital platform. Now you must be thinking how much does it cost? If you are looking for budget-friendly solutions, go for a readymade solution for your business. It would cost you less and take less development time.

While in order to develop a unique Mula clone app for your business, you have to evaluate the cost based on the following factors:

  1. The business model you choose
  2. The interface you have decided
  3. Features you want to integrate
  4. UI/UX design
  5. Number of team members and their location

If you are facing a dilemma about an online delivery business and want to get a quote with detailed specifications, get in touch with us, we will come up with the best yet affordable solution.

Create a Strong Brand Presence in Malaysia’s Delivery Market with Mula Clone Script

The future of online delivery is bright. If you want to upscale your traditional business with smart digital tools, this is the right time to get started because people will keep using online solutions even after the pandemic ends. Redefine your business with the Mula clone script and give your business resilience.