Doordash Like App Development Solution For Eatery

Manage the ordering process ultimately to ensure your business growth in the competitive food market. DoorDash clone is an immediate solution helping single/multi food store ventures to boost their presence online. The tech stack ensures amazing support to local restaurants, helping them provide customers with a personal connection guaranteeing a seamless experience offering

The Customized DoorDash clone app makes it quite easy for your customers to place the delivery order with a few simple steps on the app. They can explore the menu before making the purchase from any of the stores of their choice and can pay the bill online through the app. Local delivery shoppers can provide their service to the customer on their demand to earn more for their delivery business.

Our Splendid DoorDash Clone Stack Provides You With Novel Features

Support Contact Free Delivery

To ensure fast delivery, we have integrated contactless delivery options within the app solution. It enables customers to know the real-time status of their delivery. This feature facilitates eaters and admin with a complete monitoring facility, which allows them to track the status of the order.

Verify Pickups

Once food stores receive the order from the customer, they start preparing it and notify the delivery provider. And when delivery providers reach to pick up the order, then customers are notified with pick up order notification, this allows customers to know the real-time status of their order.

Easy Order Verification Process

Food stores can confirm their order through a customized app solution after receiving it from the eaters. Feature-rich admin pane facilitates them to customize the customer’s order and get it confirmed from the customers, once they get confirmation from the customer they can prepare and deliver the order.

Subdividing Menu

To provide customers with an enhanced experience, stores can set menu and submenu through the app. They can add any of the categories and subcategories to the list that customers can explore and choose any of the items as per their convenience.

Customize Language

Admin panel facilitates the admin to choose any of the selected languages they want. This can help them to provide a seamless experience to their customers whenever they interact with the app. Admin is allowed to change the app language as per their convenience from the dedicated admin panel.

Manual Delivery Assigning Process

Impressive store panel and the app facilitates stores with an advanced manual delivery feature. This feature allows them to manage the delivery man manually through the app, this speeds up the delivery process and ensures providing the best experience to the eaters.

Explore What Uniqueness Customer Leverage with Our Solution

  • Supports Business Expansion
  • Effective Control
  • Easy and Quick Access

How DoorDash Clone Script Works?

  • App users need to register themself to the app to use it.
  • Once users successfully complete the registration and login process, they can explore the list of restaurants and menu with complete details of integrations and much more through the app.
  • After deciding what to order, they can request the order to restaurants.
    Restaurants accept the order request and prepare the meal and place request to a delivery provider.
  • The delivery provider accepts the delivery request provided by the restaurant and delivers the food item to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Customers can use multiple payment gateways to pay for the bill, they can also rate and review the restaurant and service provider as per their experience.

User App & Website

Social Media Login

Users can make use of social accounts to log in themselves with the app, they can also use their login credentials to use the app after successful login.

Store App and Dashboard


Stores can log in instantly using their login credentials or can make use of a social media account to follow an easy login process through the app.

Admin Dashboard

Map View

Admin can track the real-time location of users as well as service providers via Google maps, they are allowed to check all their active details through the app.

Delivery Provider App

Profile Settings

Delivery providers can create and update all the details as per their convenience, they can make changes in various details like profile image, address, etc.

Make Food Delivery Easier for Customers with DoorDash Clone Satisfying Demands of Endless Users

Address the needs of foodies efficiently by choosing DoorDash clone to ensure customer satisfaction. Delivery excellent service by monitoring and controlling the overall activities of your delivery business with an advanced solution stack.

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