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Three Simple Steps to start your On Demand Food Delivery Business. In the app, we provide a good features for the customers and the provider staff to make easy process of ordering and delivering food from the different restaurants.With this Deliveroo Clone solution the admin can track the delivery provider status on real time basis. The aim of the product is to manage a restaurant system in a single tap on the app. Lets customer do order for foods and get it at their doorsteps. You can also find a unique feature like Flip Language Facility, Local Payment gateway integration, currency modification and much more.

How you Build your own Deliveroo Clone Apps.

Select A Clone Base

Select the perfect one suiting your business from our available app solutions.

Select App Style

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Why Deliveroo Clone Food Delivery App develop

This eCommerce model-based app includes the feature of tracking the delivery person in real-time via Google Map which enables perfect delivery location, exact ETA, and navigation, including specific delivery date and time.

    • Delivered the Best Quality Foods Through an App

Delivery App gives the user-friendly environment to order food from a nearby location. App navigation provides a clear food categories option with a like or dislikes ingredient details including breakfast, lunch and dinner delivery in few mobile taps. We provide default payment gateway “Stripe” for making payment process easy. (we provide payment gateway modification as per vendors’ demand)

  • On Demand Food Delivery App Like Deliveroo
    This Mobile App functions efficiently for on-demand food delivery supply breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the customer.
  • Set a base delivery Price and Promise Time for Delivery Foods in destination place.
    Deliveroo like app delivers food in short duration of time with this app. Vendors also set a based price for the service time. Fulfill the vision of starting Food Delivery app, join us we guide you throughout starting to till the end and a best after-sales support.

How Deliveroo Food Delivery Script Works

Select App Style that represents better your brand.

This app works the same like food delivery service app Deliveroo and performs a simple process for the ordering from an independent restaurant. The primary purpose of this app is to bring lots of new customer through an optimized web as well as the mobile platform.

1. Restaurant and Provider benefits
With this Delivery System Admin welcomes all local business holder to partner with this venture. Once the restaurant seller request to work as a partner. Which will be reviewed and approved by Administrator. Once Admin confirms, Partner can start to post their service details with their Separate Partner Console.

2. Search Nearby or Favorite Food Place
Search features allow users to find nearby restaurants or eatery and order from their menu list. Check out through PayPal or COD Order Can take by the customer itself or user-specified location and area for delivery.

3. Best Delivery Procedure For Customer, Provider, and Admin
Customer and Provider have control over orders before delivery. The provider can offer coupons and discount offer for specific items and categories, which customers can avail. Admin manages this whole procedure among the user and provides communication, product pricing, and details of separate services in different cities.

Deliveroo Clone Android And iOS App Features

Customer App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Pickup & Destination By Type / Map
  • Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Ingredients Ability to Add / Remove
  • Add to Cart Manage Quantity
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Auto Invoice Generate
  • Booking Now or Later & ETA
  • Confirmation with Products & Delivery Details
  • Cash / Card Payment Option (Multi Card Support)
  • Review & Rating
  • History Details and  Status Update
  • Multilingual Support
  • Emergency Contact & SOS Panic Button
  • Promo & Referral Codes
  • Ability To Call Delivery Person

Provider App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Phone / SMS Verification
  • Submit Documents
  • Pending Approval
  • Daily Earning Reports
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Accept / Reject Service Request
  • Track Store Location, View Order Details
  • Multiple Work request
  • Ability to Call Customer
  • Feedback
  • Invoice Reports
  • ETA & Navigation
  • Cancel Order
  • Update Status (Arrived / on Route / etc.)
  • Multilingual Support
  • History with all details

Build your clone of Deliveroo Clone delivery App.

Publish your native app in Android & iOS cloning the best ones.

Restaurant / Partner Panel Features

 Manage Food Items
Vendors can add new food items. Easily manage the ingredient details and editing the previous one for any change.
 Manage Payment
Option for the payment is COD or online both are presented manage in customer panel with time by time earning reports.
 Manage Order
Provider efficiently handles any order detail and edit that if is any requirement by a customer. And set updates on deliveries status.
 Manage Review
Provider Manage Customer consideration and also identified a necessary action taken upon by business management.
Add / Edit / Block

Restaurant Admin can Add, Edit, remove or Block Delivery Provider profiles as per their choice.

Order History
Restaurant Vendors can Check Previous Completed Order Details from the list and maintain their order history.

Admin Panel Features

Additional Customization

We Provide 100% Customization facility as per vendor’s requirement.
Our app is highly user-friendly and performs consistently to grow your business scale.

Elluminati Inc is inventors of this product and allows to make all your needs customization for starting your own services venture in the market. We are always ready to guide entrepreneurs to access their business and achieve their desired results rapidly.

Customize Interface:
We can customize User Interface as per vendors requirement.
Integrate Local Payment Gateways
Vendors also request for integrating a local payment gateway.
Add Service Module
We customized and added any service module for customer needs.

Yes, We Provide three month of free technical support.

Yes you can modify, the source code is labeled for usage with modification

Note :

— Source code cannot be used more than 1 time once purchased, if you wish to use it for multiple application, you need to purchase multiple licenses.

— You cannot modify and resell the source code to 3rd party . We strictly prohibit reselling of source code.

Card payment is processed using Strip as default. If you wish to add other card payment gateways you need to purchase our additional add-on services.

Following are the infrastructure required for the product :-

— Digital Ocean VPS

— Google Play Store Developer Account

— Apple Developer Account

— Facebook Developer Account for  social signin

— Google Account for Maps Api keys

— Logo

— Splash Screen

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