Why Our DeliverEat Like App Development is Perfect for Your Business?

Provide your customers with improved comfort and convenience by opting for DeliverEat like app development process. This advanced stack provides great support for your delivery business and helps you to fulfill all your customers’ demands in the most efficient way. Delivery businesses are provided with customer app & panel for a global platform and many other components such as:

  • A store app and panel helping store owners to manage and deliver requested orders as early as possible
  • Intuitive and useful admin panel provides full control and access to the admin to operate their business efficiently
  • Delivery provider app and console to handle delivery requests and manage it to earn more by serving more customers

Wonderful and Useful Feature

Customize Order

Stores have the authority to customize the order if they don’t have enough ingredients available. They can get the order confirmed from the customer by notifying them about the changes done. And if customers confirm the order, then stores can prepare and get it delivered to customers’ destinations

Manage Subcategories

Stores can add and manage their items into categories and can further divide it into subcategories using the store app and panel of our app like delivereat. It makes it easy for customers to filter and choose any of the items from the list available. They can sort the items from the available list more efficiently and speedily than ever before, ensuring improving their purchase experience

Set Local Language

We have integrated multi-language features in our delivereat app clone script, encouraging you to expand your business reach across multiple countries worldwide. Panel admin can customize the language of the entire system to enable better interaction and experience to end-users

Assign Delivery Manually

Stores can add and manage delivery providers using the intuitive store app and panel. They can set manual deliveries and can assign the delivery task to providers manually. This can help them to provide excellent delivery service to customers ensuring to expand their customer base and business

Modify App Theme

We provide a customized app like delivereat to the businesses enabling them with authority to change the app theme as per their business requirements. They can modify the color, brand name, etc using the advance panel to cater to their business needs enabling them to develop a unique identity for their business in today’s competitive business world

Manage Delivery Charges

Admin can customize and manage the delivery charges as per their preference, they can set the price according to the vehicle type, location set, etc. Admin also has the authority to choose vehicle type and deliver providers through the panel for ensuring efficient payment

Why DeliverEat Clone Script is Unique Solution for Your Delivery Business?

  • Complete Customization Support
  • Multi-Platform Stack
  • Quick Delivery Support

Check the WorkFlow of Our DeliverEat Clone App

Make your food delivery process quicker and faster by considering crafting a great system. Our DeliverEat clone app includes modern features, making it easy for customers to order their favorite meal after exploring the whole menu. They are provided with multiple payment options, which make it easy for customers to make the payment easily with a few simple taps on the app and panel, explore the workflow to understand how it works to provide an excellent experience to customers and service providers

  • Customers can check the menu and place orders from their favorite food stores using an app or panel
  • Stores receive the order request and send a confirmation message to the customer
  • The store prepares the parcel and hands it over to the delivery providerp
  • A delivery man delivers the parcel to the mentioned location
  • Customers pay the bill using any of the payment options provided to them

Have a Look at Working of Each Modules

Explore each module of our DeliverEat clone to know how it works to favor your business growth and success

Customer App & Website

Customers can add and update the basket list and can add special notes for stores and service providers

Store App & Dashboard

Stores can check complete delivery details and can manage it by assigning the delivery task to a particular service provider

Admin Panel

Admin is allowed to manage vehicles for service providers to ensure faster and quicker delivery service

Service Provider App

The delivery provider can get the outlet's delivery request with the authority to accept and reject the requests

Start Serving Foodies with DeliverEat Clone Helming Faster Delivery Process

Have complete control over your delivery business with DeliverEat clone encouraging you to serve your customers efficiently. It ensures to intend business growth and create a smooth experience for the global audience

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