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Choose a reliable cloud-based platform Uber for logistics ensuring increased revenues and expanding your cargo and truckers business services worldwide

What is Uber for Logistics App? Why is it Worthwhile Adopting the Online Platform?

The global economy is influenced a lot by the digital transformation in businesses. The ‘tap and receive’ trend has been adopted in almost all business types as being a most preferred practice amongst millennials. One major transformation was in the taxi booking business.

Uber for logistics is an app based platform for freight businesses that helps manage all the processes online. The solution could be a supportive pedal for enhancing the business-grade and jumping off great opportunities to expand the business.

We ensure including all required elements to offer convenience for all the users. Get ready to give your traditional business a makeover with the Uber for truckers solution that guarantees excellent performance and monitoring facilities.

Extensive Features Of Our Uber For Logistics

Check Service Type

  • Shippers can view all the available truck types and choose anyone within uber for logistics solution
  • The total charges get calculated according to select the type of truck and the base fare
  • And the admin decides the base fare for every truck type that shippers have to pay

In-App Conversation Support

  • Shippers and carriers can remain in touch during the parcel delivery services
  • Shippers or carriers can message each other with in-app chat support to ask queries
  • Also, they can call each other with privacy as the call masking feature gets activated

Manage Across Cities

  • The system admin can add more than one city where they serve with On Demand Uber for the cargo app.
  • Managing operations across each city individually is possible with the intuitive admin panel.
  • Also, the admin can allow shipping assignments across cities and set charges accordingly.

Payment Support

  • Admin can add/delete any payment mode from all available, including online and cash payment.
  • The admin panel stores complete payment details that include invoices for admin to manage efficiently
  • They can view any pending payment requests, including complete carrier details and the amount to be paid.

Referral Campaigns

  • Enable referral sharing to let users earn discounts by promoting your Uber for truckers solution and its usage
  • The system admin has access to all the referral details- the referral share received discounts and the user data
  • Admin decides to keep the referral campaign continuing or disable it from the admin panel

Service Evaluation

  • As shippers and carriers both play primary roles, the service review and feedback gets collected from both
  • Admin can view the reviews and feedback to decide the service standards and improve them as required
  • They can rate the services on the scale of five stars or write a simple review of their received support

Discover Unique Ways of On-demand Servicing with Uber for Truckers Meeting All User Needs

Give your traditional logistics business a height by choosing our On Demand Uber for truckers and logistics management app for assured governance

Cloud Management

Manage your purchased Uber for truckers solution with a cloud facility to ensure complete control and efficient management

Comprehensive Support

Grow across the world with an uber like logistics management app supporting your business operations seamlessly

Easier Payment Facility

Provide hassle-free payment facilities to customers with multiple payment modes enabled with security and integrity.

Scalable Solutions

We develop on demand truckers app solutions to fit every business size and meet consumer demands with effortless integration

All-Inclusive Components Of Our Uber For Cargo Encouraging Faster And Seamless Support

Find every feature fitting your business demands and encouraging faster and better app experience to promote the app use

User App

Browse Trucks

Users can view different truck types and manage their shipment delivery booking by choosing any one of them

Multiple Stops

Users can add multiple stops between pick and destination addresses to drop off respective packages.

Add Package Images

Users can add one or various images of the parcel for the reference of the deliveryman and ensure security.

Track Rides

Customers track the ride in transition with the live-track facility and receive notifications of every real-time update on the mobile app.

Provider App

Upload Documents

Service providers have to submit their necessary documents confirming identity before they start serving users

Earnings Tracker

Generate earning reports based on months, years, or days using the app solution to measure and monitor performance


Providers can choose to go offline with a toggle switch to stop receiving service requests from users anytime

Push Notifications

Carriers receive push notifications of important updates and cautionary shipment handling specifications from users

Admin Panel


View details of all registered trucks and their specifically mentioned service and maintenance needs in the panel

Pending Payments

Manage payments efficiently with completed and pending payment details of each booked service

Set Tariff

Admin decides the base fare for each vehicle upon which the total tariff calculation gets done for each completed request

Booking Details

Choose to view a specific shipment in transit in real-time using the booking details where all booking data gets stored

Dispatcher Console

Quick Login

Dispatchers can log in easily with their registered social media account for faster and easier access

Request Booking

Book or schedule requests for other shippers or users and manage the booking details

Track Bookings

Receive real-time shipment status updates for their booked requests to track them on the way

View Estimates

View the estimated tariff amount and inform the shipper in advance to keep the payment ready or pay in advance

User Panel

Multiple Addresses

Customers can add and save two favorite addresses to choose any of them for quick courier delivery service.

Scheduled Requests

Customers have the leverage to schedule courier delivery for later on desired time and date as per convenience.

Add Bank Details

For transactions within the platform, customers can add bank details and link to the wallet integrated into the pane.

Choose Language

Customers get numerous languages to use the app as given by the admin; they can determine a convenient one.

Driver Panel

In-App Navigation

Drivers get an integrated map to track customer locations in real time to delivery couriers.

Choose Language

Drivers can choose a language in which they want to translate information on the website for convenient analysis.

Admin Contact Details

Drivers can reach the business admin with the contact details for any questions or technical issues.

Profile Details

Drivers can make changes to their profile details like name, email, password, contact details, etc.

Customer App

Learn the working of apps that could provide easy courier transportation service

Driver App

Drivers get the app for receiving the goods transporting services to request proficiently

Follow The Functioning Of The Apps To Know The Business Automation Process

Our ready-made apps for iOS and Android are fully functional and offer a great user experience.

Customer App

Learn the working of apps that could provide easy courier transportation service

Driver App

Drivers get the app for receiving the goods transporting services to request proficiently

Forge The Business Process Online Through Panels With The Latest Features

Admin Panel

Admin can look for all the logistics business processes from the panel and can make changes as per requirements

Dispatcher Panel

Goods could be dispatched with the commands given from the dispatcher panel

User Panel

Book services transporting goods from one place from an advanced user pane

Driver Panel

Drivers can fulfill the goods transporting request with the help of panel

Apps Crafted to Serve Diverse Business Types

Select the app meeting your business needs serving with great efficiency

Introduce A Convenient Shipment Transitions With Uber Like Logistics Service App Supporting User Demands

Pave your way into the faster and efficient shipment delivery business with a complete tracking and monitoring facility. Uber Like Logistics services app matches the business demands and delivers results that can qualify your business over other competitors

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uber For Logistics

Learn more about our products and get answers to all your questions reaching us.

Uber for Logistics works with various dedicated apps and panels for performing business procedures. Customers can request to transport their goods to their desired address with a suitable vehicle from the app or panel. A driver can fulfill the request with the help of the app or panel. All these activities are overseen from the panel by the admin of the business.

The cost to develop the platform is dependent on the factors like features, technologies, and servers used for development, and many more. You can refer to our pricing structure to know the details: /uber-clone-app-pricing-details/

Yes, on purchasing a package, you will get three months of technical support. If you require longer support, you can request our add-on service.

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