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Want to take your laundry delivery business online? Then you are at the right place. Elluminati Inc – A leading Laundry app development company offers a complete white-label solution for your business using which you can create a new and unique identity in the market. You can update the traditional approach of serving your customers with our excellent Uber-like laundry delivery service app. Our app solution guarantees a desirable outcome for your business that helps you to achieve the targets which you have set in your business.

What We Offer in Uber Like Laundry Delivery App


Our Development Solutions Includes All Modules Which Are Important for the Success of Your Online Laundry Delivery Business.

Customer App

An excellent app developed to fulfill all the needs of your customers, they can easily request your services from any location.

Launderer App

This app facilitates launderer to accept the service request of customers and offer them the best service whenever they require.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can manage and control every activity of their laundry business effectively through the excellent admin dashboard.

Branded Website

Excellently crafted website which attracts more users to place requests online, it reduces your marketing efforts efficiently.

How Uber-Like Laundry Delivery App Works


We Craft a Simple and User-Friendly Workflow in our Laundry Delivery App Solution.

Social Media Login

User can log in instantly using their social media account or can use their login credentials to access the application.

Request For Service

A user can request for cleaning their clothes with essential details like quantity, type of cloths, and pickup location.

Launderer Gets Request

A nearby launderer gets a service request with an option of accepting or rejecting along with job related basic details and time countdown.

Users Can Track Launderer

Once the launderer accepts the service request he will be able to track the launderer’s real-time location on Google maps.

Offers Laundry Service

After accepting the service request of the customers, launderer can offer complete laundry service to them.


Customers can pay for the service rendered by the service provider in the app which would be paid to the service provider.

Core Features


Our App Solution Comprises of All Essential Features That Ensure Best Services of Your Business Are Provided to Your Customers.

Obtain Desired Outcome for Your Business with Our Uber-Like Laundry Service App

Explore How Our App Really Works to Provide Excellent Outcome for Your Business.

Our Dry Cleaning Services App Development Solution


Get the Laundry Service at your Doorstep with our Dry Cleaning Services App Development Solution

Why Choose Us For Laundry Delivery App Development


Start a Laundry Business with our Laundry Delivery App Solution

Booking History

Customers can view all their booking history like service ID, name of service provider, date and time of service, payment details, and much more through the app.

Map View

We have enabled map view within the application which facilitated the users to track the real-time location of the service provider who has accepted their service request.

Save Card Details

The app provides an option of saving the card details for future payments. The saved card details are secured and can be accessed by the authorized person only.

Multiple Payment Option

Customers get multiple payment options to pay for service received. Options like cash payment and debit or credit card payments are available in the app.

Live Tracking

With the help of Google maps in the app, customers get the real-time status of the launderer and can easily know where the provider has reached.


The customers can share the feedback for the launderer on a scale of one to five and can give suggestions according to their experience.



Scale Up your Traditional Laundry Delivery Service Business Online

Give a Modern Touch to Your Traditional Laundry Delivery Service Business with an Excellent App Solution by Your Side.

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