Uber X House Cleaning Service App


Elluminati Inc is here to offer more hands for your house cleaning business. Uber type business model is ruffing up all businesses these days and on-demand house cleaning business is one of them. We offer Uber for X house cleaning service app for vendors who wish to start their cleaning service business online. This app solution helps vendors to expand their business reach and also helps users to handle all their routine tasks efficiently.

What We Provide Under Our Uber for X House Cleaning Service App Solution


Get Your House Cleaning Business to New Heights of Success with Excellent App Solution.

Customer Application

Developed to satisfy all the requirements of customers, enriched with advanced features.

Service Provider App

Enhance the reach of the service provider as our app solution has all the essential features.

Admin Dashboard

Monitor and control your business effectively with advanced admin dashboard offered by us.

User Website

Get an informative website to facilitate your customers to place requests for services through the web.

How Uber X House Cleaning Service App Works


Our House Cleaning App Follows a Simple Procedure and Offers Best Solution for Handling All Your Routine House Cleaning Chores.

Sign Up And Login

Users can sign up or log in through their social media accounts or also can login manually with login id and password.

View List Of Service Provider

Once users complete login process they can view a list of nearby service provider to find the one that satisfies all their cleaning needs.

Request For Cleaning Service

Customers can select their required service from the list of various services available and can place a request for service.

Pay Service Charge Online

Customers can use multiple payment options for paying service charge, they can pay online via credit or debit card

Track Service Provider Location

Once the service provider accepts customers’ service requests, they can easily track providers’ real-time location on Google maps.

Share Feedback

Users can share feedback as per experience gained by them with particular provider, also they can rate service on scale of five.

Core Features That We Offer


We Have Included All Important Features That Provide Excellent User Experience and Desired Outcome for Your House Cleaning Business.

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Experience the Workflow of the App on Your Personal Device.

Dive into Our House Cleaning Service App Solution Similar to Uber


We Are Offering a Feature-Rich App to Our Clients That Helps Them to Reach Their Business Goals by Satisfying All Needs of Their Customers.

Why Choose Us


Earn High Returns on Investment for Your House Cleaning Business with Our Excellent House Cleaning Application Solution Similar to Uber.


Filters option allow customers to filter the list of data outlet according to rating, arrival time, and price.

Map View

We have enabled map view within app so that customers can easily track the service providers.

Route Optimization

Route optimization feature helps provider to find the nearest possible way to reach customers’ location.

Service Cancellation

Customers are able to cancel appointed service within limited period after providing valid reason.

View Feedbacks

Service provider can view feedback and details related to it like date & time, customer name, etc.

Status Updates

Customers can get updates of their requested service and can easily know the current status of the service.



We use latest technology stack for craft uber for x cleaning service app

Start Your Own Uber Type House Cleaning Business Online

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