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Babysitting business is gaining boom in these days. People are starting Uber for babysitters or Nannies business worldwide. In simple terms, babysitter is taking care of the baby in the absence of parents. This can be full time or a part time job. Many parents wish to have the care taker at home to take care of the baby while some prefer to put the child into day care home or nursery. Preference could be any, but one thing is sure that in modern times to live and earn up the urban living standard babysitting has become a necessity. Book Nannies is the essential word for parents to take care of their children.


As mentioned above, there is a raising need for babysitters especially during vacation time when the kids have holidays while both the parents have to work. A popular babysitting firm UrbanSitter revealed that in a normal babysitting session an amateur can earn up to $25 per hour. Now if one requires a babysitter say for three hours and such a sitter does more than one shift of work then it would be easily $100 a day, meaning $600 a week. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Babysitting is not only about taking care of the baby in the absence of the parents it also about making the baby’s time worthwhile even while parents are at the home. There are many ways that alternatives for babysitting professions or you can say that it has many names attached to it, they are:

  • Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Part-time Mom
  • Party Nanny
  • Weekend Nanny
  • Momma’s on the go
  • Stay at home Moms, etc.

You give it any name but ultimately its babysitting or taking care of the baby.

It’s a very lucrative opportunity as you can do it in many ways:

  • You could undertake an official training and be a certified babysitter
  • You could be a teenage college girl willing to work during vacations
  • You could be a housewife who can take care of babies at your own home
  • You could be a retired employee who can easily earn for babysitting with dignity.

Mintz Noa a 15-year-old has found a fortune in the babysitting business. She has established her own firm “Nannies by Noa” where she supplies babysitter to the required clients. She promises to provide certified and trained babysitter or an amateur weekend nanny as the need may be.

What we offer in Uber For Nannies Apps

In uber like nannies and babysitting apps, we provide native Android and iOS apps with the Powerfull dashboard.

Customer app

The sign-up and login are easy to maintain once the login is done customer can access their profile details and add essential information. They can check nearby area nannies and babysitters with their profile details and customer review with analyzing their profile they can request immediate service or schedule as per they want. Pay service charge online with the secure payment platform. After completion of service, the customer can rate babysitter service providers and share feedback for their service.

Babysitter & Nannies Apps

With the apps, babysitter and nannies get a service request online with accepting and reject service options with a request they can get complete details regarding the job with a destination. With the apps, they can manage the earning details, check complete task history with in-queue job details with some other features like getting navigation from current location to customer place, manage their profile, rate and review customer for the service response, add banking details and cancellation job request, etc.

Admin Dashboard

The administration person can handle the complete uber like a babysitting service business. They see all service request check details like earning details, history for complete order and details for in queue service. Check real-time geo-location details for all user with their profile details in google map. Admin can see the reports for earning, service details, with graphical representation and other features like check feedback and rating, get each service in-depth details with shorting option and explorer data in the google sheet option.


In Uber For Babysitting Solution, we provide a white label website that have perfect theme match of your apps. This website helps a business owner to advertise with that and get extra leverage or extra funnel to connect your customer directly on the web. Even vendors can describe their apps details and display them on that to download.

Unique Features

Start the babysitting service business online with our uber for babysitting apps.


Start Your Babysitter and Nannies service business online

Let’s be a part of shared economics and start your uber like babysitting business on demand. Connect with our customer support executive and get a free uber type apps consultancy.

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